FX’s “Louie” and the Case of TV’s Fake NYC Subway, solved? Randall’s Island Fire Academy Subway Simulator
Ever watch a sitcom that's set in New York City and obviously filmed in the city, that takes you out of the element once they move to a subway platform or train that's equally obviously not part of NYC's MTA system? Sure. Plenty of times. Turns out that fake NYC subway you see in some TV shows and m... [Read More]
NBC Buys a Workplace Comedy Starring Rob Lowe
by Bradford Evans Rob Lowe is leaving Parks and Rec at midseason, but he may not be leaving NBC primetime. The network just bought a new workplace comedy called The Pro, starring Lowe, Deadline reports. NBC has given a production commitment to the project, but time will tell whether they decide to m... [Read More]
Guillermo Del Toro's Halloween 'Simpsons' Credits Are Amazing
by Bradford Evans Here are the opening credits to The Simpsons's 24th "Treehouse of Horror" episode, expertly directed by Guillermo Del Toro. The episode airs this Sunday and will feature these same credits, filled with classic horror characters and even Hypnotoad from Futurama. 0 Comments... [Read More]
'Super Fun Night' Is the Second Most-Watched New Comedy This Season
by Elise Czajkowski Rebel Wilson's new sitcom, Super Fun Night, premiered on ABC last night and pulled in 8.2 million viewers. That gives it the second highest premiere ratings for a comedy this season, following Robin Williams's new show, The Crazy Ones over at CBS. Super Fun Night h... [Read More]
NBC Seeks a Return to Its 'Must See TV' Heyday with 'Sean Saves the World'
by Bradford Evans Sean Saves the World, the last of NBC's trio of new fall comedies, debuts tonight at 9:30. Starring Sean Hayes in his first sitcom role since Will & Grace went off the air in 2006, the show is NBC's lone multi-camera/studio audience sitcom and it's part of NBC's shift towards m... [Read More]
Casey Wilson and June Diane Raphael Sell Another Show, This One to NBC
by Bradford Evans Writing partners Casey Wilson and June Diane Raphael are getting really busy. After selling a show called DINKS to ABC in August, the duo just sold a script called The Mason Twins to NBC, THR reports. Mason Twins is a comedy centered on a pair of 30something fraternal twins wh... [Read More]
Talking to Derrick Beckles About His New Adult Swim Show, 'Hot Package'
by Bradford Evans Adult Swim already has a fake medical drama, a fake public access show, a fake crime procedural, a fake newsmagazine show, a fake self-help infomercial, and a fake talk show, but tonight, they're adding a new series called Hot Package, a fake entertainment news show in the vei... [Read More]
Talking to Eric Andre About Season 2 of 'The Eric Andre Show'
by Bradford Evans Adult Swim has a lot of strange shows, but none more unpredictable and anarchic than The Eric Andre Show. Created and hosted by comedian Eric Andre, it's a big, fun mess of a talk show that involves Andre and co-host Hannibal Buress tormenting their guests and bringing out weird st... [Read More]
Finally: ‘Mulaney’ Gets Picked Up
Apparently God exists, and He works at Fox. After NBC made another one of their well-thought-out and sound decisions to pass up John Mulaney’s sitcom, “Mulaney,” Fox has decided to seize [...]Author informationErika HarwoodErika Harwood is a writer and wannabe New Yorker curre... [Read More]
FOX orders John Mulaney’s “Mulaney” sitcom to series in 2014
Congratulations to stand-up comedian John Mulaney, whose NBC pilot this year found a new life and a new home on FOX, as the latter network made a deal ordering Mulaney to series on Wednesday. It's a semi-autobiographical multi-camera comedy, with at least six episodes to start, following Mulaney's l... [Read More]