Billy Crystal Plans His First Tweet with Jon Stewart
On last night's Daily Show, Billy Crystal sat down with Jon Stewart to talk about Twitter and Funny or Die, two things that didn't even exist the last time Billy was a guest back in 1999. So, the next time he comes on the show, I'm gue... [Read More]
Comedy Central Is 20 Years Old Today!
On this day in 1991, The Comedy Channel and Ha! gave each other a naked grownup hug and gave birth to Comedy Central. And now Comedy Central is 20, which means he's a sophomore in college and thinks he knows everything just because he took a cou... [Read More]
Anthony Weiner, Rand Paul and Larry Wilmore Make with the Funny at the 2011 Congressional Correspondents' Dinner
From Indecision… Last night, the Radio and Television Correspondents Association held its annual Congressional Correspondents' Dinner, giving Washington insiders a peak into the inner lives of struggling desperate stand-up comedians. T... [Read More]
First Annual Comedy Awards Nominations Announced!
Comedy Central has just announced the nominees for the upcoming first annual Comedy Awards, and I'm sorry to report that you were not nominated. Unless you're Ricky Gervais, in which case, hi, Ricky Gervais! And congratulations, because yo... [Read More]
Jon Stewart Joining 9/11 Memorial Board
The Associated Press is reporting today that Jon Stewart is being named to the 9/11 Memorial Foundation Board this afternoon. This of course comes in the wake of Senator Kirsten Gillibrand and many others recognizing the instrumental role Jon and The... [Read More]
An Extended Interview with Former Colbert Report Head Writer Allison Silverman
In And Here's the Kicker, Mike Sacks talked to some of the biggest names in comedy writing, including Dick Cavett, David Sedaris and Robert Smigel. Here is the complete and uncut version of his interview with former Late Night with Conan O'Brien, The Daily Show and Colbert Report writer/producer Allison Silverman, with loads of new answers not found in the book. [Read More]
Jon Stewart's Extended Interview with Iranian Satirists Kambiz Hosseini & Saman Arbabi
Did you even know they had satire in Iran? I didn't! Although, to be perfectly honest, until pretty recently I thought Iran was just Iraq with a typo. I had no idea it was actually the other way around. Anyway, Iran does indeed have satire, and ... [Read More]
Sarah Palin Invited to Come on Jon Stewart
From Indecision… On last night's Daily Show, Jon Stewart attempted to coin some new words to describe the rhetorical offenses of Sarah Palin, from "Anchorage Steamer" to "Palin-drome" to "Caribou Ball-Swivel."... [Read More]
John Oliver on the Cover of Time Out New York
Obviously, all of the major US landmarks are pretty sexy. The Washington Monument looks like a giant dong, the Lincoln Memorial's pants have a working zipper and the St. Louis Arch looks exactly like a boob if you squint and hold a picture of a ... [Read More]