Take a dip in Comedy Central’s ‘Big Lake’ (get it?)
If you recall awhile back we told you about Comedy Central’s upcoming sitcom Big Lake – starring Chris Gethard, Horatio Sanz, and Chris Parnell – about a big city banker that looses all ... [Read More]
Bill Burr was on Letterman last night; let’s watch!
Bill Burr, for the last few years, has seemingly become many comedy fans’ favorite comic. And talk to a well-respected comedian about who they think is doing well and they’ll no doubt say ... [Read More]
Zach Galifianakis’ Between Two Ferns returns with Steve Carell
Between Two Ferns with Zach Galfianakis, a.k.a. the greatest web series of all time, is back. The latest episode hit the interwebs today with a very prepared Steve Carell as guest.nIf you have insecu... [Read More]
New Futurama tonight on Comedy Central; check out a preview
In the latest Futurama episode, we learn that if you’re taking someone out to lunch, you should show up on time.nThe ever-tardy Fry is late to Leela’s birthday lunch. Little does he know that she... [Read More]
Would you go to a comedy show billed as ‘clean?’
Starting tonight, the Comedy Caravan in Louisville, KY is hosting a series of shows through Sunday billed as “Clean Comedy for Dirty Minds.” From a business standpoint, it initially seems ... [Read More]
David Hasselhoff holds puppies in latest Comedy Central roast video
David Hasselhoff is at it again promoting is upcoming Comedy Central roast with a music video, “Do You Really Want to Hurt the Hoff.” The 30-second bit features the actor singing a cover of “Do ... [Read More]
Comedian uses garages, front yards as comedy clubs
Some comedy clubs look like they should be garages, and now some garages are actual comedy clubs – that is at least for a night, every once in a while. In Yuba City, CA – about 45 minutes ... [Read More]
First look at Nick Swardson’s Comedy Central sketch show
With all the poor and starving people in the world isn’t it great when rich people like to leave all of their fortune to the family pet? Enter the world of the newest rich cat, Mr. Stitches!nBut no... [Read More]
This Week's Web Redemption: Worst Comedian Ever
nFrom the Tosh.0 blog…nnThis week, Daniel helps the Worst Comedian Ever prepare for a comeback performance on The Arsenio Hall Show!nGet your tomatoes ready for Darrell Bluett in an all new ... [Read More]
The Daily Show's Gayest Conservativest "Haggard's Law" Moments
nFrom Indecision…nHey, have you heard the good news? Turns out that gay conservative pastor Ted Haggard who was caught having multiple gay sex encounters with a gay sex male prostitute isn&#... [Read More]