The First Five Minutes of Get Him to the Greek Streaming Online Free!
Good news, you're all invited by Universal Picture's marketing department to go see Get Him to the Greek. The first five minutes are online.. [Read More]
Russell Brand talks poetry, Vegas, airlines / Get Him to the Greek opens Friday
We all remember Russell Brand from his role as rock star and girlfriend-stealer Aldous Snow in Forgetting Sarah Marhsall. Well, Brand (as well as comedians Aziz Ansari and Nick Kroll) and Snow are bac... [Read More]
The Talk for Tosh Contest Will Make One or Two of Your Dreams Come True Maybe
Do you guy's like Tosh.0? Do you guy's like promos for Tosh.0? Do you guys like coming up with promos for Tosh.0 in a new contest called Talk for Tosh where you submit ideas for a chance to ... [Read More]
The Not-So-Secret History of the Colbert/Stewart/O'Brien Feud
By now, you've all seen the video of Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart having a dance-fighting Conan last night. Its clear these three men, like Julies Caesar, Marcus Brutus and Mark Anthony before... [Read More]
Conan O'Brien at Radio City - Stephen Colbert challenges him to a dance-off, Jon Stewart ends up shot. Watch! | EW
Conan O’Brien brought The Legally Prohibited From Being Funny on Television Tour to Radio City Music Hall Tuesday night for the first of two performances. By far, the evening’s highlight was the surprise appearance of Stephen Colbert, who came out onstage to rib O’Brien for leaving New York to do The Tonight Show in Hollywood. [Read More]
Tosh.0 returns to Comedy Central tomorrow; celebrate with a sneak peek
Bulletin! Comedy Central’s Tosh.0 is kicks of its summer season tomorrow at 10:30 p.m. EST.nFor those unfamiliar with the show — who are you? — it is like America’s Funniest Home ... [Read More]
Mike Marino guests on the Kevin Nealon Show
Did you think we’d go a week without a Kevin Nealon Show posting? Fuggedaboudit! This week Kevin welcomed Italian comedian and wanna-be-mobster, Mike Marino to sit down with him at the Laugh Factory... [Read More]
Larry David ‘excited’ about Curb’s network syndication
You probably know by now that Larry David’s smash hit show Curb Your Enthusiasm is entering syndication via the TV Guide Network starting June 2. What you may not know is that David is very exci... [Read More]
Jon LaJoie Uncensored Special and New Music Video Premiere Saturday
I can tell from looking at you, you enjoy curse words. Maybe it's your face, or the fact that tattoos are covering your face, but there is something quite cursey about you. Now you'll be abl... [Read More]
Comedians navigate the Bay Area comedy scene in "Welcome to the Stage" | The Comic's Comic
If you're nowhere near the San Francisco Bay Area, then this video may not make any sense to you, unless, of course, you're an aspiring stand-up comedian, in which case, you'll recognize some of the crazy things that you have to deal with in the shows you get initially to showcase your humor. Let's hear it for homeless drunks. Then again, let's don't. This is Pamela Ames and friends in the first installment of "Welcome to the Stage." Enjoy! [Read More]