Conan O’Brien and Team Coco launching a record label
Conan O'Brien recorded a couple of music sessions on vinyl in 2010 for Third Man Records when he was making the transition from NBC to TBS, from The Tonight Show to Conan. Now he and Team Coco are ready make their own records. Or CDs, mp3s or whatever you kids are calling them these days since they'... [Read More]
Conan O’Brien to launch comedy label, first release to be Ian Edwards debut
Conan O’Brien‘s is going to launch a new comedy label this June. Today, Conan’s production company Team Coco announced their plans to form a comedy label and launch it with the debut stand-up album release from the one and only Ian Edwards. Edward’s album, 100% Half Assed was... [Read More]
Team Coco Is Launching a Comedy Label This Summer
by Megh Wright Conan O'Brien has always been one to help spotlight up-and-coming standups, and Deadline reports that Team Coco is planning to take that even further by launching a comedy label this summer. The company says the idea for the new record label "was born of a desire to help shine a spotl... [Read More]
Chelsea Handler tells Conan she hasn’t decided what to do after quitting Chelsea Lately, E!
Timing really is everything. One minute media is speculating that you're taking a job with Netflix; the next, one of your fellow late-night TV hosts announces his retirement. In between, you're on Conan, trying to clarify your own "retirement" plans. You, in this case, are Chelsea Handler. And on Mo... [Read More]
Chelsea Handler tells Conan O’Brien ‘I’m retiring’ (Video)
On tonight’s Conan, Chelsea Handler visits Conan O’Brien and breaks some pretty shocking news. When O’Brien asks about the news that Handler is leaving her hugely successful late-night series Chelsea Lately on E!, Handler confirms and then says, “Yeah, I’m retiring.&rdq... [Read More]
Nick Thune is a new dad, told Conan about his hunt to find a baby penis
Nick Thune was on Conan last night and talked about his experience as a new father and the doctor visits he had with his wife. He’s also not shy about how he really, really wanted to ensure that he was having a boy. Thus kicking off his hunt for baby penis. Nick Thune is a new dad, told Conan ... [Read More]
Dan Soder on Conan, ‘She talks about death with an ease that rattles my bones’
Dan Soder, one of our favs made his second appearance on Conan last night for another round of stand-up comedy jokery. Soder took swings at the generational gap between children and their grandparents and why he doesn’t trust 2 year olds and their technological prowess. If I follow the logic b... [Read More]
Conan O’Brien and Andy Richer recall the MTV Movie Awards and being the oldest people there
This weekend, Conan O’Brien greeted the many people watching The MTV Movie Awards with an opening that contained cameos from 50 celebrities. It was even a new record for the movie awards. However, now that it has been a few days, Conan and Andy Richter (who was in the audience) shared some of ... [Read More]
16 of Conan O'Brien's Most Memorable Remote Segments
by Megh Wright Since Conan O'Brien made his late-night host debut on Late Night in 1993, he's never shied away from taking his work out of the studio and onto the streets, whether that be New York City during his NBC days, the Los Angeles area during his current run on TBS, and beyond — from s... [Read More]
Conan O’Brien and his 50 cameos for the MTV Movie Awards opening montage
Conan O’Brien set out to start the MTV Movie Awards off with a bang and he certainly accomplished it. As stated in the clip, the previous record for cameos in an MTV Movie Awards opening was eight, so Conan brought us 50. Conan’s big opening was great too. I personally liked his sign off... [Read More]