Win Butters' Pimp Cash in the South Park sweepstakes
the South Park folks have launched the "Little Bit of Butters Sweepstakes" to coincide with the upcoming release of the Little Box of Butters DVD set. Each week for the next four weeks, you can enter to win prizes ranging from a swallow towel to a $50 Visa gift-card. It's all leading up to the grand prize of $5000 in Pimp Cash, which will be awarded on October 11. [Read More]
Why the Worst of Times for Politics and Media Has Been the Best of Times for Jon Stewart and 'The Daily Show' | New York Magazine
since 1999, when Jon Stewart took over as host, the context in which The Daily Show operates has been radically altered. Terrorist attacks, two wars, and a global economic meltdown have charged the political atmosphere. More important for Stewart and his show has been the media transformation. [Read More]
Barack Obama’s chief economist is a comedian, has appeared on the Daily Show
Austan Goolsbee, President Obama’s Chief Economist on the Economic Recovery Advisory Board, is set to take over as chair of the Council of Economic Advisers, according to the Washington Post. But if you think all government officials—especially econ... [Read More]
Broken Lizard comedy special premieres this weekend; catch an exclusive preview on Punchline Magazine
Last month we tipped you off to the news that Broken Lizard, the writing and acting team behind such comedy flick favorites Super Trooper and Beerfest, would be premiering their own stand-up comedy special Broken Lizard Stands Up on Comedy Central. [Read More]
Enter to win a VIP behind-the-scenes tour of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart | Comedy Central
See where the news gets made and brilliant interviews take place. Enter for a chance to win a behind-the-scenes tour, tickets to your favorite news show and exclusive VIP treatment! [Read More]
Lady Gaga’s brother exposed by Nick Swardson on Comedy Central
In July, we gave you the first taste of the highly anticipated Nick Swardson’s Pretend Time, the comedian’s sketch show that will premiere on Comedy Central on Oct. 12. Today, we’re stoked to give you a follow-up taste. In the clip ... [Read More]
Stewart and Colbert Announce Plans to Announce Historic Announcements
Last night on The Daily Show and Colbert Report, Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert both hinted and teased about the announcement of announcements that will transform the future of history. [Read More]
"Birth of a Merchandising Nightmare"
Andy Ritchie has a brilliant idea. That, or it may turn into a merchandising nightmare; he’s not quite sure yet. Regardless, Appleton will find out what mantra comes after “Git-R-Done,” when the Minneapolis-born comedian returns to kick off Northeast Wisconsin’s Labor Day weekend festivities this week....... [Read More]
Download Doug Benson’s new album “Hypocritical Oaf” for $3.99; today only
That’s right, comedy lovers. You read that right. For today only, you can download Doug Benson’s brand, spanking new album — his third — for $3.99. We’ve listened to the disc a few times already... [Read More]
"So Many Awkward Situations"
It was probably the longest few minutes of Tom Clark‘s life. The Milwaukee native was a rookie in the comedy game, and hosting a show in Appleton at Skyline Comedy. Well, something took hold of the young comedian and he decided to end the show shirtless, and wearing a luchador mask. Problem? He forgot to explain the seeming insanity to befuddled audience members. “Put that under ‘seemed like a good idea at the time,’” Tom quips...... [Read More]