YouTube announces launch of new content channels, creating fresh new TV for your computer
Usually, a press release or announcement late on a Friday is meant to sneak something sinister past the press and your attention. This is the opposite of that. YouTube announced last night that it'll launch several brand-new channels full of original... [Read More]
New animated videos with Jonathan Katz
"Hey, we're back!" That's what Jonathan Katz has been saying for the past few years and past few dozen podcasts for WKATZ. But Katz's final "audio-only podcast" for WKATZ appeared online back in January. Fast-forward to August, and now we can not onl... [Read More]
Matt Besser’s new UCB Improv Master Class offers “new way”
How to gear up for this weekend's Del Close Marathon? How about warming up your comedic palette with this new web series from the Upright Citizens Brigade's Matt Besser, "Inside the Master Class," in which Besser and his Los Angeles students of a sup... [Read More]