IFC: Cable's Comedy Goldmine | TV.com
IFC, the Independent Film Channel, has recently course-corrected its schedule to include syndicated television shows. And whoever is doing the programming over there is reading my mind, because all my favorites are either currently being re-aired or will be showing early next year. [Read More]
Comedian Matt Braunger snags Comedy Central pilot deal
Comedian Matt Braunger has inked a deal with Comedy Central to write and star in a half hour sitcom pilot. The show would star the rising comedian as “a nice guy who works a crappy day job as a closed-captioner and at night gets into crazy esca... [Read More]
Who Wants to Date a Comedian to premiere next fall
“Who Wants to Date a Comedian is the next generation of dating shows,” proclaims Byron Allen, he who founded, chairs, and is the CEO of Entertainment Studios. “We have access to the world’s funniest comedians, and this concept allows them to showcase their talent to the fullest. This new show is fresh, bold, entertaining, and hysterically funny.” [Read More]
Larry King is planning stand-up comedy tour
In a recent interview with New York Magazine, veteran interviewer Larry King made a surprising statement about his plans for after the end of his long running talk show. “I’m funny,” said King. “I’m going to do stand-up. That’s what I love.” Now, mos... [Read More]
Anne Hathaway, Jay Pharoah lead Saturday Night Live to a solid night of laughs
She awkwardly mumbles as the pseudo-“complex” Katie Holmes on the Miley Cyrus Show. She dons a Dorothy costume and Judy Garland’s voice to boot. She Brits-up as royalty-to-be Kate Middleton. She kicks up combat-booted heels as Alanis Morrissette. She... [Read More]
Comedy Central developing new Liquid Television-esque animated showcase | The A.V. Club
Comedy Central has picked up a new animated pilot from Robot Chicken and Moral Orel production company ShadowMachine: a showcase for animated shorts in a variety of formats (CGI, stop-motion, regular old hand-drawn) that is being envisioned as a launching pad for potential future full-length animation shows. (So it’s a bit like MTV’s Liquid Television, only more focused on comedy and with less Aeon Flux-type stuff.) [Read More]
Nick Thune and Seinfeld writer join forces for NBC project
It looks like rising comedian Nick Thune made a good impression with the suits at NBC after appearing as a recurring correspondent on The Jay Leno Show—not to be confused with the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Regardless, the sometimes guitar-wielding ... [Read More]
D.L. Hughley cast in comedy pilot for TNT
Judging by the wealth of new shows, it would seem that Ted Turner and company have been more than busy lately. TNT has reunited D.L. Hughley (formerly of Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip) and Steven Weber for a new pilot written by Allan Loeb. The untit... [Read More]
Russell Peters lands NBC sitcom deal
Stand-up comedy giant Russell Peters landed a deal to work on a half-hour sitcom for NBC. The show, according to Variety, will be loosely based on Peters’ life. The comedian, who grew up in Brampton, Canada with his parents who immigrated there from ... [Read More]
“Conan” premieres tonight; will we be pleased or disappointed?
Originally posted on Oct. 27. Tonight’s the night, folks. Conan premieres on TBS at 11 pm EST. In light of that, we wanted to re-post this piece. We’re rooting for you, Coco! TBS has poured its heart, soul and, most important, its promot... [Read More]