NYTVF / Comedy Central Comedy Script Contest
The New York Television Festival (NYTVF) and Comedy Central are seeking original comedic short pilots and accompanying shooting scripts from independent artists and production companies. The top submissions will be reviewed by the network and the winning producer will receive a $7,500 development deal with Comedy Central. [Read More]
Russell Brand and Julianne Hough set to star in Diablo Cody’s directing debut
Diablo Cody became an overnight sensation with her 2007 writing triumph Juno (Michael Cera, Ellen Page). She’s now been tapped to direct an as-of-yet-untitled film starring comedian Russell Brand and Julianne Hough, who’s mostly known for... [Read More]
Three new videos from Weird Al: “Polka Face,” “Party in the CIA” & “Canadian Idiot”
The hourlong "Weird" Al Yankovic special is coming around the corner when she comes, which is this Saturday, Oct. 1, on Comedy Central. “Weird Al” Yankovic Live! – The Alpocalypse Tour is his first TV special since 1999?!? So roll out the barrels of ... [Read More]
Jason Sudeikis on the mystique of all-nighter Tuesdays writing on SNL
Plenty of interesting moments out of last night's "Long Days Journey into Late-Night" panel at the 2011 New York Television Festival, but I wanted to single out just one for now. Moderator Jason Sudeikis went through a typical week's schedule for Sat... [Read More]
Marc Maron's Comedy Pilot Premieres at NYTVF
Listeners of "WTF" will recognize many of its themes and relationships in the TV presentation, which turns Maron's comedic voice into a narrative about comedy and life that involves fights with his girlfriend, a strained interaction with his father, and his duties hosting the podcast. "I thought it was a show about second chances," said co-writer Duncan Birmingham, who was already a fan of Maron's comedy before joining the project. He added, "All of a sudden I got to be a real hardcore Marc Maro... [Read More]
Watch a preview of the “60 Minutes” interview with Trey Parker and Matt Stone
Peeling back the curtain of an iconic comedy show is a fascinating, sometimes unnerving experience. Remember when you found out the voice of Bart Simpson came from a lady who bore no resemblance to the little brat? Yeah. Rough revelation. Fortunatel... [Read More]
Mike Judge on Beavis and Butt-Head's return to MTV
"Over the years I thought about different things, but it wasn't until this time last year that I really considered doing it," Judge said. "I had thought about doing a sequel to the movie [1996's 'Beavis and Butt-Head Do America'], but then it seemed like doing a bunch of episodes would be more fun and less pressure than doing an entire movie." [Read More]
Remembering 9/11 and comedy: What’s your story?
Living in New York City, it's difficult to get through a September 11 without thinking about what happened that day in 2001, and yet I hadn't planned on mentioning it here. Then I saw that two-hour documentary on CBS, 9/11: Ten Years Later, which saw... [Read More]
Did supposedly “racist” comedy segment need to be pulled from Fox-owned Fuel TV?
In another instance of political correctness in comedy being taken way too far, Fuel TV had to pull a sports segment due to offending the Asian American community. Comedian Bob Oschack went out as a “man on the street” to interview Asian ... [Read More]
From Twitter to TV: Enter Rob Delaney’s Twit Lounge on Fuel TV’s “The Daily Habit”
You kids with the satellite TV systems (or the Verizon FiOS plan) know all about Fuel TV and its late-night show, The Daily Habit. But do you know this: After experimenting with multiple comedians at a time reading their best and favorite Tweets back... [Read More]