Jonah Hill reveals 21 Jump Street’s neighbors on SNL promo
Perhaps the luckiest man in Hollywood, Jonah Hill — Oscar nominee? — is hosting this weekend’s Saturday Night Live in an effort to promote his upcoming flick 21 Jump Street. But don’t take our word for it. Watch these kind-of-... [Read More]
Here is the video from Community's PaleyFest panel, in which they are pretty confident about a fourth season
While that recent interview with the women of Community may have taken the budding springtime flower of the show’s return and drowned it in salty tears, the cast and crew’s recent appearance at PaleyFest was far more optimistic. For one thing, nobody cried. But for another, everyone seemed as though they were feeling pretty confident about the show’s chances for a fourth season, evident in the way that executive producer Russ Krasnoff said, “We’re feeling pretty confident” when he was asked abou... [Read More]
Watch a preview of the new animated ‘Community’ videos
As if you weren’t excited enough for Community‘s return to NBC on March, 15, we just got word from the network that will start rolling out animated shorts based on the show starting Wednesday! You can check out a sneak peek below!... [Read More]
Watch Adam Sandler and Andy Samberg in the red band trailer for ‘That’s My Boy’
Although Wanderlust is still in theaters, another David Wain/Ken Marino project (kind of; seems they did re-writes on this one) is already getting some attention. The red band trailer for That’s My Boy was released today. The film, in theaters ... [Read More]
Watch Marc Maron and Tim Heidecker in legendary musician Nick Lowe’s new video
“Sensitive Man” is not just legendary musician Nick Lowe’s new single; it’s also one of the best ways to describe Marc Maron. So it makes perfect sense (or does it?) that Maron co-stars in Lowe’s first video in 18 years.... [Read More]
Watch Doug Stanhope talk about his new album ‘Before Turning the Gun on Himself’
Doug Stanhope’s newest album, Before Turning the Gun on Himself, comes out March 6. In preparation for its release, Roadrunner Records just uploaded this video, wherein we see Stanhope chatting about Salt Lake City (where he taped the album), h... [Read More]
Ralphie May Is Too Big to Ignore
What do Chaz Bono, bongs, Dora the Explorer and cursing have in common? If you guessed the greatest episode of Dancing with the Stars ever, you're close, but wrong. No, they're actually all topics explored by Ralphie May in his new stand-up... [Read More]
A Conversation with Mitch Hedberg
Last Friday would have been the late, great Mitch Hedberg's 44th birthday. In honor of this fact, the people over at Austin-based Comedy Moontower posted this 2001 print interview with Mitch, who was loved for his unique observational style and ... [Read More]
A Dancing Apology From the Chinese Rip-Off of Conan
So, Conan discovered earlier this week that its opening animation had been completely ripped off by a Chinese online talk show called Da Pang Debade. Now, host Da Peng has issued an on-air apology and promises to stop using the animation. [Read More]
Marc Maron likes cake pops, but he likes masturbation more (Video)
Marc Maron popped into G4′s Attack of the Show last night to chat with the show’s host Kevin Pereira. A lively and entertaining chat throughout, Maron addressed the pitfalls of hotel living (cake pop or masturbation?), how some fans of hi... [Read More]