Leno's move lays egg with ad buyers
Late-night king Jay Leno may be turning from a winner to an also-ran for NBC. Companies that buy broadcast television time at 10 p.m., when Leno's new show will air weekdays starting in September, won't spend as much on him as on his ABC and CBS competition, said Andy Donchin, director of TV ad buying at Carat USA in New York, which represents Pfizer Inc. and Papa John's International Inc. [Read More]
CBC slammed for allegedly 'racist' Obama comedy
The Canadian Broadcasting Corp. has been flooded with complaints about a year-end comedy show that made racial slurs about U.S. President-elect Barack Obama. [Read More]
MTV show has 'How's Your News?'
"South Park" creator Matt Stone's biggest concern in executive producing MTV's latest offering, "How's Your News?," is how his and partner Trey Parker's outlandish reputation might actually hurt the program's reception. "How's Your News?," premiering Feb. 8, features a team of reporters with disabilities who take a bus across the country, along the way interviewing people on the street (who sometimes turn out to be celebrities). [Read More]
"Make 'Em Laugh" on PBS, dvd this week
It is the exploration of the unexpected thematic connections across generations of comedians — from Bob Hope to Woody Allen; from Buster Keaton to Lucille Ball; from Phil Silvers to Paul Lynde to Redd Foxx — that provides the structure of "Make 'Em Laugh" and gives it an excuse to showcase some of the funniest American performers of the past century. The series is released on dvd Tuesday and premiers on PBS Wednesday. [Read More]
Flight of the Conchords - Time Out New York Interview
They came from New Zealand armed with songs about killer robots and racist dragons—and, improbably, they scored. Since June 2007, when their cultish musical-comedy show debuted on HBO, Jemaine Clement and Bret McKenzie, better known as Flight of the Conchords, have garnered a Grammy, two Emmy nominations and a No. 3 spot on the Billboard album chart (for their self-titled debut). Plus, this week's cover! In advance of the January 18 launch of the second season of their HBO series, we spoke to ... [Read More]
Coming off a highly heated political season and showing no signs of slowing momentum, NBC's "Saturday Night Live" returns in 2009 with three live shows in January. [Read More]
'Flight of the Conchords' online buzz takes off
In an encouraging sign for the upcoming second season of HBO's offbeat comedy "Flight of the Conchords," the premiere episode has raked in some 250,000 streams in its first 10 days on FunnyOrDie. [Read More]
Bidisha: Laughing in front of the telly
America may be peerless at the sharp-talking comedy, but British humour is sharp, bitter and knowingly askew. [Read More]
HBO loads up on laughs
HBO has picked up serveral new comedy shows for 2009, including one co-starring Zach Galifianakis. [Read More]
A Brief History of 'Glove,' an Uncredited 30 Rock Extra
This is the story of "Glove," a rubber glove that made four separate appearances on TV comedy fave 30 Rock. The mastermind (er, hand) inside "Glove" is R.C. Hall, a New York-based hip-hop artist, skateboard enthusiast and background gypsy who, in a meta-twist redolent of the show itself, portrayed a set painter for TGS With Tracy Jordan. To get to the bottom of "Glove," The Apiary dropped a few questions on Hall, to which kindly replied. His responses were edited for space and clarity. [Read More]