Al Madrigal’s Hour Long Special “Why is The Rabbit Crying?”
On Friday, April 26, Comedy Central will bring Stand-Up Month to an end with Al Madrigal’s debut stand-up special, “Al Madrigal: Why is The Rabbit Crying?” This will be Madrigal’s first Comedy Central one-hour stand-up special... [Read More]
Louis CK reveals self-funded tour statistics in fan address before premiere of, “Oh My God” special
It’s become a bit of a tradition for Louis CK to address his fans before a monumental milestone in his life. The last time was before he hosted Saturday Night Live just days after Hurricane Sandy ravaged the East Coast. Today this afternoon Louis wrote a similar letter to his fans before the p... [Read More]
We catch up with Myq Kaplan as he prepares to tape his new hour stand-up special
Tonight, comedian and friend of TLB, Myq Kaplan will tape next hour long stand-up special. It’s a major moment for any comedian as it represents a milestone in their career, allowing them to document material they’ve spent many hours writing, testing, performing and honing. Consider it a... [Read More]
The Whitest Kids U’ Know bring fan favorites to the Gramercy Theatre
I was a freshman in college when my friends first showed me The Whitest Kids U’ Know skit, “Slow Jerk.” I quickly realized that the group had a weekly half-hour show with jam-packed with even more hilarious skits (at first on Fuse before moving to IFC), and ever since have sworn by all five seasons.... [Read More]
Review: Matt Besser, “The 6 Most Important Sets in the History of Standup”
Who would you include in an exhaustive list of the most iconic stand-up comics and performances? Surely greats like Richard Pryor, George Carlin, and Bill Hicks would be included. And such a list could not be told without performances like Lenny Bruc... [Read More]
Comedy Central is throwing “Workaholics” and “Kroll Show” viewing parties in New York and Boston this week
If you live in New York or Boston be sure to mark your calendars for Tuesday, January 15th as the official kickoff for the new season of Workaholics and series premiere of Nick Kroll’s sketch comedy show, Kroll Show. Comedy Central will hold special viewing parties simultaneously in both citie... [Read More]
Jason Alexander to Direct Jewish-American Comedy
Former Seinfeld star Jason Alexander has not strayed from the world of acting.  Alexander is currently directing the revue When You’re in Love, the Whole World is Jewish. The Huffington Post reported that the show was adapted from two Jewish-American... [Read More]
UCB artistic director debunks “reality” TV romances via his experience on “Beauty and the Geek”
As 2012 comes to a close, Nate Dern celebrates his first full year as artistic director of the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in New York City, overseeing one of the hubs for developing young sketch and improv comedic actors. Dern's UCB bio lists h... [Read More]
Jamie Denbo on bringing “Ronna & Beverly” across the pond to Sky Atlantic
Ronna Glickman and Beverly Kahn are the fictional best-selling co-authors of You'll Do a Little Better Next Time: A Guide to Marriage and Re-marriage for Jewish Singles. In real life, Ronna and Beverly are comedians Jessica Chaffin and Jamie Denbo, f... [Read More]
The state of Atlanta's expanding comedy union | Creative Loafing Atlanta
In 2009, Atlanta suddenly had a vibrant comedy scene. Numerous upstart troupes like the Village Theatre joined the ranks of long-standing improvisational outfits such as Dad's Garage and Whole World Improv Theatre. The Laughing Skull Lounge opened in the back of Midtown's Vortex, where comedian/owner Marshall Chiles continues to welcome locals to his stage. Margaret Cho moved to Atlanta in 2009 to film Lifetime's "Drop Dead Diva," and quickly made Laughing Skull her home club for stand-up work. ... [Read More]