Watch the first episode of “Brody Stevens: Enjoy it!” from HBO Go
Maybe you don't subscribe to HBO, and maybe if you do, then you don't have the hook up to HBO Go because you don't have the iPad 3000. If any of those cases is your case, then you probably haven't had the chance to take a peek inside the world of com... [Read More]
Lynn Shawcroft talks about the writing process of her late husband, Mitch Hedberg
This week's episode of Modern Comedian, the documentary webseries by Scott Moran, goes way back to a time before iPhones -- when apps meant appetizers -- and when we all had the opportunity to experience Mitch Hedberg in our lives. Lynn Shawcroft, wh... [Read More]
Scott Moran talks about his new webseries, “Modern Comedian”
Comedian Scott Moran launched a new "weekly documentary Web series" on Monday called "Modern Comedian," looking into the on- and offstage lives of stand-up comedians. Scott Moran Moran, from Washington State and now based in New York City, posed his ... [Read More]
Eagleheart’s Maria Thayer survives “Pilot Season”
Maria Thayer co-stars in Chris Elliott's ridiculously over-the-top cop show parody Eagleheart, which airs its second-season finale tonight on Adult Swim. It should return for a third season. But what if it doesn't?!? That'd mean Thayer would have to ... [Read More]
Nick Offerman Sings Like a Donkey and Abby Elliott Stars in ‘The Assistant’
Parks and Recreation‘s Nick Offerman and The Office‘s Craig Robinson come back for round three of their “Chicago Vs. Chicago” sketch. This time  aCubs fan(Offerman) and White Sox fan (Robinson) don’t just disagree on whi... [Read More]
My Damn Channel announces plans for live YouTube channel
With a new production studio almost ready to go...My Damn Channel unveiled a new online look today and also announced its plans for My Damn Channel LIVE, a new live weekday comedy show hosted by Beth Hoyt that will debut at 4 p.m. Eastern, March 28, ... [Read More]
Goodbye, Hello, CC:Studios
Comedy Central has begun consolidating its various digital entities, and that means switching domain names of and to fall under the main Comedy Central umbrella. Up first, CC: Studios -- which has taken all of the various web serie... [Read More]
Yahoo! rebranding and relaunching its comedy channel, with content from Funny or Die?
Less than a week after shuttering its four entertainment blogs and firing the staff, Yahoo! announced today that it would be launching the Yahoo! Comedy Channel in February 2012. The launch coincides with Yahoo!'s first exclusive free online broadcas... [Read More]
David Wain misses the hookup in season 5 of “Wainy Days”
David Wain is back with new episodes of the fifth season of "Wainy Days," in which he bags all of the hot chicks you've dreamed of. Only bagged doesn't mean what you think it means. You know what I mean. Roll the clips! Future episodes will show up... [Read More]
Amy Poehler on Board as Web Series “Broad City” Moves to FX
Comedian Amy Poehler may be busy starring on NBC’s “Parks and Recreation,” but that hasn’t stopped her from signing up to work on the hilarious web series “Broad City” with FX. Poehler will executive produce and di... [Read More]