Conan O'Brien's "opening act" has a new music video. North America, here's Reggie Watts! | the comic's comic
Audiences everywhere are going to be in for a treat. Those who frequent this site or know anything about comedy already pretty much know and love Reggie Watts.. [Read More]
Shannon O'Neill in "Prison Freaks: A Talent Show" | the comic's comic
A video introducing Shannon O'Neill's one-woman show warns that, among the thoughts that may enter your brain, are "deviant," "sexy" and "why did I find that sexy?" True, true, true on all counts. How does "Prison Freaks: A Talent Show" manage to be deviant, sexy and above all else, so funny? And how did it take O'Neill so long to develop her first one-woman show? [Read More]
Dwight Slade talks about being a teen comic with best friend Bill Hicks in these documentary clips | the comic's comic
A new documentary about the late Bill Hicks, American: The Bill Hicks Story, is making the film festival rounds, and it's more than fair to say that it's going deep into the heart of Hicks country this month when it screens at Austin's SXSW. There will be three screenings of the documentary at SXSW, plus a panel discussion remembering Hicks on March 20. Here's a clip from the movie that not only shows the blend of actual footage with animation the filmmakers have chosen, but also includes comedi... [Read More]
More comedians streaming videos = more nominees for 2010 Streamy Awards | the comic's comic
Last year's big comedy winner for The Streamy Awards, one of them thar newfangled honors for the people who produce recurring series for the Internet, is back with new nominations, but in 2010, The Guild will face a new set of competition for comedy prizes [Read More]
Remake of 80's comedy 'Arthur' starring Russell Brand gets a director (video) | Examiner
now that Hollywood's remaking everything they have the rights to, there's an "Arthur" remake on the way, and "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" star Russell Brand is lined up to take on the Dudley Moore role. [Read More]
Laugh Factory debuts Kevin Nealon Show with guests Robert Kelly, Paul Rodriguez | Punchline Magazine
This week, the Laugh Factory in Hollywood launched their new web series, The Kevin Nealon Show. It’s a simple, but entertaining premise. Every Tuesday at the venue, the Saturday Night Live alum takes to the stage to interview some of the comedy world’s best names. Combine that with live performances from Nealon’s guests and you have yourself a show. [Read More]
Nick Thune releases "Thick Noon" without hick tunes! | the comic's comic
Nick Thune has a new comedy CD/DVD out this week. So let's celebrate. Here are a couple of behind-the-scenes videos that tell you everything you need to know if you're uncertain about liking this gent. [Read More]