Jon Stewart’s uncut appearance on Fox News Sunday; is he trying to become a political player?
Yesterday, Jon Stewart made his debut on the Sunday morning political talk show circuit – and of course he’d end up on Fox. The comedian had a chat with Chris Wallace that, at times, was more than a little bit tense. The heat of the interview peaked... [Read More]
Weird Al’s Lady Gaga parody “Perform This Way” video now online!
His new album Alpocalypse is out tomorrow, but Weird Al Yankovic debuted his first video from the release this morning on VH1. As we’ve reported before, the first single and video off the album, “Perform This Way” is a parody —... [Read More]
GOP hires President Obama impersonator, backfires. Racial jokes: OK; Republican jokes: Not so much
FOX News has hired Reggie Brown, an impersonator of President Barack Obama, to perform a song for Mike Huckabee and debate actual Congressman Ron Paul for John Stossel. So why not invite Brown to do his Obama for some yuks... [Read More]
Heard the one about the comedian kissing his girlfriend on the street in the Vancouver riot? Hear the full story
This photograph of a young man and woman, embracing on the street amid the rioting, got passed around the Internet as if it were this generation's V-J Day Kiss of the century. The CBC tracked the couple down, and it turns out the young man is an aspiring stand-up comedian from Australia named Scott Jones who moved to Canada six months ago. His girlfriend is a Canadian student, Alex Thomas. Watch and listen as they put the photograph into proper context with the full story. Spoiler alert: Police ... [Read More]
The Red Band Trailer for 30 Minutes or Less Is Full of Cursing, Mayhem and Potential Spoilers
Here's the red band trailer for 30 Minutes or Less, which features all sorts of new footage not seen in previous trailers. It also features a whole lot of cursing and a BJ joke up top, which is how it earned its red band. There's a borderline-spoilery amount of new footage in here, so if you're som... [Read More]
Watch Aziz Ansari get blown in “30 Minutes Or Less” red band trailer; other stuff happens, too
Yeah, yeah, we know. The trailer for the upcoming comedy flick 30 Minutes Or Less has been out for weeks. But it didn’t include any bad words– and it 100 percent didn’t include Aziz Ansari getting a blow job in a car. Thankfully, th... [Read More]
Maria Bamford shares her brain with the mainstream on CNN video
We think it’s adorable when mainstream society and traditional press organizations figure out certain comedians we’ve known were awesome for years are, in fact, awesome. CNN is the latest media outlet to come to their senses. Check out a slickly-produced interview-of-sorts with Maria Bamford! [Read More]
Sneak peek: Weird Al parodies Lady Gaga in new video, “Perform This Way”
The official video for Weird Al Yankovic’s Lady Gaga sendup “Perform This Way” will go live on Monday. But we have a quick preview for you here. If this is an accurate indication of the rest of the video, Weird Al, is not going to d... [Read More]
Yoplait pulls TV ad over eating disorder concerns, but comedian Emily Tarver gets last laugh out of rejection
Yoplait has pulled one of its TV spots after hearing complaints from the National Eating Disorders Association. Yoplait has successfully employed comedians on their ad campaigns, and this particular ad was no different, featuring comedic actress Emily Tarver, who had this to quip upon learning of the decision: "So they pulled my yogurt ad because it "promotes eating disorders". Ironically, now I will not be able to afford to eat." [Read More]
Trey Parker & Matt Stone's triumphant appearance on The Daily Show, plus 2011 Tony Awards highlights
Great week for Trey Parker and Matt Stone, the South Park creators who almost ran the tables at the 2011 Tony Awards for their hit musical, The Book of Mormon. On Wednesday night, the duo appeared triumphantly on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart to rejoice in stories about the Tonys, as well as some comments about their most recent episode of South Park, in which they addressed their cynicism. [Read More]