David Hasselhoff holds puppies in latest Comedy Central roast video
David Hasselhoff is at it again promoting is upcoming Comedy Central roast with a music video, “Do You Really Want to Hurt the Hoff.” The 30-second bit features the actor singing a cover of “Do ... [Read More]
Comedian uses garages, front yards as comedy clubs
Some comedy clubs look like they should be garages, and now some garages are actual comedy clubs – that is at least for a night, every once in a while. In Yuba City, CA – about 45 minutes ... [Read More]
First look at Nick Swardson’s Comedy Central sketch show
With all the poor and starving people in the world isn’t it great when rich people like to leave all of their fortune to the family pet? Enter the world of the newest rich cat, Mr. Stitches!nBut no... [Read More]
This Week's Web Redemption: Worst Comedian Ever
nFrom the Tosh.0 blog…nnThis week, Daniel helps the Worst Comedian Ever prepare for a comeback performance on The Arsenio Hall Show!nGet your tomatoes ready for Darrell Bluett in an all new ... [Read More]
The Daily Show's Gayest Conservativest "Haggard's Law" Moments
nFrom Indecision…nHey, have you heard the good news? Turns out that gay conservative pastor Ted Haggard who was caught having multiple gay sex encounters with a gay sex male prostitute isn&#... [Read More]
Sundance Channel's "Strokes of Genius" sits down with MAD Magazine's Al Jaffee and Sergio Aragones
Just in time to whet your appetite between Comic-Cons, the Sundance Channel presents a series of online short films called "Strokes of Genius" dedicated to two of the influential cartoonists... [Read More]
Interview: Comedian Sam Morril
Earlier this year, Comix comedy club in New York City held its 4th annual March Comedy Madness, wherein 64 comedians competed in a NCAA basketball-style competition. There would be one comedian chosen... [Read More]
First Look at Nick Swardson's Pretend Time
I don't have to tell you that mobility-impaired cats are all the rage these days. There's that cat on crutches who's been opening for Justin Bieber. And who could forget the peg-legged ... [Read More]
Natasha Leggero, Reggie Watts, more Americans impress at Dublin comedy fest
DUBLIN — With circus tent venues and stiltwalkers milling around the beautiful Iveagh Gardens, Dublin’s Carlsberg Comedy Carnival, four days of stand-up in the heart of the Irish capital, attr... [Read More]
Comedy Central At Comic Con: Day Two, Ugly Americans Panel
nYesterday, I spent my day putzing around and eating gross pizza, but today we are all business (Also, today, I will be eating a gross hot dog instead). Ugly Americans had a panel and it was really f... [Read More]