John Oliver Takes Down Municipal Violation Fines In ‘Last Week Tonight’ Video, Inspires #ShutDownTheFuckBarrel Hashtag
On the most recent episode of Last Week Tonight, John Oliver slammed America’s system for fining municipal violations.  And his attack inspired the Twitter hashtag #ShutDownTheFuckBarrel. “We have all committed municipal violations,” Oliver began. “And if you’ve ne... [Read More]
MTV2′s Guy Code explores life without porn in season finale (Exclusive video)
Wednesday’s season finale of MTV2′s Guy Code imagines the terrifying, scary world of life without porn. This isn’t the post-apocalyptic Internet-down world we all silently fear. We’re talking about a petrifying porn world where the pizza delivery guy only delivers a pizza. Sa... [Read More]
New Yorkers Read Final Text Messages They Got From Their Exes In Hilarious #FamousLastTexts Video
Reading the last text you got from an ex can be an emotionally painful exercise. Thankfully, YouTube comedians Eva and Mel decided to turn the concept into a funny video titled #FamousLastTexts. The duo asked New Yorkers to read the last text message each received from a former lover, whether it was... [Read More]
Seeing Other People: Hilarious web series probes the awkwardness of a BFF breakup
It’s hard to think of anyone more qualified than a comedian to shed funny light on the painful process of enduring a friendship breakup. Luckily, with the launch of the new web series Seeing Other People, we get not one comedian, but four of them to mend our broken hearts while tickling our fu... [Read More]
Late Late Show host James Corden makes late late push for relevancy (Video)
James Corden begins his Late Late Show hosting tenure next week. CBS seems excited for its new talents (Stephen Colbert takes over Late Show later this year). The only problem is– no one seems to know who James Corden is! Corden has won a Tony Award and a BAFTA (it’s like a British Oscar... [Read More]
Amy Sedaris, Paul Dinello: Strangers With Candy will never be revived
With all the paths to resurrection that canceled-too-soon cult TV classics have at their disposal these days, it’s natural for fans of, well, basically any beloved series fitting that criteria to do some hoping. Alas, for fans of Comedy Central’s 1999-2000 inaugural sitcom, Strangers Wit... [Read More]
Hannibal Buress getting death threats since calling out Bill Cosby as rapist (Video)
In an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel’s show Wednesday night, Hannibal Buress intimated that he had received a number of death threats from anonymous sources, after he bravely joked about Bill Cosby’s many rape allegations late last year. Buress undeniably received a score of positive attenti... [Read More]
Ralphie May talks growing up poor, Sam Kinison and respect on The Laughspin Podcast (Audio)
With seven stand-up comedy specials under his belt and the ability to sell out theaters across the country, Ralphie May is one of the most prolific comedians of our time. He’s only 43 and already has 25 years in the business. His latest special Unruly is now streaming on Netflix, so we thought... [Read More]
Justin Bieber Comedy Central Roast: New Video Teasers Show Kevin Hart And Jeffrey Ross Mocking Singer’s Arrests
Comedians took turns roasting Justin Bieber in a Comedy Central special set to air later this month. And new videos and details from the event show that nothing was off limits. “Tonight we’re going to do what his parents and the legal system should have done a long time ago,” Roast... [Read More]
John Oliver’s NCAA Tournament Takedown Was Awesome! ‘Last Week Tonight’ Video Slams Organization’s Refusal To Pay Athletes For Pay
It’s not exactly breaking news that the NCAA exploits its athletes. But with the March Madness college basket tournament starting this week, John Oliver thought it would be a good time to make the organization his next target. So he slammed the NCAA in a scathing segment on Sunday’s Last... [Read More]