The Smartest Thing Said Thus Far in Sarah Palin's War Against a Word | Comedy Central Insider
Somehow, it makes perfect sense that, in the battle of minds between Sarah Palin and the cartoon show over making fun of people with Down Syndrome, the actual winner actually turned out to be the actual person who actually has Down Syndrome… [Read More]
Nerds at TED conference booked Sarah Silverman, then hated her for being Sarah Silverman-y | Chortle
The Technology, Entertainment, Design event in California booked Sarah Silverman (who spoke about being Jewish, about insecurity as a survival skill and how she planned to adopt a ‘retarded' child - but one that was terminally ill so she wouldn't need to look after it forever) then event curator Chris Anderson twittered: ‘I know I shouldn't say this about one of my own speakers, but I thought Sarah Silverman was God-awful.." [Read More]
John Mayer Apologizes For Being John Mayer and threatens us with more guitar-playing | The A.V. Club
As you've definitely heard by now, John Mayer continued his ego parade yesterday when he told Playboy about how his penis was once in the KKK. That was not the worst part of that interview. As with all John Mayer interviews, the worst part was all of it. So last night at a show in Nashville, John Mayer took an exorbitant amount of time to apologize for being John Mayer: [Read More]
Why would Taiwan animate Andy Dick's West Virginia arrest, and Adult Swim want credit for it? | the comic's comic
I know there are two sides to every story, and Andy Dick said just that on his Twitter feed last month when he got arrested in West Virginia after a comedy stop there. That said, this alleged re-enactment of the events by Apple Action News -- which for reasons not quite explained, have been coopted by the Cartoon Network's Adult Swim -- is too silly to be true. [Read More]
Comedian Tucker Max's scheduled performance at College of New Jersey divides students | New Jersey Real-Time News
Tucker Max's tales of drunken misadventures — splashed with shameless flirting, brutal mockery and every kind of bodily fluid — launched him into college campus stardom. But some critics of Max's abrasive comedy argue it leads to the mistreatment of women. Among them are students at the College of New Jersey, where a fiery debate over inviting Max to speak divided the school and angered activists around the state. [Read More]
Kathy Griffin Drops F-Bomb Live on CNN New Year's Special | NBC Los Angeles
The notoriously foul-mouthed comedian let a four-letter word loose as she co-hosted a live New Year's Eve special with CNN's Anderson Cooper, slipping the F-word into a discussion about "balloon boy" Falcon Heene as she fumbled his first name. Griffin dropped the F-bomb as she and Cooper talked about the biggest scandals of the year, making Cooper visibly uncomfortable as he responded to the curse by scolding Griffin: "You're terrible." [Read More]
Capitol City Comedy Club, Church Clash in Texas | WSJ
Dan French was telling a joke about being bald when strains of gospel music flooded the comedy club where he was performing. "Am I being heckled by God?" he asked the audience at the Capitol City Comedy Club. The music was coming from Fresh Oil Family Fellowship, a boisterous nondenominational congregation that occupies the adjacent storefront in a strip mall here. [Read More]
Katt Williams Arrested at a Wal-Mart in Georgia | TMZ
TMZ has learned comedian Katt Williams was arrested moments ago in Georgia -- and is currently being transported to a Coweta County jail. Law enforcement sources tell TMZ that Katt and "several" members of his "entourage" were involved in some sort of incident just a few hours ago. Several sources tell TMZ Williams was arrested in the parking lot of a local Walmart after an incident involving another "crew." [Read More]
Jim Norton all but dukes it out with Jesse Ventura (video) | Punchline Magazine
Jim Norton, the veteran third-mic man on SiriusXM's Opie & Anthony Show, got into it pretty damn deep with former wrestler and now former Minnesota governor Jesse Ventura. [Read More]
Church upset with Austin comedy club, protests planned | Punchline Magazine
Jesus Christ said that the greatest commandment was to "Love thy Neighbor." But Austin's Cap City Comedy Club is finding out that Jesus might actually be a pretty terrible neighbor. In September, a church moved in next door to the club. According to the club's management, noise from the church's Wednesday night service has been bleeding through the wall that the two establishments share and distracting from the joke-telling heathens that normally perform at that time. [Read More]