Marlon Wayans on the Tracy Morgan controversy
“He has the right to say what he says, but he has to be a little more responsible and write a little bit and think a little more before he does it next time. But that’s why I don’t like people having cameras in the comedy clubs.. Because you’re just throwing thoughts out there, and that’s the creative process. You’re going to offend some people as you’re finding the lines. Now, he didn’t find a line, he found a cliff. But unfortunately, that happens.” [Read More]
Gilbert Gottfried on being crucified in the media
"The media, the first thing they did is they called my jokes "remarks." And "comments." That immediately changes people's perception. They're not remarks or comments. They're outrageous jokes! If the media called them what they were, "jokes," people would be going: "Who cares? There's a comedian making jokes!?!" It's not a headline to say, "Gilbert Gottfried makes tasteless jokes." When have I ever done tasteful jokes?" [Read More]
The Chilling Effect Begins: Jo Koy catches heat for gay slur on stage
Hot on the heels of Tracy Morgan's anti-gay slurs, comedian Jo Koy dropped in on Chicago to perform at The Vic Theatre, opening the Just For Laughs Festival June 15. At one point in his stand-act he danced in a feminine fashion and said, "I made this dance extra gay since I am not gay." Later his zipper was open to the screams of several female fans in the front row pointing at his jeans. One male voice yelled, "I saw it." Koy replied, "What are you looking at, fucking faggot?" [Read More]
Did Jon Benjamin steal comedian Ray Ellin’s bathroom game show idea?
..couldn’t help but notice an undeniable similarity between one of Benjamin’s segments and that of comedian Ray Ellin. Of course, a small pocket of the Internet noticed as well. [Read More]
Tracy Morgan to return to Nashville next week to meet with offended audience members | GLAAD
Together with GLAAD and the Tennessee Equality Project, Morgan has said he will return to Tennessee next week where he will apologize to audience members who were offended by his remarks. [Read More]
Roland S. Martin: Tracy Morgan and the limits of comedy | CNN
Child abuse is a major problem in America. But don't let me pull out the video clips of comedians of all colors, genders and sexual orientations talking about beating a kid with anything they can get their hands on. Are we saying that because it's a societal problem, no joking and no laughing are allowed? When groups that have been oppressed begin to make sweeping pronouncements about what can or cannot be said, there are going to be the contradictions that have to be confronted. [Read More]
Bullying on the national stage | SheckyMagazine
Tracy Morgan told a bunch of jokes at an appearance in Nashville, at the Ryman. From what we can tell, it was just Tracy being Tracy. (Which is more outrageous than nearly anyone else out there by a factor of about 12.) Of course, it all would have ... [Read More]
Louis Peitzman on Tracy Morgan: No Apologies
Everyone is offended by something, so while I find Morgan's material to be especially abhorrent, I'd feel like a hypocrite if I agreed that he should have apologized. What's especially disconcerting is that he was forced to do this because he's on a TV show -- NBC had to publicly condemn his jokes, as though they represented his official stance on homosexuality. Comedians should be able to aspire to greater career heights (you know, like a TV series) without worrying about having their comedy ne... [Read More]
Tracy Morgan: If I had a gay son, I would love him just as much as if he was straight
Morgan had a more in-depth conversation with longtime friend, gay rights supporter and hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons about the situation. He told Simmons, “The truth is if I had a gay son, I would love him just as much as if he was straight … I might have to try to love even more because I know of the difficulty that he would have in society.” [Read More]
After Tracy Morgan stand up flap, will comedy rules be rewritten?
Could the late comedians Richard Pryor, Sam Kinison, Lenny Bruce, Rodney Dangerfield, Bill Hicks or Mitch Hedberg do their acts if they were brought back from the dead? [Read More]