Doug Stanhope is auctioning off un-cashed residual checks and masters from ‘The Man Show’ in his virtual eBay yard sale
Who wants to bid on some un-cashed Doug Stanhope residual checks? How about t-shirts he wore while on tour? Now is your chance. Stanhope, an avid eBay fan, (if you need proof, look no further than the bit about the website from his last stand-up special, Beer Hall Putsch) decided to put some things ... [Read More]
Dan Harmon Is Doing a QVC-Style Streaming Garage Sale
by Bradford Evans Community creator Dan Harmon is hosting a streaming garage sale in the vein of QVC with himself and friends from his podcast Harmontown auctioning off their valuables for charity. The event is happening this Sunday from 6pm to 9pm EST (livestream link), and all of the sales benefit... [Read More]
New York comedians raise funds for comedian Liza Dye, who was hit by a train
On February 13th, upcoming New York comedian Liza Dye fainted on the Subway platform and slipped onto the tracks where she was struck by a train. Dye fortunately survived the ordeal and is now recovering in an extended hospital stay. According to her page, she is in relatively good... [Read More]
Sponsor A Comedian
Why go to Kickstarter when you can appeal directly to everyone? Comedian Jarret Berenstein takes it to the next level by making himself a full-fledged charity case, with Christina Gausas as his celebrity spokeswoman to make the pitch on his behalf. It's really sad, the life of an aspiring stand-up c... [Read More]
Kyle Kinane, Scott Aukerman, Dave Hill, Tom Scharpling, and David Wain re-recorded The Super Bowl Shuffle, and it’s glorious
Thanks to the Louisville based radio show, FPK After Dark, “The Super Bowl Shuffle” has been reinvented. You may or may not remember the original from the 1985 Chicago Bears. Either way, FPK After Dark host Sean Cannon put together an all-star list of people and comedians, including... [Read More]
Good Job Internet: The Goodyear Blimp will fly Ice Cube over Los Angeles for charity
About a year ago comedian Donovan Strain helped us solve a conundrum that’s plagued us since the mid 90′s. And that was to figure out what day was actually the “good day” in which Ice Cube refers to in his 1993 hit song, “It Was A Good Day.” So Strain crunched the... [Read More]
Comic Relief in hot water after investing in alcohol, tobacco, and guns
Looks like Comic Relief was looking for relief in all the wrong places. The British charity “Comedy Relief” was founded in 1985 and works hard to raise and donate millions of pounds each year to those in need. However, a recent BBC documentary found that while the charity preaches cuttin... [Read More]
Never not funny: A conversation with Jimmy Pardo
In just a few days, comedian Jimmy Pardo and his podcast, Never Not Funny is the returning host of the fifth annual Pardcast-a-thon. He’s streaming the event live from 12 noon to 12 midnight PST on November 29th (Black Friday) as a fundraiser to benefit Smile Train, an International charity th... [Read More]
Jimmy Pardo Is Hosting His Fifth Annual Podcast Marathon for Charity
by Bradford Evans Jimmy Pardo, host of the podcast Never Not Funny is set for his the Fifth Annual Pardcast-a-Thon, the annual podcast marathon he does to benefit the charity Smile Train. The event will take place from noon to midnight PST on Friday, November 29th, with Zach Galifianakis, Patton Osw... [Read More]
Kevin Hart donates $250,000 to public schools in Philadelphia
There isn’t much better or cooler than seeing a top-notch performer who remembers where they came from. Kevin Hart is the most recent and, arguably, now the best example of this. Hart heard about his hometown of Philadelphia going through tremendous budget cutbacks and major staff layoffs. So ... [Read More]