Kyle Kinane looks at campaign ads in “30 Seconds Over Washington”
With less than three weeks before Election Day, you're certain to feel a bit overwhelmed by political ads every time you turn on your TV. But what to make of it all? Enter Kyle Kinane. Comedy Central has tapped the young curmudgeonly comedian to star... [Read More]
FOX’s “Animation Domination” launches new online site with videos, GIFs galore
You may have to wait until summer of 2013 to see FOX's "Animation Domination" stretch backward from Sunday nights to Saturday nights, but the comedy project just launched a new online home (in beta) complete with animated short videos and GIFs. Here ... [Read More]
As not seen on TV: A documentary about Channel 101
There's a new documentary about Channel 101 which premiered at the inaugural RIOT LA Alternative Comedy Festival earlier this month. For those of you who need catching up, Dan Harmon (Community) and Rob Schrab (The Sarah Silverman Program) created Ch... [Read More]
Music videos, political spoofs and a bar full of UCB/SNL sidekicks get the “Above Average” treatment
Lorne Michaels has several TV productions in addition to his mainstay, his bread and butter, his original creation, Saturday Night Live. 30 Rock. Late Night With Jimmy Fallon. Up All Night. Portlandia. What's left? The Web. Broadway Video, Michaels' ... [Read More]
Watch Molly Ringwald Recount a Particularly Memorable Audition
We’re happy to present our newest web series, The Thing About. Each episode features actors, comedians, and writers telling funny, personal anecdotes. It sounds simple, because we know when to shut up and let them do the talking. We were lucky ... [Read More]
The Inseparable Gals of Apartment C3
Carmen Lynch and Liz Miele are roommates, co-creators and co-stars of the web series APT C3 and they’re recording their albums together Tuesday Oct 2 at Improv Boston in conjunction with Rooftop Comedy Productions.  “We just can’t do anything apart,”... [Read More]
Sandra Bernhard and Lizz Winstead in “Comedians Walking & Getting Mani-Pedis”
First, comedians discovered the podcast. And it was good? If not good, then at least, comedians discovered the power of speaking into a microphone on their own terms and on their own time to reach their own audiences. Then all comedians were doing po... [Read More]
Serious talk: Conan O’Brien launches separate, longer online “Jibber Jabber” interview series
Do you like Conan O'Brien but wish he would sit down with his talk-show guests for much longer than a commercial break? And forget the commercial break? And the jokes, too? Just get down to the jibber-jabber, already?! He has. O'Brien and Team Coco l... [Read More]
Watch the first episode of “Brody Stevens: Enjoy it!” from HBO Go
Maybe you don't subscribe to HBO, and maybe if you do, then you don't have the hook up to HBO Go because you don't have the iPad 3000. If any of those cases is your case, then you probably haven't had the chance to take a peek inside the world of com... [Read More]
Lynn Shawcroft talks about the writing process of her late husband, Mitch Hedberg
This week's episode of Modern Comedian, the documentary webseries by Scott Moran, goes way back to a time before iPhones -- when apps meant appetizers -- and when we all had the opportunity to experience Mitch Hedberg in our lives. Lynn Shawcroft, wh... [Read More]