TBS pokes fun at Emmys in Conan O'Brien ads
The newly TBS-supported Conan O’Brien isn’t holding anything back. The deposed comedy lord and his new cable comrades are going right for the jugular, telling the world they want Emmys before they’ve even gone on the air. [Read More]
TBS Specials to be Taped at Just For Laughs Festival
Three specials — Ellen’s Somewhat Special Special, Cedric The Entertainer’s Urban Circus and Team Coco presents Conan’s Writers Live hosted by Andy Richter .. [Read More]
TBS’ Just For Laughs festival launches mobile app
TBS’ Just For Laughs Chicago Festival has just hatched a tech-savvy new method of keeping fans abreast of the latest fest developments. This year’s festival program will be available in the form o... [Read More]
Conan O'Brien's Writers Take Spotlight For Just For Laughs TBS Special | Comedy Central Insider
Having performed their own sold-out show in LA, Conan O'Brien's writers are taking their act, sans Coco, to Chicago's Just for Laughs Festival. While cool, that isn't really the big news. The big news is that the revolution will be televised… [Read More]
Conan O’Brien writers descend on Chicago’s Just For Laughs to film TBS special
Andy Richter, Reggie Watts, and some of Conan O’Brian’s writers will be performing a live show entitled Team Coco Presents Conan’s Writers Live (a working title) in Chicago on June 17 as part of... [Read More]
Conan O’Brien - 'I don’t know if I’ll get to do this again’ | Kansas City Star
"The biggest question will be: beard or no beard? When people ask what the TBS show will be like, I tell them I’ve gotta get there. We took some time out to research and find where we’re going to do it, but then I’ve gotta get into that space, get our people together, let it congeal. The biggest thing is, I’m always trying to do new things." [Read More]
Big Red in a small pond - Why Conan O'Brien will be a superstar at TBS | Kansas City Star
as the “60 Minutes” piece and its extraordinary, nonsports-aided Nielsen rating proved, interest in O’Brien is running higher than it ever has. And it will continue to be strong, for three reasons.. [Read More]
Conan O'Brien's live tour begins in Oregon. Now that he's joining TBS, will his tour end in Chicago? | the comic's comic
Team Coco's "Legally Prohibited From Being Funny on Television Tour" ends in Atlanta (home of TBS) on June 14. If you like that coincidence, how about this even bigger one... The TBS Just For Laughs Chicago festival begins the very next day, running June 15-19. [Read More]
Conan O'Brien Coming Back to TV on TBS | ABC News
Late-night mainstay Conan O'Brien is headed to TBS to resume his comedic duties with a talk show expected to debut in November, the network says. The program will air Mondays through Thursdays at 11 p.m. Eastern, shifting TBS' "Lopez Tonight," starring George Lopez, to midnight. [Read More]