Looking Back at Rowan & Martin | SplitSider
This week I'm taking a look at another show which predates modern sketch comedy in a number of ways but nonetheless serves an important step in the development of the craft. Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In featured numerous stars that would later go on to grater success,... [Read More]
'Certifiably Jonathan' - a fascinating trailer for the upcoming Jonathan Winters movie (video)
Next February we'll all be watching the upcoming Jonathan Winters movie 'Certifiably Jonathan' - for now, though.. check out this odd, fascinating trailer for the film. [Read More]
Meet David Silverman, Animation Director of The Simpsons (video)
The Simpsons' impact on television and comedy cannot be exaggerated. On the writing side, you have geniuses like Mike Reiss, Conan O'Brien, Al Jean, Mike Scully, Bill Oakley, Sam Simon, George Meyer and many, many others. On the animation side, there were several people working hard as well, but the man who is often credited with creating the "rules" of the show's animation style is David Silverman. MakingOf recorded this interview with him recently and it's nice putting a face to the man who di... [Read More]
Watching The Simpsons From Its Tracey Ullman Beginning | SplitSider
Long before every kid I knew wore “Don’t have a cow man!” or “Eat my shorts!” t-shirts –- the unofficial grade school uniform years 1989-1993 that would cause a great ruckus within PTAs nationwide — my parents had already introduced me to The Simpsons, back when the cartoon was no more than a series of 30-second sketches during The Tracey Ullman Show. [Read More]
Tim and Eric Chrimbus Special Brings a Needed Dose of Batshit Craziness to the Holidays
This Sunday, December 5th, the Tim and Eric Chrimbus Special will be airing on Adult Swim. Like everything Tim and Eric do, it promises to be aggressively insane, surreal and best viewed while high. Here's a little taste of what you can expect.. [Read More]
This MC Mr. Napkins video on Atom.com will make you want to bang a cantaloupe
Do you know musical comedian MC Mr. Napkins? If not, let us introduce you to him. He released his debut album, The Album, on Comedy Central Records this week. His real name is Zach Sherwin. He’s an amazingly talented rapper. He is funny. [Read More]
FX’s “Archer” premiere date announced; get your Aisha Tyler on
We’ve known since February that comedian Aisha Tyler and cohorts H. Jon Benjamin and Chris Parnell would return to FX in the hilarious animated spy parody Archer. But now we have an official premiere date: Jan. 27 at 10 pm EST. We’re exci... [Read More]
Conan and Taiwanese News Animators Get to Feuding | SplitSider
Tuesday, November 30th, 2010 Team Coco 0 Conan and Taiwanese News Animators Get to Feuding by Adam Frucci on November 30th, 2010 Last week on Conan, they showed a video purporting to be from that infamous Taiwanese news animation company about a fight between Conan and Andy. Of course, because this is how these things work these days, said Taiwanese news animation company went and made a response animation featuring "American child labor" and Andy Richter in a sidekick zoo in Taipei. [Read More]
Comedy Death Ray Gets So Many People to Sing "We Are the World" for Charity
Last year, Scott Aukerman and Comedy Death Ray assembled an all-star roster of comics to perform Do They Know It's Christmas to help the LA Food Bank. This year, with the help of Funny or Die, the ante has been upped and the followup features more comedians, bigger production values and even a more iconic song: "We Are The World." [Read More]
R.I.P. Leslie Nielsen (pretty good career retrospective with videos) | The A.V. Club
He always seemed to be having a blast with his late-career renaissance and kept gamely plugging away in that same spoof genre right up until last year’s Stan Helsing and Spanish Movie. It’s not getting caught in the gears of a combine or having your nuts bit off by a Laplander, but goofing around is also a pretty good way for a man to die. [Read More]