While you wondered if NBC was quitting Jay Leno, Jonathan Ross announced he was quitting the BBC | the comic's comic
While NBC put out a statement saying Leno was not canceled, but hey, they know they got some fixin' to do over there at Burbank.. a popular late-night TV guy really did announce today that he was calling it quits, as in Jonathan Ross and his Friday-night BBC chat show! [Read More]
Howard Stern speaks out about Artie Lange's suicide attempt | the comic's comic
When word broke over the weekend about Artie Lange checking into a New Jersey hospital, I'm sure people didn't know whether to expect the result to be all hype, or whether to expect the worst. Well, it turned out to be the worst, as the New York Post's gossip column Page Six reported this morning.. [Read More]
Laurie Kilmartin pelted with dinner roll onstage (video) | Rooftop Comedy
Laurie Kilmartin's year onstage began interestingly, to say the least. While performing on Jan. 1 at the Rivercenter Comedy Club in San Antonio, TX she was pelted in the general head area with a dinner roll. Check out Kilmartin's reaction below. [Read More]
Sketch Comedian Michael Terry Proposes Marriage at Fake Kay Jewelers Audition (video) | The Apiary
sketch-comedy guy Michael Terry (PartyCentralUSA) decided to propose to his actor-girlfriend Heather Kenzie by setting up a fake audition for Kay Jewelers.. [Read More]
Flight of the Conchords' Arj Barker Releases Debut Comedy Album LYAO Jan 26 (video) | MVRemix
On January 26, Warner Nashville/Degenerate Records will release Arj Barker's debut comedy album LYAO. Arj, one of America's most offbeat observational comics, has appeared on several television comedy shows in addition to his well-known and hilarious character "Dave" on the hit HBO show, Flight of the Conchords. Available on both CD/DVD and standalone DVD, LYAO will also debut as a Comedy Central special January 24. [Read More]
MC Mr Napkins says "ta ta for now" Boston (video) | Boston Comedy
At about 6AM New Year's Day, Zach Sherwin, a.k.a. MC Mr. Napkins, left Boston on a flight to Los Angeles. But before he left, he hosted one more show at The Comedy Studio, where he has honed his craft these past couple of years. I caught up with Sherwin in the stairwell of the Studio as he told Boston, ta ta for now. [Read More]
Comic to Watch in 2010 - Moshe Kasher | Punchline Magazine
Before this summer, I had never heard of Los Angeles based comedian Moshe Kasher. And after I had heard about him while attending Rooftop Comedy's Aspen comedy festival, I have to admit, it was hard to remember his name; it's not really the type that rolls off your tongue. After seeing him perform, however, during the fest's Best and Brightest show, I found it a lot harder to forget him. And now, I'm confident in saying he is one of the most important comics you need to watch out for in 2010. [Read More]
Shoot the messenger - "Wake Up World," the pilot | the comic's comic
From the mind of Lizz Winstead, co-creator of The Daily Show, and her friends, comes this parody of America's first and only six-hour morning "news" show, Wake Up World. They had been doing this as a live show regularly in NYC since 2007 under the umbrella title of Shoot The Messenger. As a television pilot, however, we go behind-the-scenes of the fictional news network, with hosts Hope Jean Paul (Winstead) and Davis Miles (Baron Vaughn).. [Read More]
Chant "Todd!" for your New Year's countdown and earn $500 for charity? Todd Barry says so! | the comic's comic
Yes, as the headline suggests, it's that simple. Well, you will have to videotape yourself chanting "Todd" as 2009 counts down into 2010, but as comedian Todd Barry explains in this short video, it's for charity! Show the ones you love that you care, by doing what's right to ring in the new year. It's the Todd! Todd! TODD! New Year's Eve Project, now with Tumblr.. [Read More]
Anjelah Johnson's "That's How We Do It!" first look on Comedy Central; CD/DVD coming in February | the comic's comic
How does a former NFL cheerleader become a stand-up comedian? Well, there may be some praying involved. But that's no problem for Anjelah Johnson, who cheered for the Oakland Raiders, appeared as a cast member of FOX's MADtv for a hot minute, and was a "new face" at Montreal's Just For Laughs festival just last year. [Read More]