Henry Winkler to play Jean Ralphio’s father on ‘Parks And Recreation’
Henry Winkler will be joining the Saperstien clan on Parks And Recreation in the upcoming sixth season when he steps in as Jean Ralphio’s father. Winkler’s character will join the current duo of douchbags made up of Jean Ralphio (Ben Schwartz) and his sister Mona Lisa (Jenny Slate). Mona... [Read More]
Is ‘It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia’ ending after 10 seasons?
The ninth season of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia starts on September 4 on FX’s new comedy network. However, it looks like Paddy’s Pub won’t be open for much longer. In an interview with Rolling Stone, co-star/co-creator Glenn Howerton was quoted as saying that the show w... [Read More]
IFC orders a second season of ‘Maron’
It’s official, IFC has ordered 13 new half-hour episodes of Marc Maron’s critically acclaimed Maron to air in 2014. That’s up of the number of episodes from the first season, which only had ten episodes. “In many ways, Marc is a perfect representation of IFC and our approach ... [Read More]
Louis C.K. dropped by ‘The Daily Show’ to talk about his new movie and curses Rolling Stone magazine
Last night on The Daily Show Louis C.K. joined John Oliver to talk about his upcoming Woody Allen flick, Blue Jasmine. Louis discusses the seedy character that he portrays in the film. Oliver also asks Louis about Rolling Stone’s recent controversial cover and my goodness does Louis have a qui... [Read More]
FX orders another comedy pilot, ‘You’re the Worst’
Since expanding from just FX to now including FXX it seems the higher ups at FX can’t get enough new comedy pilots. We have reported countless new pilot orders from the network, however, the latest is You’re The Worst. The new pilot comes to you from Weeds executive producer Stephen Falk... [Read More]
‘Simpsons’ and ‘Family Guy’ to cross over in 2014
They’ve shared the same network, the same evening of programming, and more often than not, the same premises, so it was almost inevitable that there be a full-fledged crossover episode of Fox animated families The Simpsons and Family Guy. Now, according to TVLine, that’s going to happen ... [Read More]
Mark and Jay Duplass comedy ‘Togetherness’ picked up for series at HBO
Indie comedy/directing brothers Jay and Mark Duplass were working on a comedy for HBO since the beginning of the year and word on the street is that HBO has now picked the show up for series order. Way to go Duplass bros, you’re on a streak! The half-hour comedy, Togetherness will feature the ... [Read More]
New USA comedy pilot will star Greg Grunberg and Diane Farr
It’s that time of year when TV shows go from ideas to realities, with countless networks starting up new shows, the USA Network finally put its hat in the ring. Their all new comedy pilot Divide & Conquer will star Greg Grunberg and Diane Farr. The show is based around a family with four c... [Read More]
Joan Rivers faceing WGA charges; writers fire back
If you haven’t heard, the writers of Fashion Police are on strike, claiming they are owed over $1 million in unpaid wages and are continually denied fair compensation. Now, the Council of the Writers Guild of America East has voted to send charges filed against Joan Rivers to a trial boar... [Read More]
Comedy Central Goes Digital
Comedy Central is going digital. While the network has previously posted clips and episodes of their top programs such as The Daily Show and The Colbert Report on the web, their latest venture could be a game-changer in how comedy specials are produced and delivered to viewers. Following in t... [Read More]