Blood and sports violence, oh my! Watch the red band trailer for hockey comedy flick “Goon”
Have you ever wanted the scenes in the 1977 hockey comedy flick Slapshot, wherein the Hanson brothers physically beat their opponents into bloody pulps, to last forever? Well, the second best thing is coming your way early next year. Seann William Sc... [Read More]
Report: Dana Carvey in the running to replace Regis Philbin
We haven’t heard very much from Dana Carvey in recent years, but rumors are flying that the all-star Saturday Night Live alumnus could be re-entering the spotlight soon as the new host of Live with Regis and Kelly, according to the New York Post. Man... [Read More]
Charlie Day helps SNL deliver its best episode since the season premiere
A few week’s off-air seems to have done good for the crew at Saturday Night Live. Not since this season’s premiere with host Alec Baldwin has the show delivered such a competent episode. Last night’s effort found underdog Charlie Da... [Read More]
Jimmy Fallon gets Eddie Murphy to reminisce about SNL
Eddie Murphy completed his promotional rounds Friday night with an appearance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, which ended up being a mini-seminar on Murphy's SNL tenure, thanks to Fallon's SNL tenure. Hooray for tenures! Roll the clips. In the seco... [Read More]
Your Donald Glover as Childish Gambino update: Camp
Perhaps comedians of the 21st Century have it all wrong, playing by the old rules: Perform stand-up comedy, receive development deal, pitch sitcom based on life, repeat. Because Donald Glover has flipped the script completely. Before he has ever done... [Read More]
MTV goes back to its roots with animated comedy “Good Vibes” starring Josh Gad
MTV has always been an innovator, but now they’re going back to their roots. The network had Mike Judge bring back Beavis and Butt-head the hit animated show from the 90’s and had David Gordon Green create Good Vibes, a show that follows Beavis... [Read More]
Bill Cosby talks turkey, early desire to be a comedian on Letterman
Bill Cosby is enough of a living legend to receive first-guest status from David Letterman and also perform his stand-up before hitting the panel. During his stand-up, watch as it's interesting how Letterman's audience is more onboard with the idea o... [Read More]
Parks and Recreation: It’s the end of the world and Tom Haverford’s dream dies– but it’s super fun!
A guy sporting a white bowl haircut arrives at City Hall proselytizing the end of the world. Zorp is on the move, and Herb and his fellow cult members are planning an all-night vigil to witness the end of days. And they need a park permit. Ben and Le... [Read More]
“Community” goes gay– and it feels good!
We have a lot to discuss, you guys, starting with…gay students at Greendale! Yay! Turns out that Hawthorne Wipes are huge with the gays thanks to a hit dance tune by Urbana Champagne. (Was anyone else disappointed that Abed whispered the explanation ... [Read More]
Dave Attell visits The Tonight Show, jokes with Kristen Stewart and hawks “Old Porn”
Dave Attell has made the late-night TV rounds before, both as a host and as a stand-up comedian. But I cannot recall him ever doing panel with Jay Leno before, and certainly not with his ever-growing hairdo flowing out from underneath his ball cap --... [Read More]