Watch 71 minutes of Marc Maron's stand-up, and also a podcast: WTF! (That's the title) | the comic's comic
Marc Maron has an acute awareness about himself and is unafraid to share that onstage. If you've seen Maron perform stand-up, then you already know that. If you haven't, then do we have an opportunity for you. Here is a full, 71-minute performance Marc Maron gave at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in Hollywood last month. [Read More]
Video - Beginner Comics - How to Get Paid | STAGE TIME Magazine
Learn how to negotiate to get paid for your performance with expert stand-up comedy tips and techniques in this free comedy lesson video. Comedy coach: Chris Murphy. [Read More]
Doug Stanhope booed at Leeds Festival (video) | Chortle
As the chorus of disapproval rose, he ploughed through his material, saying he had to fulfill his contractual obligation to stay on stage. Once his time was done he said he would remain there just to ‘be annoying'. [Read More]
Video interview - Josh Sneed | Punchline Magazine
Another video interview from our trip to Aspen this summer, this one features Cincinnati-based comedian Josh Sneed. We get to talking about his recently-released Comedy Central Records CD Unacceptable, singing songs about comedians and more. Make sure you watch until the end to see a special guest appearance. [Read More]
W. Kamau Bell video interview | Punchline Magazine
While I was in Aspen earlier this summer for the Aspen Rooftop Comedy Festival, I got to chat with comedian W. Kamau Bell outside one of the many after parties. We talked about how he deals with making fun of Barack Obama in his act, how his parents formed the way he performs comedy and his one-man show, The W. Kamau Bell Curve: Ending Racism in About an Hour, which is playing through Aug. 29 as part of the New York City Fringe Festival. [Read More]
Family Guy's Emmy campaign: As derivative as the show itself? | the comic's comic
An excellent deconstruction of Seth MacFarlane's online video campaign for his Family Guy to become the first animated sitcom to win the Emmy for Outstanding Comedy Series at the 61st Primetime Emmy Awards on Sept. 20. [Read More]
Chris Rock Documentary 'Good Hair' Set for Theatrical Release in October | STAGE TIME Magazine
Chris Rock's long-anticipated documentary, Good Hair is set for a limited theatrical release October 9. Good Hair is directed by Jeff Stilson, an Emmy-award winning former writer for The Chris Rock Show. [Read More]
The Venture Bros. Season four promo is now online, awesome | TV Squad
Adult Swim has put a three and a half minute promotional video for The Venture Bros. Season 4 on their site. STOP READING THIS AND GO SEE IT! [Read More]
Backstage video at Del Close Marathon 11 - Brett Gelman becomes Yoda | the comic's comic
..shortly before 3 a.m. today -- when Brett Gelman got into character as Star Wars Jedi master Yoda for "Yoda Hot Tub" to be interviewed by comedians Paul Rust and Neil Campbell in their underwears. Even getting into character, it turns out, includes a lot of improvisation, as I learned watching Gelman at work. With cameos by comedian/actor Nick Kroll, Funny or Die's resident comedy expert Seth Morris, and Whitest Kids U Know's Sam Brown. This is a rough video montage. [Read More]
Video interview: Robert Hawkins | Punchline Magazine
Hilarious comedian Robert Hawkins and Punchline Magazine's Dylan Gadino sharing a quiet moment on a bench in a beautiful park. Listen closely and you'll hear birds chirping. Robert lets us in on the new Ron White pilot he's been working on for Comedy Central, his incredible mustache and much more. You should also know that Robert has just released a brand spanking new album titled In Charge Around Here. You can get it free by visiting his official site For now, enjoy this vide... [Read More]