Watch an extended ’30 Rock’ preview, plus how will Kim Jong Il’s death affect the storyline?
Well, my dears, we have been given a 30 Rock sneak peek from the heavens above. (You know it’s returning to NBC on Jan. 12 at 8 pm ET, right?) And oh! What a peek it is. First, we find out that Liz has a super-hot boyfriend (played by James Mar... [Read More]
Comedian Ben Bailey debuts tonight as host of NBC game show ‘Who’s Still Standing’
The new trivia game show, Who’s Still Standing premieres tonight at 8 pm ET on NBC. Hosted by veteran stand-up comedian and Emmy award winning host of Cash Cab Ben Bailey, the show is based on the Israeli program Still Standing. Like many other trivi... [Read More]
Watch Will Ferrell in a teaser for his Spanish comedy flick ‘Casa de mi Padre’
Will Ferrell’s comedic range never ceases to amaze me: he’s at once 100 percent convincing as the most naïve, cheerful kid on the planet (i.e. Elf, which will be on cable TV daily until 2012 rolls around, probably) and as a supreme womanizing doucheb... [Read More]
Watch the new trailer for Tim & Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie
Though we’ll have to wait until March 2 to absorb Tim & Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie in a proper theater setting (available Jan. 27 On Demand), we’ve been getting tiny, delicious gifts from the team promoting the flick. And today... [Read More]
On Ferguson, Nick Griffin talks drinking problems, vampire sounds and love
Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson has the unusual habit of recording its stand-up comedian performances and holding them, sometimes for months, before airing them. Ferguson's free-wheeling nature makes it more difficult to predict how much free time... [Read More]
David Cross still cautious about Arrested Development return, despite official announcement
It’s no secret that fans of Arrested Development have followed every piece of chatter about the show returning since its cancellation nearly six years ago. With cult-like fervor, audiences have been hopeful that rumors would become reality and ... [Read More]
FX orders late-night unscripted series for Russell Brand
Well, blimey mate! Check out this cheeky monkey who earned himself a six-episode order for a late-night series of specials. On cable. It's Russell Brand, who received the series order from FX on Thursday. Details: Brand will star in six half-hour epi... [Read More]
Golden Globe nominations reveal absurd choices in comedy
Normally, when it comes to comedy during awards season, a big issue of contention is the categories that comedy is thrown into. Within the Golden Globes nominations announced earlier this morning, many comedy noms come from the musical and/or comedy ... [Read More]
Russell Brand will host his own unscripted, late night talk show
UPDATE: Russell Brand has also signed a deal to develop an animated series for Fox, based loosely on his life in his 20s, according to Deadline. As you may know, Brand was a sex and drug addict in his early days. That would make for a pretty raunchy... [Read More]
The SAG and Golden Globes nominees for comedy: Who got it righter?
Oh, the Golden Globes. The Pia Zadora of awards shows. How you make up such silly ideas in your heads about who delivered award-worthy work in TV and film, always determined most importantly by whom the Hollywood Foreign Press Association would like ... [Read More]