Tracy Morgan to Star in First Dramatic Role
While he doesn't have any lines in the trailer, Tracy Morgan is billed second towards the end of the trailer for the very dramatic drama Son of No One. The film does indeed look very dramatic! People are definitely depicted arguing, closing door... [Read More]
Rare audio, video from the 1990s: Watch The State sing "The Boner Song" and buy their 1996 CD
Here's something you didn't see almost 20 years ago. It's rare footage of The State in their first MTV office in the early 1990s, singing a version of "The Boner Song." [Read More]
Onion News Network to debut tonight on IFC (video) | The A.V. Club
Tonight is the debut of Onion News Network, a half-hour of hard-hitting journalism that blows your CNNs and your Fox Newses right out of the water in the hyperbole department. It airs at 10 p.m. (9 central) on IFC, and you should really watch it [Read More]
VIDEO: Marc Maron on Conan; enough said
If you watched Conan last night, you witnessed one of the stronger episodes since its premiere. The reason is simple: Marc Maron was one of Coco’s guests. If you missed it, we’ve conveniently embedded that shit below. The main story Maro... [Read More]
Musical comedy trio The Axis of Awesome premiere “Birdplane” video, set their sights on U.S.
International musical comedy sensation The Axis of Awesome is about to take the States by storm. The Australian trio premiered their video for “Birdplane” yesterday and has already found themselves on the most-watched videos list on YouT... [Read More]
Jon Stewart's Extended Interview with Iranian Satirists Kambiz Hosseini & Saman Arbabi
Did you even know they had satire in Iran? I didn't! Although, to be perfectly honest, until pretty recently I thought Iran was just Iraq with a typo. I had no idea it was actually the other way around. Anyway, Iran does indeed have satire, and ... [Read More]
Claire Bloom on working with Charlie Chaplin in "The King's Speech" (video)
At a recent Q&A following a screening of "The King's Speech," actor Claire Bloom--who plays Queen Mary in the film--was asked about working with the legendary Charlie Chaplin. [Read More]
Video: Ricky Gervais says he didn’t do anything wrong at Golden Globes
Are you about ready to vomit from the nonstop chattering about Ricky Gervais saying naughty things at the Golden Globes? Well, let us help you jam that metaphorical finger down your throat and spew all over your keyboard. But first, check out this sh... [Read More]
Ricky Gervais Talks About Comedy and a Photographer Comes Up with Weird Hypotheticals
I'm going to introduce this video the same way this Vanity Fair photographer prompts Ricky Gervais's reactions for the photo shoot: Imagine you are a groom at your wedding, and your best man wants to take you to the prom, but your high scho... [Read More]
Sarah Palin Invited to Come on Jon Stewart
From Indecision… On last night's Daily Show, Jon Stewart attempted to coin some new words to describe the rhetorical offenses of Sarah Palin, from "Anchorage Steamer" to "Palin-drome" to "Caribou Ball-Swivel."... [Read More]