Nightline’s profile of Marc Maron
ABC News and Nightline gave Marc Maron its profile treatment last night. Roll the clip! video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player... [Read More]
Nightline profile “Ricky Gervais: King of Unkind Comedy”
In case you missed it last night, ABC's Nightline profiled Ricky Gervais, calling him the "king of unkind comedy" and introducing the segment by describing him as "hilariously offensive and offensively hilarious." The profile and interview rehashes t... [Read More]
Watch UCB actor Jeffrey Marx on ABC’s “The Glass House”
While improvisers from around the country (and even some international actors) converge on New York City this weekend for the annual Del Close Marathon, some of the Upright Citizens Brigade star pupils inevitably cannot make it because they're in the... [Read More]
Bill Lawrence Stepping Down as 'Cougar Town' Showrunner When it Moves to TBS
Cougar Town was saved from the clutches of cancellation at ABC by TBS, who picked the show up for a ten-episode season on basic cable. But a network home isn't all its losing — show creator and showrunner Bill Lawrence is set to step down when production ramps up for the new season. [Read More]
'Happy Endings' Got Renewed Too Because Life Is Great Sometimes
Sick of these renewal updates yet? You shouldn't be, as it's pretty much all awesome news. Leaving NBC for a sec to head over to ABC, they've just renewed Happy Endings for a full 22-episode third season. Coming right on the heels of NBC deciding to give Parks and Rec 22 episodes after all, it's a v... [Read More]
It’s Official: ‘Cougar Town’ Moves To TBS
We broke the news on Saturday that TBS was in talks to pick up ABC’s comedy series Cougar Town. As we projected on Sunday, the negotiations reached a successful conclusion, and the cable network just announced the pickup. [Read More]
Horatio Sanz Joins ABC Pilot
Saturday Night Live alum Horatio Sanz has been added to ABC’s untitled Kari Lizer comedy pilot, about Hilary Pfeiffer-Dunne (Mary McCormack), a high-powered executive who now faces the biggest challenge of her life when she finds herself unemployed and acting as a full-time mom to her two teenagers. [Read More]
ABC Wins Ellen DeGeneres’ Comedy Starring Her Wife Portia Di Rossi
After an intense bidding war, Ellen DeGeneres’ comedy went to ABC. The half-hour multi-camera show that is currently titled The Smart One will star DeGeneres’s wife Portia De Rossi, making them not only partners in life, but also in busin... [Read More]
Why the folks upset over little Lily on Modern Family dropping the F-bomb are crazy
For a show as beloved by both critics and key demographics as Modern Family is, it was only a matter of time before someone bothered to find something to pick on. Last night’s episode is such a case as it focuses on the daughter of Cam and Mitc... [Read More]
The Best, Most Brutal Quotes From Reviews of "Work It"
ABC premieres Work It tonight, a show about two dudes dressing up as women in order to get jobs during a "mancession," and it's gotten some of the absolutely worst reviews of any new show this season. The premise is offensive! The fact that anyone would think that these two huge dudes look like ladi... [Read More]