It's Over! DirecTV & Viacom Reach Carriage Agreement, Comedy Central & Viacom Nets Restored
DirecTV’s 20M customers have Comedy Central – and 16 other Viacom channels – again. The companies said this morning that they’ve resolved their 10-day contract dispute, which took more channels from more consumers than any other fight so far between a pay TV distributor and programmer. [Read More]
Watch Andrés du Bouchet in the New Reality TV Hit: Urinal Cake Boss
The dog days of summer are upon us. Record high temperatures are sending everyone to find some precious air-conditioned relief–but where? Since all those Dark Knight screenings sold out months ago, it’s always good to find comfort in summ... [Read More]
TODAY show picks “best” stand-up comedian
NBC's TODAY show today picked the best stand-up comedian. I'll give you three guesses. No, it wasn't you. No, it wasn't the show that picked, but the wine-drinking duo of Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb. And not, they weren't really out to find the ... [Read More]
Assessing the Emmy nominees in comedies for 2012
Emmy nominations came out, per usual, in the wee hours of the morning so the big three broadcast TV morning shows could cover it live -- followed by frantic press releases and phone calls to and from the happy honorees, their publicists, and the rest... [Read More]
Viacom Bring Back Streaming Comedy Central Shows
Viacom said in a blog post, “Despite reports last week that we had pulled all our full episode content from the web, we still have literally thousands of full episodes available online for free, and we brought The Daily Show and Colbert back online to coincide with their return with new episodes,” The post continued, “We hope this is helpful to our fans with DIRECTV who have yet to switch to a cable/satellite provider that carries Comedy Central, Nickelodeon, MTV, BET and all our 26 networks.... [Read More]
Louis C.K.’s take on Daniel Tosh’s heckler incident, and what it all means
When Louis CK wrote a Tweet last week expressing his joy over Comedy Central's Tosh.0, he had no idea about the Internet commotion going on right then about a comment Daniel Tosh had directed to a female heckler in the audience at The Laugh Factory. ... [Read More]
Gallagher tells David Letterman about his heart problems, tries to sell him on slot machine idea
David Letterman long has held a soft spot for comedians of his own generation, particularly if he was part of their circle in the Los Angeles comedy scene of the 1970s. After hearing about Gallagher's recent health and financial problems, Letterman i... [Read More]
'Daily Show,' 'Colbert Report' Cease Streaming Online Due To Viacom vs. DirecTV Battle
The battle between DirecTV and Viacom has just claimed a big causality: Online streaming episodes of "The Daily Show" and "The Colbert Report." Viacom and DirecTV have been publicly battling over DirecTV's reluctance to pay the fees Viacom demands to carry their 26 channels. On Tuesday evening, the satellite provider dropped all 26 Viacom channels, including Comedy Central, Nickelodeon and MTV, from their lineup. [Read More]
“Bunk” Yourself and win $300 in improv classes
It's one thing to talk about a TV show on Twitter while it's on. It's another thing -- or about $300 in other things -- to win money to take improv comedy classes because you said something meaningful on Twitter about that TV show. That's what IFC's ... [Read More]
Nightline profile “Ricky Gervais: King of Unkind Comedy”
In case you missed it last night, ABC's Nightline profiled Ricky Gervais, calling him the "king of unkind comedy" and introducing the segment by describing him as "hilariously offensive and offensively hilarious." The profile and interview rehashes t... [Read More]