Using humor in Super Bowl commercials
Once a year companies open up their checkbooks and fork tons of mullah for a short commercial to air during the Super Bowl. This year, the costs ring in at roughly $4 million for a 30-second timeslot during the big game. It might seem like a crapload of cash and you’re correct, it is. The [...]Using... [Read More]
30 Reasons We’ll Miss “30 Rock”
For 7 years and 138 episodes Tina Fey, Alec Baldwin, Tracy Morgan, Jane Krakowski, Jack McBrayer and the rest of the 30 Rock entertained us. Tomorrow night the series will end its run and go quietly into the night. The idea for the show started off really different in Fey’s mind – she wa... [Read More]
HBO beefs up comedy selection with Duplass brothers series
Hot off their streak of awards with current series, Girls, HBO is adding another comedy series to its lineup, Togetherness, and Ricky Gervais isn’t in it! Well, not yet anyway. Known for spearheading the mumblecore movement, The Duplass brothers will direct, produce, and write Togetherness, a show a... [Read More]
Ben & Jerry’s will unveil a 30 Rock-inspired ice cream flavor
Word on the street is that legendary Ice Cream makers Ben & Jerry are developing an ice cream based on Tina Fey’s 30 Rock. The ice cream Wonkas announced this yesterday as an homage to the series finale. One thing they didn’t reaveal was the name of said ice cream. That information ... [Read More]
Would you attend a “Community” fan convention? CommuniCon to hit LA in February
This is something that could really take off with the diehard Community fans out there. Oh and we know they are legion. LA City College, the place where many of the exteriors shots for the show were taken, will play host to CommuniCon! A weekend gathering for fans of the TV show (which returns to [.... [Read More]
There’s a battle for the best Chappelle Show sketch ever
This is a topic I’ve spent many hours debating with friends. Just what exactly is the best Chappelle Show sketch of all time? It’s not an easy question to answer and I’ve seen tears shed and blood spilled over the topic. Whel, now our prayers have been answered by the folks at Gran... [Read More]
He’s Axe Cop, and he’s a total badass (video)
Animation Domination High-Definition, or ADHD is FOX’s attempt to sway the stoner eyeballs from watching late night cartoons on [adult swim] with blocks of animated 15 minute shows. It’s flagship show, Axe Cop is based on the popular web comic (created by a 5 year old kid) is set to prem... [Read More]
Seth MacFarlane live action sitcom gets ordered by FOX and other piloty news
I love pilot season, and for a few reasons… First, we get to talk about all the new comedy that could make it to the air this upcoming fall season. Secondly, we get to take guesses as to what will make it. Thirdly we can wonder out loud what the heck networks were thinking when [...]Seth MacFa... [Read More]
Moms, This One’s For You, NickMom showcases are this week in NYC
How does a night out with the ladies sound? Good? Thought so, now stick dad in front of the TV with the kids and round up the girls. Nick Mom is a new late night comedy block launched in mid 2012 that airs nightly on Nick At Night and is geared toward making mothers of [...]Moms, This One’s For You,... [Read More]
Jim Jefferies Goes ‘Legit’
There is so much great television on these days it’s difficult for someone who isn’t meth-addicted to make room for new material. Plus you have so many damn options. Miss a show when it aired originally, you have Hulu, Netflix, On Demand – the ... [Read More]