Tenacious D promises Festival Supreme 2 will ‘leave all other comedy and music festivals crying in the dust’
Jack Black and Kyle Gass, aka Tenacious D, have announced the return of Festival Supreme, the comedy, music and arts festival curated by the world’s most popular comedy rockers. “Yes, Festival Supreme was the comedy and music event of 2013,” Jack Black and Kyle Gass said in a state... [Read More]
Karen Kilgariff
There’s an outtake from Season 3 of HBO’s Mr. Show with Bob and David in which Karen Kilgariff, then a performer on the Nineties sketch series, mocks herself by furrowing her brow and shaking her first at someone off camera after flubbing a line. It’s throwaway by design, but it st... [Read More]
Tenacious D classic F*ck Her Gently gets covered from a female perspective (Video)
Just in time for Valentine’s Day, allow us to submit to you a new take on the Tenacious D classic “Fuck Her Gently,” which comes from comedians Jesenia and Jenni Ruiza, aka The Comedy Girls. In their version, the idea of the evolution of marriage is at the center of the narrative. ... [Read More]
Jack Black and Tim Robbins team up for HBO dark comedy series
The friendship between Jack Black and Tim Robbins goes back a long way— further back, even, than the JB and Kyle Gass partnership that blossomed into Tenacious D. One of Black’s first showbiz jobs was in 1989 when he worked on Robbins’ religious satire Carnage in Edinburgh. And now... [Read More]
Tenacious D opens SF Sketchfest with stories, laughs and rock
SAN FRANCISCO — As the 13th edition of SF Sketchfest is upon us, I’m reminded the mark of a truly great comedy festival is not simply amassing as many high-profile and up-and-coming comics as possible and throwing them up onstage throughout a city. It’s about offering the comedy fa... [Read More]
Inside Festival Supreme, Tenacious D's Comedy Mega-Event
by Phil Davidson If Tenacious D’s Festival Supreme was any indication, the days of the comedy tent playing second fiddle at music festivals might soon be over. Festival Supreme was pretty fucking awesome. More than 9,000 comedy fans took over the famous Santa Monica Pier Saturday for the first... [Read More]
Festival Supreme Comedy Week coming to a TV near you
Thanks to IFC, you are now have a free ticket to Festival Supreme Comedy Week, assuming you pay your cable bill. IFC is exclusively airing a week of programming around the Tenacious D-headlined festival on their channel from October 12th to the 18th. The show will include Portlandia, Comedy Bang! Ba... [Read More]
Jack Black and Kyle Gass Use 'Electric Company' Tactics to Promote Festival Supreme
by Bradford Evans Here's a promo for Festival Supreme, the massive musical comedy festival that Tenacious D's Jack Black and Kyle Gass are throwing in LA later this month, with performers like Zach Galifianakis, Bob Odenkirk and David Cross, Adam Sandler, The Mighty Boosh, and more. Hopefully, Tena... [Read More]