Canada's Comedy Network launches user generated video site
The Comedy Network, based in Toronto, Canada launched a new comedy video sharing site for comedians and aspiring comedians where they can post their funny videos to be judged by viewers. The site, Upload Yours, will incorporates a rating system that ranges from "Itty Bitty Balls" to "Monster Balls." Categories will include stand-up comedy, parody, random and sketch. [Read More]
preview - Conan O'Brien on Inside the Actors Studio
Conan O'Brien will tell you he is not an actor, but that doesn't mean he doesn't have plenty of stories to tell, and he shall share some of them on a special two-hour edition Monday of Bravo's Inside the Actors Studio. Conan has a month left in his Late Night slot in NYC, before heading to California to take over the Tonight Show. Here, Conan talks about writing for SNL, pitching famous comedians, how you can find something funny without laughing because you have simply seen and heard so much co... [Read More]
preview - Ricky Gervais, Inside The Actors Studio
Ricky Gervais will appear on Monday's edition of Inside The Actors Studio, which you probably already gathered quite well if you are a Bravo viewer. You can preview some clips from the show, too, and here, we see Gervais talk about how much of a global cash cow The Office has become, and defends not stretching so much for his character in Extras by noting how great Woody Allen, Laurel & Hardy were in essentially playing the same role over and over again. [Read More]
Kurt Braunohler Talks Penelope Pilot
Ever since Reggie Watts warbled "talk to me" in the opening credits to "Penelope: Princess of Pets", we've been hooked on this puckish Web series by Kristen Schaal and Kurt Braunohler. Penelope had it all: Dr. Doolittle in ponytails, an orphan on Heelys, an unctuous politician and a foul-mouthed bird. When the series first appeared online, it was a perfect companion piece to the idiosyncratic but earnest live, two-person comedy show being honed by Kurt & Kristen. [Read More]
Happy Birthday To Soupy Sales - 83 Years Old Today!
Mark Evanier writes, "For about a year there, my life revolved around a rubbery-faced little man who lived on a television soundstage with even rubberier house pets. His name was Soupy Sales and his pets were White Fang, Black Tooth, Pookie and Hippie. I felt like part of the family, even though I was the only one who didn't periodically smash him in the face with a shaving cream pie." [Read More]
Adult Swim pilot "Totally For Teens" (T4T) Trailer
The folks behind Street Carnage, Wonder Showzen and the Daily Show are screening thier new Adult Swim pilot, Totally 4 Teens, tomorrow night at Monster Island (128 River St @ Metropolitan Ave). The show "features Teens doing totally awesome shit like looking into the future, hating themselves, learning about Jews and teens eating cream filled pickles. Watch a trailer after the jump. [Read More]
10 Favorite Comedy Central Clips of 2008
"The time between Christmas and New Years is a special time. It's when we all stop, reflect, and look our loved ones in the eye to say, "Here are the top 10 things you did this year that stopped me from calling the cops on you." It's list time and we can all make lists about anything we want. And we here at Comedy Central put together a great list of our 10 Favorite Comedy Central Clips of 2008." [Read More]
Russell Brand's "Barbie doll" video scandal
A bizarre film has emerged on the internet of Russell Brand ramming a Barbie doll up his backside. The footage was shot during a stand-up gig early in Brand's career, when his performances were frequently affected by his drug addiction. [Read More]
Will Ferrell site, Funny Or Die, raises $3 million
Internet comedy site Funny Or Die, supported by actor Will Ferrell and seeded by Sequoia Capital, has raised $3 million in cash from a single, undisclosed investor. The financing also includes an additional $3 million commitment for "in-kind contributions for marketing, publicity and promotional support for programing," according to a regulatory filing. [Read More] Like Hype Machine for Stand Up Comedy aggregates stand up comedy MP3s and videos from around the web. You can listen to "editor selected" favorites, to a random selection or to the most popular short comedy files as voted by users of the site. [Read More]