Skinny Seth Rogen Is Hosting SNL On Saturday
I don't know why any of us get excited about funny SNL guests anymore, but it's clear the excitement/disappointment cycle will never end (and that Jon Hamm episode last fall WAS great). This Saturday, manage your expectations for the very funny Seth Rogen! Here's his promo reel with Bill Hader [Read More]
CW11 News Falls For Improv Everywhere April Fools Day Funeral Prank
local news outlet CW11 will buy anything, including an Improv Everywhere prank in which Charlie Todd's comic outfit crashed a random funeral at Greenwood Cemetery. [Read More]
"The Tonight Show Experience" retrospective debuts online
As NBC ramps up to inaugurate Conan O'Brien as the new host of The Tonight Show, they've put together something on their website that may interest you. It's a Tonight Show retrospective complete with photos and video clips of all the past hosts. Naturally, the clips of Steve Allen and Jack Paar are the most interesting because they're the rarest. Most of those hosts' episodes no longer exist so any footage at all is something of a treat. [Read More]
Jim Gaffigan - The TV Squad interview
Jim Gaffigan provided us with a hilarious discussion about acting in television and stand-up comedy, or at least as funny as a man can be at 8 a.m. with two kids still sleeping in the adjacent room. [Read More]
A 'Beards of Comedy' postcard from the NYC Beard & Mustache Championships
In a city like New York, nothing is ‘shocking'…well, nothing except three large, bearded comedians packed in a Toyota Prius. At least that's what the "Beards of Comedy" found out earlier this month. The natives couldn't stop staring. Driving up to the big city, three of the four ‘Beards' (Dave Stone, Andy Sandford & TJ Young) were on our way to one of the most unique shows we've ever booked…the NYC Beard and Mustache Championships…held in the heart of Williamsburg in Brooklyn, NY. [Read More]
Four-year-old Sarah Silverman show gets Web distro
You want to see a show starring Sarah Silverman, Sam Seder, David Cross and other stellar comedic talents that barely saw the light of day on television, which is what it was created for four years ago? Google it. Or just stay right here. It turns out My Damn Channel has ordered up a web distribution deal wherein the show, Pilot Season will be unleashed on the masses (or at least those comedy nerds nerdy enough to want to check out said show). [Read More]
Humor Mill TV- One On One With... Joe Clair!
Video interview with comedian and Host Joe Clair as he talks about all of his new projects that he has since his stint at BET J. Looks like the next couple of months are going to be good for Joe Clair! [Read More]
"Heckle U" with Owen Benjamin and Kirk Fox
CBS has debuted its online series, Heckle U, as the first night of March Madness opens. The series stars stand-ups Owen Benjamin and Kirk Fox as the kings of heckling. Benjamin's character, Chance, acknowledges that he "was raised by a dive bar." [Read More]
A Tight Five with Marla Schultz - Punchline Magazine interview
In a new installment of A Tight Five, Punchline Magazine sits down with LA-based comedian Marla Schultz. We chat about everything from her being "funny for a hole," getting treated like a rock star and why Courteney Cox is so hot. [Read More]
Jon Stewart and Jim Cramer: The Extended Daily Show Interview
Jim Cramer and Jon Stewart went toe-to-toe on tv, but you didn't see everything. Much of the interview had to be cut for time. But this is the internet, where all we have is time. So, here now, is the exclusive, uncensored, complete three-part interview. [Read More]