Inside Amy Schumer: Behind the scenes recording her stand-up for the series
On her Comedy Central series, Inside Amy Schumer, the comedian breaks up her sketch format with pre-recorded stand-up routines. You may be familiar with how Louis C.K. does that on his FX series, or vaguely yet more familiar with how Jerry Seinfeld u... [Read More]
The many talents of Rachel Feinstein (interview)
Rachel Feinstein rose up the national comedy ranks as a finalist on Season 7 of Last Comic Standing. From there she’s written for The Onion, voiced characters on Adult Swim’s Venture Brothers, released a stand-up album, Thug Tears, and toured the world. We recently had the opportunity to... [Read More]
Damien Lemon launches new web series, ‘D Lemon in the Morning’
Say What!? D Lemon in the morning is here? You know it, bro. The all new web series, D Lemon in the Morning stars comedian Damien Lemon (Guy Code, The Amazing Spiderman) as a hip-hop radio DJ, with his two crew members Nicky Sunshine and Sim Goodson. The show drops new episodes every Wednesday and [... [Read More]
Arnold Schwarzenegger joins YouTubers to promote YouTube’s first-ever “Comedy Week”
When you think of YouTube and comedy, you're not usually looking for an Arnold Schwarzenegger impersonation, but maybe you're looking for a supercut of Ahnold being Ahnold. How about a promotional video by him for YouTube Comedy Week? That's served u... [Read More]
The Lonely Island dropped a music video Between Two Ferns
The latest installment of the incredible web series Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis is anything but a plain ol’ episode. In fact, if you only pay attention to the first bit of it you’ll miss out on a new music video by The Lonely Island which is about Spring Break and men marryi... [Read More]
‘Sleight of Mouth,’ where comedy and magic meet
Rather just do another podcast, Justin Willman, magician, host of the Food Network’s Cupcake Wars and the forth-coming Disney Channel game show Win, Lose or Draw, decided to do an on-line TV talk show called Sleight of Mouth. Sleight of Mouth is a combination magic/comedy/variety talk show that take... [Read More]
Join Felicia Day in Her ‘Guild’
I’m going to tell you all something that I’ve never admitted to anyone before. You might want to sit down. I’m a geek. It’s true. So, I might be a little biased in my review of “The Guild” because of how close to ... [Read More]
Go Behind Amy Schumer before going Inside Amy Schumer
Amy Schumer's new sketch comedy series, Inside Amy Schumer, debuts tonight on Comedy Central -- though you already could have watched the premiere episode online (and uncensored) thanks to the cable channel. But first, get to know a little about what... [Read More]
Season 3 of ‘Modern Comedian’ debuts, creator Scott Moran teases what’s to come
Season 3 of the beloved documentary web-series, Modern Comedian, is finally here! The long-awaited 18th installment features Canadian-born, Brooklyn-based comedian Phil Hanley. On his inspiration for the episode, creator and stand-up comedian Scott Moran says, “There are so many pieces to the stand-... [Read More]
Big names win big in Webby Awards
The Golden Globes may be criticized year-in and year-out for skewing nominations and awards to the hottest celebrities, but what about the Webbys? For all of the great work uploading and exploding online, the Webby Awards is a corporate entity that t... [Read More]