Seven videos to get you all excited for the new Muppets movie
The first video you’re about to watch below is only the second official trailer for The Muppets, the live-action comedy flick starring Jason Segel and Amy Adams that hits theaters Nov. 23. But, if you count all the promotional videos Walt Disney Pict... [Read More]
Video: Artie Lange tells Letterman he would tweet for Kim Kardashian
If you come to this site fairly often, you’ll know that comedian Artie Lange and his friend, comedian Nick DiPaolo have recently launched their own sports talk radio show. Tonight, he appears on Late Show with David Letterman to chat about that... [Read More]
South Park: Scott Tenorman's Revenge Coming to Xbox Live
Did you wish you could play a South Park video game, but can't get your hands on a Playstation 1 that hasn't turned into a sentient Wall-E style robot? Good news! South Park: Scott Tenorman's Revenge is coming out on Xbox LIVE Arcade! ... [Read More]
Maria Bamford made a haul video for her birthday
Lookie here, comedy fans. Maria Bamford went to Powell's Books for her birthday, and decided to share her haul with you in her very own "haul" video. Because that's a thing now. Roll it and find out what she's won! Books! ... [Read More]
Comedy Central will unveil new “South Park” video game at New York Comic-Con
A new South Park video game, to be sold exclusively for Xbox Live Arcade, will be unveiled tomorrow at New York City’s Comic-Con. In South Park: Tenorman’s Revenge, gamers cam become Cartman, Kyle, Stan or Kenny “as they battle Scott Tenorman and his... [Read More]
Watch three comedians Occupy Wall Street in their own ways
It’s the onus of comedy at large to question. Right? Naturally, the Occupy Wall Street protests have coincided quite well with that notion questioning the unregulated corporate culture in America. Comedian Lee Camp recently gave a spirited perf... [Read More]
Watch Jason Biggs and Alyson Hannigan fondle their junk in “American Reunion” red band trailer
Let’s get serious, comedy fans. Can you EVER get enough of watching Jason Biggs awkwardly and secretly trying to cum? I mean, does that shit ever get old? I submit that it does not! In fact, I’m hoping that when the newest in the American... [Read More]
Watch “Modern Family” star Julie Bowen meet Fabio for the first time
You probably know actress Julie Bowen as controlling mother Claire Dunphy on Modern Family. But did you know she’s a controlling mother in real life? Well, that fact came out loud and clear on last night’s Tonight Show with Jay Leno, when she admitt... [Read More]
Watch Bill Murray conduct a marching band’s version of “Pinball Wizard”
I think we can all agree that Bill Murray is a weird dude. And that’s why we love him. Also, he’s funny. We love him because he’s funny. And because he’s weird. Really weird. Remember that time he showed up to a total stranger... [Read More]
Be Yourself PSA, as if: Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and Nicki Minaj
Nice spot-on parody video here from Alison Bennett, as she, Violet Krumbein and Sasheer Zamata tell the kids to just be themselves, except for the fact that the singers they're portraying -- Katy Perry, Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj, respectively -- are ... [Read More]