Video: Sarah Silverman wants to adopt
We’re always surprised by how much Sarah Silverman pays attention to crappy television (she’s an American Idol junkie, too). It just goes to show that even the most anti-establishment, foul-mouthed comics can’t help but get sucked i... [Read More]
Nick Cannon to release musical comedy album; listen to a track here
Man, Nick Cannon’s come a long way since his start on Nickelodeon’s All That. Turns out, in addition to being a comedian, he’s trying on the musician mantle. PerezHilton tells us that accompanying his upcoming stand-up comedy special will be a musica... [Read More]
Gallagher collapse caught on camera (video) | TMZ
The moment Gallagher collapsed on stage last night was captured on camera. An audience member was filming the show on his mobile phone when the 64-year-old comic fell to the ground after his trademark routine of smashing a watermelon with a mallet. The footage has now been passed to celebrity website, which has posted it online.. [Read More]
Comedy Central Presents Speed Dating: Jay Larson
If you close your eyes during Jay Larson's Comedy Central Presents this Friday at 11:30/10:30c, you might think you were listening to John F. Kennedy doing stand-up. Not because he talks about the Bay of Pigs and cheating on his wife; it's... [Read More]
Funny Or Die launches sketch comedy contest
Sketch comedy’s a difficult beast to wrangle. We frequently see examples of the top notch sketch comedy success stories – just take a look at The Second City’s alumni list and the cast of Saturday Night Live or SCTV. That means there are also hundred... [Read More]
Kristen Schaal is U.S. president in the new National video
There’s something about seeing comedians in music videos that just tickles me to no end. Following the New Pornographers’ “Moves” video, which featured cameos by every comedian ever, the National have just released a music video starring Kristen Sch... [Read More]
Preview: Jon Lovitz guests on Hot in Cleveland tonight
On tonight’s new episode of Hot in Cleveland, Saturday Night Live legend Jon Lovitz will guest star as a hobo who ultimately gets engaged to Joy (Jane Leeves). What’s more is that Lovitz, himself, will be chatting with fans live right her... [Read More]
Comedy Central Presents Speed Dating: Louis Katz
I hate vegans more than anybody — I eat their hemp and prank phone call their wives, that's how deep my hate runs. But Louis Katz despises them and their tofurkey more than I. He also hates hippies, salads and Hanukkah gifts. Discover mor... [Read More]
David Koechner's New Series Premieres on College Humor (video) | Third Guy Ducks
David Koechner's new series “Always Open with David Koechner” is now open, with David Koechner. A series of short interview/interactions with what looks like a promising list of guests: Sarah Silverman, Will Forte, Amy Poehler, and more (watch the trailer). The first episode is out, and Jason Bateman joins in with his usual charm and amazing timing. Thank goodness Silver Spoons didn't break him. [Read More]
David Koechner chats with Sarah Silverman, Kristen Bell, more for College Humor series
You can pretty much do anything you want on the Internet, which is why – these days, anyway – I prefer a good web series to a regular old TV series. “Always Open with David Koechner” is no different. Each episode is a three-minute chat with a differ... [Read More]