Kyle Cease: There’s 26:05 we’ll never get back | Shecky Magazine
Cease wants to change standup comedy. We’re not sure exactly what it is about standup that needs changing at the moment. But Cease is determined to “re-boom the scene” fifty or sixty comics at a time. He’s determined to do so by means of his Boot Camp. (So… at $299 per comic, Cease and Co. will be paid $14,950 every time he “re-booms a scene.” Nice hustle!) If the interview is designed to generate enthusiasm for the Boot Camp, it is, as the kids say, a major FAIL. [Read More]
Bo Burnham unleashes “Words, Words, Words” video on YouTube
Just moments ago, comedian, comedic musician, writer and tall, young person Bo Burnham posted his latest video online. The former YouTube phenom-turned-respected-comic presents an amazingly busy, visually overly stimulating representation of the song... [Read More]
Paul F. Tompkins will take your questions Wednesday, live on video
Paul F. Tompkins, one of the comedy scene’s most beloved performers — and one of the Internet’s most plugged-in artists — will be answering questions from his fans (that’s you!) tomorrow (Wednesday) Sept. 15 live through... [Read More]
Why Chelsea Handler's sex tape is bad news for comedians. Am I right, ladies?
Radar Online continued its ongoing coverage this morning of the long-ago sex tape Chelsea Handler made that is supposedly about to resurface for purchase. So what? [Read More]
Steve Harvey on Family Feud: I can’t expose my family on national TV
Way back in January, we let you know that Steve Harvey, one of the “Original Kings of Comedy” scored the job as the new host of Family Feud. Well, yesterday, he officially began his reign, replacing former host John O’Hurley. [Read More]
Conan O'Brien will answer your questions, but only on Facebook, and only on the Facebook Team Coco page
Look at how quickly Conan O'Brien is decorating his office. Nuts! He has nuts, people. Almonds, to be specific. So that's one question you don't need to ask Conan about. For all other questions, he says he'll answer them, but only if you can follow instructions.. [Read More]
Colbert Rally Supporters Raise $100,000 for Teachers
Some Redditors (it's always the Redditors, isn't it?) decided to put their e-money where their iMouths are by drumming up contibutions to Donors Choose, one of Stephen's favorite charities. With an initial goal of surpassing Hillary Clinton's group's total of $29,945 in one week, the Restoring Truthiness group has raised over $100,000 in just 18 hours! [Read More]
Chris Gethard appeals to Diddy on Jimmy Fallon show
In case you missed Friday’s Late Night with Jimmy Fallon because you were out laughing your ass off at a comedy club like me, all you need to know is #DiddyGethard. And if you find that hashtag as inappropriately funny as I do and want to know more,... [Read More]
The non-sex portion of Chelsea Handler’s sex tape surfaces; here’s a clip
Months ago, you’ll probably remember the Internet was all abuzz with talk of Chelsea Handler’s sex tape. Well, the folks at Radar have impeccable timing, clearly sitting on the next phase of the story until tonight, the day after Handler&... [Read More]
Tim and Eric wishing you happy holidays with live, national tour
Okay, the title of this post might seem a little premature, particularly since we aren’t talking about holidays like Labor or Yom Kippur. But look at it this way – now we have something holiday-related to look forward to that isn’t ... [Read More]