Wil Sylvince tells you how you can help his native Haitians; Letterman also makes a plea on TV | the comic's comic
Stand-up comedian Wil Sylvince, a past winner of New York's Funniest Stand-Up contest and native of Haiti offers suggestions for helping the Haitians.. David Letterman also takes a couple of minutes to tell people they can donate to the World Food Project. [Read More]
Comedy writer Mickey Ross leaves $3M to Mass. Yiddish center | San Francisco Chronicle
Late comedy writer and producer Mickey Ross, who was known for his work on the television shows "All in the Family" and "Three's Company" has left $3 million to the Massachusetts-based National Yiddish Book Center. [Read More]
Chant "Todd!" for your New Year's countdown and earn $500 for charity? Todd Barry says so! | the comic's comic
Yes, as the headline suggests, it's that simple. Well, you will have to videotape yourself chanting "Todd" as 2009 counts down into 2010, but as comedian Todd Barry explains in this short video, it's for charity! Show the ones you love that you care, by doing what's right to ring in the new year. It's the Todd! Todd! TODD! New Year's Eve Project, now with Tumblr.. [Read More]
Larry the Cable Guy gives $1.2M to rehab hospital | Action 3 News Omaha
Comedian Larry the Cable Guy has pledged to give $1.2 million to help develop a 14-bed children's unit at Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital in Lincoln. The comedian, whose real name is Dan Whitney, says he decided to make the gift after seeing some of the work Madonna does to help kids overcome injuries and illnesses. Whitney, who is a native of Pawnee City, Neb., made the gift through his Git-R-Done Foundation. [Read More]
Comedy Charity Choices - Giving With Joy | Third Beat
There is no shortage of worthy causes out there. If you have no particular charity close to your heart, how do you choose? If you're a passionate comedy lover, here are a few options for donating your dollars through more joyful channels. [Read More]
Never Not Funny hosting 9-hour live marathon for charity (Friday, 11/27 9pm PST) | AST
Never Not Funny is pulling an all-nighter: starting at 9pm PST on Friday, November 27th, host Jimmy Pardo, producer Matt Belknap (hey that's me) and "3rd Chair" Pat Francis (along with a gaggle of special guests) will present a live, nine-hour marathon episode of their podcast to raise money for Smile Train. The webcast, hosted by ustream.tv, will be viewable at pardcast.com, and we encourage everyone to use the donation button on that page early and often [Read More]
Jimmy Pardo's ‘Never Not Funny' plans nine-hour broadcast for charity | Punchline Magazine
Fans of Never Not Funny, rejoice! The high-profile podcast in its fourth year, hosted by comedian Jimmy Pardo, will be running a staggering nine hour live "Pardcast-a-thon" on Friday, Nov. 27 from 9pm to 6am Pacific time raising money and awareness for their favorite charity - The Smile Train. [Read More]
Comedy With A Cause in Amityville - Toys for Tots
The first four shows sold out, so it is only right that part five be that much bigger. The word has spread about the great crowds that Jamie Roberts and John "Fudge" Rickenbacker have been able to assemble in Amityville for these shows. The level of talent that has graced the stage in Amityville is unheard of. Part 5 is being sponsored by Toys for Tots and will consists of the same great talent but this time it is for a cause. With the holiday season upon us, the show will serve as agent to col... [Read More]
Grab Thomas Lennon's Lt. Dangle Shorty Shorts for a good cause | NBC
it was impossible to watch an episode of Comedy Central's "Reno 911!" and not notice the shorty shorts worn by Lieutenant Jim Dangle, the go-get-'em head of the team played, with aplomb, by Thomas Lennon. His shorts were tight. Constricting. Pinching. Pert. Even coquette-ish. And remarkably short. Now the sartorial star of the recently finished-up but formerly long-running series is up for auction. Lieutenant Dangle himself is imploring people to go bid on the lower half of his costume, because ... [Read More]
Jon Stewart aiding leukemia patient | The Money Times
Comedian Jon Stewart, host of "The Daily Show," says he has been trying to lighten the spirits of a Washington man suffering from leukemia. Stewart said after hearing about 32-year-old software engineer Jonathan Haupt's battle with leukemia, he sent "Daily Show" DVDs to help lift the man's spirits and offered him a tour of the set of the Comedy Central show, the New York Daily News reported Sunday. [Read More]