Colbert Super PAC Co-opts Occupy Wall Street
From Indecision… Hey, look. It was just a matter of time before somebody co-opted the OWS movement. If not Colbert then the Democrats. If not the Democrats then Red China. If not Red China then the unresting incorporal spirit of the brutally... [Read More]
Pete Holmes Is Impregnated with Wonder
by Mike Henneberger You've taken investment advice from him as the voice of the E-Trade baby on those creepy commercials, so why not get Pete Holmes's take on issues like Facebook conspiracies and being a childless "Fun Dad?" On N... [Read More]
Watch the entire Mark Twain tribute to Will Ferrell from PBS
If you missed PBS’s presentation of the Mark Twain Prize in American Humor, which was bestowed upon Will Ferrell last night, you’re in luckity luck. It seems the fine folks at PBS were nice enough to capture the entire thing and throw it ... [Read More]
Will Ferrell receives the 2011 Mark Twain Prize for American Humor
The Kennedy Center honored Will Ferrell this year with the annual Mark Twain Prize for American Humor. The ceremony, which taped last month in Washington, D.C., and aired on PBS on Oct. 31, featured Ed Asner, Jack Black, Matthew Broderick, Adam McKay... [Read More]
Watch Donald Glover’s new Childish Gambino video for “Bonfire”
By now you know that Community star Donald Glover is pretty freakin’ talented. He’s a multifaceted entertainer who, in addition to his television work, has excelled at sketch comedy with his troupe Derrick Comedy, and has gained prominence as a stand... [Read More]
Comedy Central announces 2011 Comics To Watch, live showcase also will screen online
Comedy Central has extended its Comics To Watch concept for a second year, picking eight up-and-coming comedians who will showcase their talents live during the New York Comedy Festival on Nov. 9, 2011, at Carolines on Broadway -- with an online prem... [Read More]
Comics Pay Tribute to Mike Destefano
It was sad to hear of Mike Destefano's untimely passing back in March of this year, but Laughspin reports he'll at least be given the comedic tribute he deserves next Wednesday, November 9 in New York City (tickets here). The show–wh... [Read More]
YouTube announces launch of new content channels, creating fresh new TV for your computer
Usually, a press release or announcement late on a Friday is meant to sneak something sinister past the press and your attention. This is the opposite of that. YouTube announced last night that it'll launch several brand-new channels full of original... [Read More]
Watch Zach Galifianakis talk Puss In Boots: “Dennis Rodman wrote Humpty Dumpty”
Tonight, the animated comedy flick Puss in Boots opens nationwide. And I just might go see it. There’s two reasons for this. The first is that I totally like sitting in a dark room drinking watered-down Diet Coke from a bucket. The other reason... [Read More]
We’ll be watching “Roseanne’s Wicked Halloween Bash” on TV Land
TV Land is programming what they’re calling Roseanne’s Wicked Halloween Bash to celebrate this evil pagan holiday. There are a great many comedy-related Halloween television programs from which you can choose to watch this weekend. However, thi... [Read More]