Russell Peters states he was just “pranking” Trevor Noah when he called him a joke thief
Remember back on Monday when Russell Brand called Trevor Noah a joke thief? Ya know, that time he went on a TV news show in another country and said that Noah not only stole some jokes, but he also stole the jokes from another comedian as well? Well, surprise ya’ll! It turns out Peters was [&h... [Read More]
Russell Peters on Trevor Noah, “he’s stolen material from me”
Well, this news to us. Russell Peters was at at taping of an interview segment with Channel NewsAsia, when the host Lin Xueling ased Peters his thoughts Trevor Noah taking over as host of The Daily Show, Peters didn’t have kind things to say about the young comedian. While Peters openly admitt... [Read More]
Trevor Noah Isn’t the Problem. You Are.
“We’re addicted to the rush of being offended… He [Noah] also neglected to take into account that Western culture as a whole has become an increasingly reactionary mob of self-centered narcissists who all have their own personal lines drawn in the sand. A comedian is fine unless h... [Read More]
Woody Allen’s Amazon deal: Will child molestation allegations hurt the series?
Amazon Studios is taking a chance giving Woody Allen his first-ever TV series (kind of a TV series; it’ll be on the Internet). It’s not a risky move creatively. Woody Allen has been one of the greatest comedy film writer-directors for decades with memorable movies like Annie Hall and Ma... [Read More]
Satirists respond to the Charlie Hebdo tragedy
It’s been a very surreal few days for comedy, first a comedian is viciously attacked on stage followed shortly after the senseless terrorist attack on the satirical French magazine Charlie Hebdo killing 12 and critically wounding 11 others while the attackers, who are thought to be Islamic ext... [Read More]
The Interview’s Christmas Day release saved by indie theaters
Sony will allow several smaller theater chains to release the now-controversial comedy The Interview. The Plaza Atlanta in Atlanta, GA, the Main Street Theater in Sioux City, IA and the Alamo Drafthouse in Dallas, TX have announced that they will be part of the last-minute limited release and more a... [Read More]
Jesse Tyler Ferguson vs. Tuc Watkins! Former ‘Desperate Housewives’ Star Calls ‘Modern Family’s Cam And Mitch ‘Gay Equivalent Of Blackface’; Ferguson Responds
Jesse Tyler Ferguson has fired back at Tuc Watkins after the One Life To Live star criticized Ferguson’s gay Modern Family character, Mitchell. Watkins,  who came out last year, wrote on Facebook that Mitchell is “the gay equivalent of blackface.” Ferguson, of course, plays on... [Read More]
‘The Interview’ gets live performance in New York this weekend
Amidst the growing clusterfuck that has been the infamous Sony Hack and cancellation of the theatrical debut of the James Franco-Seth Rogen comedy The Interview, a silver lining of hope for Freedom of Speech has emerged. New York City’s Treehouse Theater will host a live-reading of the movie&r... [Read More]
NBC scraps plans for Bill Cosby sitcom
Things have gone from bad to worse for Bill Cosby. Hot on the heels of Netflix’s decision to postpone the release of Bill Cosby’s new stand-up special, NBC has followed suit and scraped plans for a new family based sitcom with the comedian set for 2015. The untitled NBC sitcom had Cosby ... [Read More]
Netflix postpones the release of Bill Cosby’s new stand-up special for the foreseeable future
Yikes! With Bill Cosby currently not winning in the court of public opinion stemming from the resurgence of sexual assault allegations, Netflix has decided to postpone the planned release of Cosby’s new stand-up special, Bill Cosby 77 for the foreseeable future. In a statement released today t... [Read More]