Eugene Mirman Wants to Talk to You About the Midterm Elections
From Indecision… Dragons, wolves, horses and libertarians. You know just regular political analysis stuff… ... [Read More]
Nick Vatterott Whips Out Giant Set List On Late Night with Jimmy Fallon
Nick Vatterott is one of the few I can un-ironically call a merrymaker. I laugh at Nick the way a kid laughs at keys jangling, shiny keys. Unlike jangling keys, there's always a strong premise behind his work. Since I am a fan of Nick, I was so glad to see him perform on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon last Friday. It starts out pretty normal and slowly evolves into something else entirely… [Read More]
Nick Kroll’s Bobby Bottleservice takes a trip to Africa
Due to a horrible mix-up, charitable organization Malaria No More sent the wrong Robert Bruscia to Senegal, Africa. Instead of a leading malaria expert, they had to rely on an Ed Hardy-shirt-wearing douche bag (played by Nick Kroll) to help them spre... [Read More]
Aziz Ansari, Will Arnett, Ed Helms, more join for Malaria No More viral video campaign
We’ve heard of celebrities banding together before in support of a common cause, most notably perhaps with “We Are the World” and its remake for the Haiti disaster. Now a select group of comedians and actors have added their talents to the Malaria No... [Read More]
Johnny Carson's Online Presence Gets a Boost | NY Times
On Wednesday the Carson Entertainment Group is expected to announce the start of two new projects that will give Carson an Internet presence he has never had before. The first is a rejuvenated Carson Web site, at, that will feature video clips from the 30-year history of “The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson.” The second is an online archive — available at first only to industry professionals — where users can search a digital inventory of Carson’s program and watch nearly ev... [Read More]
The 17 Differences Between the East Coast and West Coast 30 Rock Episodes | Splitsider
It was surreal seeing a strange SNL/30 Rock hybrid, with a live audience, awkward beats between transitions and a different-looking set. It’s probably not the way we’d want to see the show every week, but it was incredibly cool to see it like this once. [Read More]
Jack Black, America Ferrera join to combat knee-jerk responses to Obama’s health care plan
Who new Jack Black could be so politically active? Turns out, when comedy is the vehicle for the activist inside him, it’s a natural fit. The co-creator of Tenacious D and star of many a comedy flick, Black has been taken on the role of Nathan ... [Read More]
Oprah, Stewart and Colbert Announce Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear
In case you missed it, last night's Daily Show got pretty bananas. It was like it was directed by M. Night Shyamalan. And by that, I don't mean it had a discomforting water nymph and plants that make you kill yourself (sounds like my honeym... [Read More]
John Oliver gets scary this Halloween, helps raise money for creative kids
This Halloween, The Daily Show’s John Oliver has lent his on-camera talents to help promote a project produced by The Story Pirates, a bi-coastal company that’s been described as “Monty Python meets Schoolhouse Rock.” That is,... [Read More]