Chris Elliott Made It to Letterman Last Night After Finishing the NYC Marathon
by Elise Czajkowski Chris Elliott appeared on The Late Show with David Letterman last night, and since his career really began when he started writing and performing bits on Letterman's Late Night show, it's not a huge surprise that his appearance, ostensibly to plug his new returnin... [Read More]
Rob Lowe Says He Plans to Return to 'Parks and Rec' as a Guest Star
by Elise Czajkowski Rob Lowe stopped by The Late Show with David Letterman last night, and Letterman couldn't wait to ask him about his decision to leave Parks and Recreation, so Lowe assured him that he expects to return as a guest star in the future. Letterman's admiration for Amy Poehler an... [Read More]
David Letterman Extends His Contract Through 2015, Past NBC's 'Tonight Show' Transition
by Bradford Evans CBS announced today that they've extended David Letterman's Late Show contract through 2015. Letterman's previous contract ran through 2014, but his new contract will keep him behind his CBS desk one year past longtime ratings rival Jay Leno's (second) retirement from The Tonight S... [Read More]
Cameron Esposito is “The Future of Comedy”
If you’ve never heard of Cameron Esposito before, well get ready, because Jay Leno considers her “the future of comedy.” The Chicago comedian made her network television debut earlier this week on The Late Show with Craig Ferguson. A relaxed Leno watched with Mr. Ferguson and playf... [Read More]
'The Late Show with David Letterman's Most Memorable Moments, Year by Year
by Roger Cormier After NBC chose Jay Leno to become the new host of The Tonight Show, David Letterman launched Late Show with David Letterman on August 30, 1993, changing the late night television landscape forever. On the verge of becoming the longest tenured host in late night history next year, L... [Read More]
Bill Murray’s ‘Letterman’ appearance was one for the ages
When David Letterman did his first show back in 1982, his first guest was Bill Murray. When he went to CBS in 1993 for The Late Show, his first guest was, once again, Bill Murray. Currently celebrating his 20th anniversary of the show being on CBS, who else would Letterman have by last night but&hel... [Read More]
Watch Bill Murray's Appearance on David Letterman's 20th Anniversary Show
by Bradford Evans Bill Murray's appearances on Letterman are always something to look forward to, and last night was no exception. Murray, who was Letterman's first guest on both his shows in 1982 and 1993 respectively, dropped by to celebrate Letterman's 20th anniversary on The Late Show and he pu... [Read More]
Here's Bill Murray's Liberace Entrance for Letterman's 20th Anniversary Show
by Bradford Evans Tonight is David Letterman's 20th anniversary show on CBS's The Late Show with special guest Bill Murray, and here's a clip of Murray's elaborate entrance onto the stage from tonight's episode, which he does as Liberace. 1 Comments... [Read More]
Letterman's First Guest, Bill Murray, Will Return for His Show's 20th Anniversary This Week
by Bradford Evans David Letterman's CBS series The Late Show turns 20 this week, and Bill Murray, the show's first ever guest, is returning for the milestone this Thursday. In addition to having been Letterman's first Late Show guest in August of 1993, Murray was also his inaugural guest on NBC's La... [Read More]
Tina Fey Plays Surveillance Footage of Her Office Being Burglarized on 'Letterman'
by Bradford Evans Here's a clip from Tina Fey's appearance on Letterman last night, in which she discusses how her production company's offices were recently burglarized (not robbed) and then plays surveillance footage of the incident. That blurred-out burglar is probably Jack McBrayer, right? 0 C... [Read More]