Barack Obama’s chief economist is a comedian, has appeared on the Daily Show
Austan Goolsbee, President Obama’s Chief Economist on the Economic Recovery Advisory Board, is set to take over as chair of the Council of Economic Advisers, according to the Washington Post. But if you think all government officials—especially econ... [Read More]
The Big Lake Cast on Improvising on the set (video) | Comedy Central Insider
The cast of Comedy Central's Big Lake talks about their writers, improv and the freedom to experiment on set in this video.. [Read More]
Broken Lizard comedy special premieres this weekend; catch an exclusive preview on Punchline Magazine
Last month we tipped you off to the news that Broken Lizard, the writing and acting team behind such comedy flick favorites Super Trooper and Beerfest, would be premiering their own stand-up comedy special Broken Lizard Stands Up on Comedy Central. [Read More]
'Edinburgh Live' festival videos still available online from The BBC
The BBC recently undertook the challenge of filming four nights of live comedy at the Edinburgh festival and rapidly publishing a section of each act to the web. This meant that everyone who wasn't there - which, it turns out, is the majority of people - can still get to enjoy it. [Read More]
Chris Fleming heads to Los Angeles - a video interview by Boston Comedy
Chris Fleming is packing up and hitting the road for Los Angeles this month. He's got a leg up, having signed with New Wave Entertainment after an audition at The Comedy Studio in January. Boston Comedy spoke to him about how he developed his particular physical and tangential style of comedy, his background in dance, and the rooms in Boston that have been important to him. [Read More]
Lady Gaga’s brother exposed by Nick Swardson on Comedy Central
In July, we gave you the first taste of the highly anticipated Nick Swardson’s Pretend Time, the comedian’s sketch show that will premiere on Comedy Central on Oct. 12. Today, we’re stoked to give you a follow-up taste. In the clip ... [Read More]
There’s lots of crazy effects and colors and sounds in Reggie Watts’ new video
If you’re high right now, you should watch this new Reggie Watts video. There’s all sorts of colors and sounds and effects and shit. Even if you’re not high, those things are there. We just mean that maybe you’d “feel... [Read More]
Eddie Pepitone: Why you should follow him on Twitter and watch his web shows
Eddie Pepitone. A comedian. An actor. A raconteur. The star of incredibly smart and funny web shows called Runyon and Les Chats on Funny Or Die. But I’ll get back to the shows. First, I want to reflect a bit. I think it was 2005 when I first he... [Read More]
Paul Provenza’s ‘The Green Room’ gets renewed for new season on Showtime
This is outstanding news for the stand-up comedy world. Paul Provenza’s masterful show The Green Room has been renewed for a second season on Showtime. Deadline is reporting the network ordered six new episodes, will be filmed in Los Angeles and will... [Read More]
Louis CK introduces "Hilarious" at the IFC Center (video)
Several movie theaters across America screened Louis CK's stand-up concert film, Hilarious, last night. It debuts on TV on Sept. 18 on the new EPIX channel. Louis CK appeared at the New York City screenings at the IFC Center to introduce the film... [Read More]