A Tight 5ive is on the edge, with Marc Maron
After watching this week's Tight 5ive with Marc Maron, I feel like I should be giving him a ten dollar co-pay. It felt like a therapy session, only I wasn't the only getting directly therapized. [Read More]
Jim Gaffigan vs. Larry Reeb: Joke Stealing and the Nature of Glasses
I'm sure I'm beating a dead horse here about joke stealing, but I just thought this was a pretty amazing parallel with a current respected comic. So here's a video (but really only audio) putting together Jim Gaffigan and Larry Reeb, a Chicago comic who came out of the first comedy boom. [Read More]
Comedy2go: Stand-up where you don't expect it
People think that the funny guy in the office would make a great stand-up comedian, but that humor does not always translate from the workplace to the stage. Ditch Films has produced a series of online shorts that puts a reverse spin on this, taking stand-up comedians and having them do their act in an unnatural setting for stand-up. I'm not sure if it's funnier this way, but it certainly makes for an interesting piece of film. [Read More]
Tight 5ive Eugene Mirman - RooftopComedy interview
A Tight 5ive interview with Eugene Mirman by Dylan Gadino of Punchline Magazine. A Tight 5ive is co-produced by RooftopComedy. [Read More]
video - A Tight Five with Eugene Mirman
In a new installment of Punchline Magazine's video series A Tight Five, they sit down with alt-comedy master Eugene Mirman. It's a big year for the Russian born comic. Last week, his book The Will To Whatevs: A Guide to Modern Life was released. He can be seen for the second year in the new season of HBO's Flight of the Conchords, he'll be touring the country this year and will release his third comedy album, his second for Sub Pop Records. [Read More]
Jake Johannsen Making an "Overnight Comeback" + video promo
I suppose some might take the title of stand-up Jake Johannsen‘s next special a bit literally. But "Overnight Comeback" sort of points out the oddness of a comedian's life - you may be selling out shows across the country, but if you're not on TV, you're perceived to be absent from the culture. [Read More]
video - Seth Rogen's New Comedy "Observe and Report"
The tone of Observe and Report is much darker than that of Rogen's previous comedies. Think Paul Blart: Mall Cop, but funny. The story centers on Ronnie Barnhardt (Seth Rogen) a bipolar mall security guard who's called into action to stop a flasher that's been targeting women at his mall. When Barnhardt can't get the job done they call in a surly police detective (Ray Liotta) to bring the pervert to justice. The cast also includes Patton Oswalt and the lovely Anna Farris. Observe will premiere a... [Read More]
The ORIGINAL Queen of African American Comedy, Jackie MOMS Mabley
Today's Black History Month post is in honor of Jackie Moms Mabley, widely regarded as one of the most important African-American entertainers that ever lived and as the first bonafide female stand-up comedy superstar. [Read More]
Rooftop Comedy's National College Comedy Competition to be powered by Buzzwire
Our friends at RooftopComedy.com are gearing up for their 2nd annual National College Comedy Competition. It was announced today that Buzzwire - a mobile web and video service pioneer - will team up with Rooftop Comedy to provide mobile access to the comedy competition for the first time. [Read More]