Lopez Tonight debuted on TBS; my two cents, plus a couple of clips | the comic's comic
George Lopez said he was going to bring the party to late-night TV and revolutionize the game. Can you do that in just one night? Probably not. But Lopez Tonight debuted on TBS on Monday night, anyhow, and you want to know if you missed out, and if so, what did you miss? Was it "very funny"? [Read More]
Comedians Reflect on George Carlin (video) | Comedy Central Insider
Today marks the release of Last Words, the autobiography of the late, great George Carlin. When he died last year, Carlin left behind dozens of albums, HBO specials and books, but the most enduring part of his legacy is probably his influence. For evidence of that influence, look no further than this video featuring the likes of Jeffrey Ross and Michael Ian Black. [Read More]
Initial thoughts on "The Wanda Sykes Show" (with the full debut video) | the comic's comic
People want to know about the debut of any late-night talk show, even if the debut is not necessarily going to be a good judge of what the show will end up looking and sounding like. These things take time. [Read More]
Audio Interview with Viral Producer and Comedic Genius Nathan Barnatt
Jacki Schklar's conversation with comedic genius and viral video producer, Nathan Barnatt. You may have seen Nathan gracing spots for Honda, IHOP, Gamestop, Popeyes and Visa. Nathan also creates characters such as Keith Apicary representing ScrewAttack Entertainment. His character Trale Lewous sells Skittles, Butterfingers and Snickers. [Read More]
Recapping SNL #35.5 with Taylor Swift (video) | the comic's comic
Whenever someone young hosts Saturday Night Live, I wonder if the show's sense of humor is going to get shaken up to appeal to the host's demographic. Of course, every host has an influence on what sketches make it to air. And 19-year-old Taylor Swift is a hard person to dislike -- has been ever since she serenaded Tim McGraw at an awards show with the song she named for him. Swift is talented and endearing. What would she do with her turn as both SNL's host and musical guest? [Read More]