Stephen Colbert adjusts the Colbeard for Late Show (Video)
David Letterman and his Late Show are off the air. The famed Late Show with David Letterman sign that hung over Broadway for over twenty years is gone. The dawn of Stephen Colbert (Round 2) is upon us. CBS launched the website, iOS app and social media accounts for Late Show with Stephen Colbert on ... [Read More]
Promposal Rejection Video Goes Viral! Teen Asks Girl To Dance In Front Of Whole School, Then Learns She Already Has A Date
A promposal rejection video may make guys think twice about asking a girl to the dance in such a public forum. The clip shows a mortified teen learning that his dream date she was already going with someone else! This promposal rejection video apparently took place back in April, but it is just... [Read More]
Jack Warner Of FIFA Fooled By ‘The Onion’ Headline! Video Of Former VP Uses Satirical Article To Argue That America Had Hidden Agenda In Corruption Charges
Former FIFA Vice President Jack Warner was fooled by an Onion headline! The embattled official took a satirical article as fact in a new Facebook video slamming the accusations against him. Warner was one of several FIFA officials arrested last week on corruption charges following an ... [Read More]
Daily Show with Trevor Noah has a premiere date (Video)
The Daily Show with Trevor Noah will premiere on Sept. 28, Comedy Central announced on Thursday. The news comes a month after the network signaled Aug. 6 as current host Jon Stewart’s final episode. Trevor Noah was named the new Daily Show host back in March to mixed reviews, followed by ... [Read More]
AC/DC’s Brian Johnson recorded a duet with Jim Breuer for Breuer’s upcoming music album
Jim Breuer has a new stand-up special, "Comic Frenzy," premiering this Friday on EPIX. But for his next trick, Breuer, who can impersonate AC/DC frontman Brian Johnson, will have the real thing rocking out with him for a new song on the comedian's upcoming rock album. Breuer spoke about recording vo... [Read More]
Comics Unleashed host Byron Allen calls President Obama ‘white president in black face’ (Video)
Comics Unleashed producer Byron Allen is not pleased with President Obama. Speaking with TMZ, the former stand-up comedian Allen called Barack Obama “a white president in black face.” The comments came after President Obama referred to the protesters in Baltimore as “thugs”. ... [Read More]
Girl Wears Wrong Shoes To High School Graduation! Video Of Her Long Fall In Heels Goes Viral
A senior at Mansfield High School in Lousiana learned the hard way that she wore the wrong shoes to graduation. The girl took an epic fall in her heels after receiving her diploma, and the video is quickly going viral. The video begins with the unidentified graduate strutting down the high school tr... [Read More]
Hannibal Buress Gets Yondr To Block Cell Phones At Latest Show
When it comes to seeing his jokes become the basis of a viral phenomenon, comedian Hannibal Buress is nothing short of a reluctant expert. In the fall of 2014, Buress’ comedy set on Bill Cosby’s rape allegations hit the internet after an audience member recorded it on their cell phone. T... [Read More]
The Mindy Project Lives On! Hulu Picks Up Cancelled Series for Season 4
Rejoice, Mindy Kaling fans! Hulu announced today that it has ordered 26 new episodes of her critically acclaimed series The Mindy Project, greenlighting a fourth season and saving it from cancellation. The sitcom will join Hulu’s “Original Programming” slate and after its premiere,... [Read More]