Image of Colbert Rally Supporters Raise $100,000 for Teachers
Colbert Rally Supporters Raise $100,000 for Teachers
Some Redditors (it's always the Redditors, isn't it?) decided to put their e-money where their iMouths are by drumming up contibutions to Donors Choose, one of Stephen's favorite charities. With an initial goal of surpassing Hillary Clinton's group's total of $29,945 in one week, the Restoring Truthiness group has raised over $100,000 in just 18 hours! [Read More]
Image of Portion of Margaret Cho tour proceeds will go to charity
Portion of Margaret Cho tour proceeds will go to charity
Here at the old Punchline Magazine printing press, we’ve been doing a lot of reporting (read: drooling over) on Margaret Cho and her forthcoming musical comedy tour; undertaken, naturally, in su... [Read More]
Comedy Central Announces Third Biennial Night of Too Many Stars
Here at the Biennial Star-Studded Autism Benefit Insider, we cover a lot of biennial star-studded autism benefit shows. I try not to play favorites, because they are all entertaining, for a good cau... [Read More]
Tell the world that you are familiar with the Internet by wearing Betty White's face on a hoodie | The A.V. Club
Betty White has licensed her likeness to a fashion line launching this August, hoping to capitalize on her sudden ubiquity—and raise proceeds for the Morris Animal Foundation—with a collection of T-shirts and hoodies [Read More]
Goundlings alumni band together to help founder Gary Austin
the man who founded The Groundlings is facing a tough battle with cancer, and Gary Austin's friends are rallying around to offer their help. [Read More]
Retweet Colbert for the Gul oil spill recovery effort | Comedy Central Insider
if you wanted Comedy Central to donate a dollar to the Gulf oil spill recovery all you have to do now is retweet a tweet by Stephen Colbert.. [Read More]
The Laugh Factory opens its doors for 26th year for at-risk kids of its Charity Comedy Camp
Jamie Masada and The Laugh Factory have been operating a Charity Comedy Camp for at-risk kids for the past quarter-century, and on Saturday, they're opening the doors again for underprivileged kids... [Read More]
Life of Brian script to be auctioned off for charity | Chortle
An original script from Monty Python’s Life of Brian is to be auctioned off. The document from the 1979 film been signed by John Cleese, Terry Jones, Terry Gilliam and Michael Palin and will be going under the hammer at a £250-a-head charity dinner next month. Palin sad: ‘This is one of the most important working scripts of Life of Brian. It belonged to our heroic, and very funny, first assistant director Jonathan Benson whose job it was to keep cast, crew and John Cleese happy every day of the ... [Read More]
Jerry Seinfeld Taking Nashville Flood Seriously | Tonic
This vibrant city, home to most of America's celebrity country singers and famous institutions like the Grand Ole Opry, is still drowning in despair over the recent flood. Jerry Seinfeld is the latest celeb to step up and recognize Nashville's enduring need. Previously scheduled to perform at the Tennessee Performing Arts Center Friday, Seinfeld is now donating all the proceeds from his show to Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee and American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund. [Read More]
Stars align in Hollywood for "Night of 140 Tweets" | the comic's comic
What happens when you get 140 performers -- from the biggest names in comedy to the biggest up-and-coming funny people, mixed in with Hollywood stars and starlets, musicians, writers, children's show makers, porn stars, and just plain clever people -- put them in a 99-seat sold-out north Hollywood theater, and let them unleash their favorite and sometimes raunchiest Twitter posts? You got the crazy scene last night at A Night of 140 Tweets, an all-star benefit for Haiti relief at the Upright Cit... [Read More]