Futurama's Recap-O-Rama video | Comedy Central Insider
Are you a casual Futurama fan who needs to get up to speed before the sixth season premieres June 24 at 10pm / 9c? Here's the first five seasons summed up in a economical seven-minute video hosted by Zapp Brannigan. [Read More]
Craig Anton Explains The Difference Between a Joke, a Tag, a Bit and a Set in "I Am Comic" | Comedy Central Insider
I Am Comic premiered on Showtime already, but you can still watch it On Demand. In this clip from the documentary, Craig Anton explains stand-up terminology.. [Read More]
Video interview - Moshe Kasher, Hari Kondabolu at the Aspen Rooftop Comedy festival
Earlier today, a sporty group of comedians performing here at the Aspen Rooftop Comedy Festival descended on Koch Park to play kickball, drink beers and just “hang,” as t... [Read More]
Robert Klein gets "Unfair and Unbalanced" for his ninth HBO comedy special
If you think you've been doing comedy for a long time, then what does that make Robert Klein, who filmed HBO's first comedy special 35 years ago and returns to the Home Box Office this Satur... [Read More]
First 90 Seconds from First New Futurama Episode!
The time is nigh! The season premiere of Futurama is less than two weeks away. You're so excited, I know. It's all you ever talk about. [Read More]
Hulu launches official “Louie” video page, new promo clips go live
you should know that in preparation for the June 29 FX premiere of Louis CK’s new show Louie, Hulu has launched a page that will house all relevant videos. In fact, there’s a nice handful of promo clips up there already. Also, you should know that Louis will be on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart June 16 to promote the show. Let’s unofficially call June Louis CK month, shall we? We shall! [Read More]
Craig Ferguson and Jimmy Fallon extended a Mickey Mouse hand of friendship
Two nights ago, Craig Ferguson went on the Late Late Show and extended a Mickey Mouse hand of friendship to direct competitor Jimmy Fallon. Last night, like two ships passing in the night, Ferguson and Fallon both waved to each other on their respective shows whilst wearing novelty cartoon gloves. [Read More]