Creatively Speaking: Jimmy Pardo | mental_floss interview
You know him from his hilarious podcast, Never Not Funny, or perhaps as the host of GSN's National Lampoon's Funny Money some years back. Or maybe you know him as the co-host of AMC's Movies At Our House. However you know him, and especially if you don't, Creatively Speaking is thrilled to have Jimmy Pardo on board today to divulge all there is to know about the comedy racket, and even offer some tips for those looking to break into the bizness. [Read More]
First look: Mike Judge's 'Goode Family' trailer | The Live Feed
Fox's Sit Down, Shut Up just proved how tough it is to launch an animated series, with the network shuffling the Sunday night comedy off to a dead zone time period after only two low-rated episodes. Fox replaced Sit Down with the last remaining half-hours of Mike Judge's King of the Hill and the network might soon end up wishing they had snagged Judge's latest effort -- ABC's The Goode Family -- instead of Sit Down. Judge's new show is about an ultra politically correct eco-conscious family. Fo... [Read More]
Comedian profile: Hal Cruttenden | The Guardian
You couldn't call Hal Cruttenden cool or controversial, but this suburban standup's patio patter should win him a bigger audience. [Read More]
Marc Maron's Hands-On With SuperSmoker Electronic Cigarettes | Gearlog
we've been bombarded by several PR companies looking to get us to try their clients' products. I needed a guinea pig--a smoker or former smoker still in the shaky-handed grip of nicotine addiction. It became clear that I would have to venture beyond our office walls to find a candidate willing to risk his own well-being for the sake of entertainment--and drugs. That someone was Marc Maron. [Read More]
Margaret Cho does nude video interview | Punchline Magazine
In a new installment of video interviews, wherein New York City comedian Sara Benincasa grills comedians and other funny folks in a bathtub, stand-up legend Margaret Cho shares some suds with Sara. In doing so, the pair chat about Cho's incredible singing ability — she's soon coming out with an all-music album — as well as how Cho makes her own clothes and how white people are more exotic than you may think. [Read More]
‘The Producers' Lands in Berlin, but Can Germans Laugh at Hitler? | NYTimes
Three weeks before the opening of a German production of the musical "The Producers," at a theater in Berlin once frequented by Adolf Hitler, this ad for the production seems eager to reassure the German public that there is an appropriately somber undertone to the mockery. [Read More]
The Office celebrates 100 episodes (with cake!) | TV Squad
Here's some behind the scenes video of the cast of The Office enjoying their 100th episode party, with an introduction from Steve Carell. The 100th episode airs May 14. [Read More]
"NewsRadio" Star Dave Foley's Comedy Skit For Microsoft | Business Insider
For example, about an hour and a half into Microsoft's upfront in midtown Manhattan yesterday, out came comedian Dave Foley -- best known for his work on TV shows "Kids In The Hall" and "News Radio" -- to pitch a new Web TV series. The show is an untitled workplace comedy. Watch the clip of Dave's appearence below, and you'll see that's part of the joke -- and his pitch. [Read More]
Kevin Hart talks comedy with Carson Daly | the comic's comic
Hart talks about how he had to adapt from the New York City comedy scene to that of Los Angeles, how people like Dave Chappelle are funny in a different way from other stand-ups, and what that can mean for a comedian. Also, Twitter. [Read More]
Dane Cook's brother -- bigger douche than Dane Cook? | A.V. Club
It's not new news that Dane Cook's half-brother allegedly ripped the alleged funnyman off for millions of dollars while acting as his business manager. Darryl McCauley, apparently not his half-brother's keeper, has already been arrested and indicted (and has pleaded not guilty). But Cook spoke about it publicly to Larry King last night, I think for the first time. And he got a haircut and wore a tie for the appearance. I'm not sure if he gave Larry the superfinger or not. [Read More]