Hampton Yount Gets It Together
In case you missed it, Hampton Yount’s Comedy Central Half Hour debuted this past Saturday night. It was an energetic performance, freewheeling at times and razor sharp at others. That’s the beauty of the Half Hour. To hear the comedians tell it, Comedy Central gives plenty of leeway in ... [Read More]
When poking fun at your audience turns into bullying
The rules of engagement in theatre have changed, and now audience participation is everywhere. But artists have a responsibility to take care of those they pick onI’m always fascinated in the theatre by how quickly an audience understands the rules of engagement. When someone standing on stage... [Read More]
Zoe Coombs Marr: It's a sexist world – comedy just reflects it
The Australian standup explains why there is a little bit of her alter ego Dave – a caricature of beer-swilling blokishness – in most comicsZoe Coombs Marr has a thing for green goo. Littering the internet are images of the Australian comic, mouth full of the sort of lurid green gunge th... [Read More]
Darren Walsh beats 12-year-old girl to win best joke of Edinburgh fringe
Groan-worthy gag triumphs over efforts from Stewart Francis, Adam Hess and others, including the prize’s youngest ever nomineeThe 10 funniest jokes of the Edinburgh fringe“I just deleted all the German names off my phone. It’s Hans free.” With that one-liner, and subsequent w... [Read More]
Hippos, custard and tapas: the 10 funniest jokes of the Edinburgh fringe
The comedy channel Dave asked the public to vote on the best gags to emerge from this year’s fringe festival, and here are the results Related: Top 10 jokes of the Edinburgh fringe festival so far 1. Darren Walsh: I just deleted all the German names off my phone. It’s Hans free. Continue... [Read More]
Lil Rel’s Hour Special With Kevin Hart Gets Premiere Date In September
Chicago native Lil Rel’s highly anticipated first hour comedy special seems to have found a date on Comedy Central. The upcoming special entitled RELevent executive produced by Kevin Hart will air September 5th at 11PM EST. Rel went on to break the news earlier via Instagram. It’s offic... [Read More]
Getting Comfortable with Liza Treyger
Last week was a big one for New York-by-way-of-Chicago comedian Liza Treyger. Relatively young in standup years, Treyger has been climbing the ranks quickly, racking up appearances on Chelsea Lately, Adam Devine’s House Party, and MTV2’s Joking Off, as well as creating buzz in the comedy... [Read More]
Charges Dropped Against Dave Chappelle’s Banana Attacker
A testimony from Dave Chappelle may be hard to come by. Earlier in March, Chappelle accused Christian Englander of throwing a banana peel at him during a performance but it seems he no longer want to take things further. The charges that were against Englander have now been dropped due to Dave... [Read More]
The Pin at Edinburgh festival review – clever-clever sketch-bending
Pleasance Dome, EdinburghThe droll meta-comedy duo explain what a funny sketch is – and have plenty of appealing examples of their ownMeta-comedy double act the Pin impressed on last year’s fringe with a show posing as a workshop on how to construct sketch comedy. It was let down only by... [Read More]
Edinburgh festival: why isn't fringe comedy more Scottish?
The world’s biggest comedy festival is an awkward place for Scottish comics to perform. I wish they’d give us more material tailored to their local audienceIs the fringe a Scottish festival? It doesn’t always feel like it. Comedy-wise, Scots are conspicuous by their scarcity at com... [Read More]