Sean O’Connor Learned Everything in Life at Magic Camp
Comedian Sean O’Connor is a source of wisdom. He knows the benefits of quitting karate, the best recreational uses of Adderall, the keys to a solid screenplay, and more. Sean performed on Conan last night, sharing these bits of wisdom along wit... [Read More]
Comedian Jamie Lee Loves Her Sketcher Shape-Ups & Jewish-Texan Heritage
Jamie Lee is awfully proud of her roots–both Texan and Jewish. With a little help from her Sketcher Shape-Ups, they’ve helped mold (dare we say “shape”?) the funny person she is today. Jamie stopped by Conan last night to do a... [Read More]
Roy Wood Jr. Admires Cavemen and Gets Kicked Out of the Zoo
Roy Wood Jr. is a reasonable guy. He just wants to get his money’s worth at the zoo and see the pandas in their “natural” habitat. Roy also thinks cavemen were the original gangsters and makes a darn good argument for it. Check out ... [Read More]
Watch Andrés du Bouchet in the New Reality TV Hit: Urinal Cake Boss
The dog days of summer are upon us. Record high temperatures are sending everyone to find some precious air-conditioned relief–but where? Since all those Dark Knight screenings sold out months ago, it’s always good to find comfort in summ... [Read More]
Conan O’Brien Discusses Career In Comedy
On Monday Conan O’Brien appeared on Piers Morgan Tonight to discuss his career in comedy.He started in college as a writer for The Harvard Lampoon Humor magazine. After graduation he moved to Los Angeles where he worked as a writer for various ... [Read More]
Rory Scovel performed on Conan last night and man, did he have some strong opinions to share. He thinks the Occupy movement needs to shift their focus and bring attention to powerful corporations, including the company that makes Lunchables. Rory als... [Read More]
"Conan" to Give Away Limited-Edition T-Shirts for "Conan Chicago Week," During TBS "Just for Laughs" Comedy Festival
Special Vending Machines Throughout Chicago, Plus Online Virtual Machine, To Dispense Shirts to Fans with Secret Codes Revealed June 11-14 during Conan. [Read More]
Two Years Removed from the 'Tonight Show' Conan is Better Than Ever
The Hollywood Reporter did a cover story on Conan O'Brien for their next issue and it appears that he's doing great. Conan's departure from the Tonight Show was one of the most talked about show business conflicts ever and it took a major toll on Conan; however, now two years later, Conan has found ... [Read More]
TBS Purchases a Chunk of Funny or Die
TBS now owns 10% of Funny or Die or as Adam McKay put it: "We're thrilled by our acquisition of Turner." The relationship will largely be about ad sales but also FoD will begin working with TBS and Adult Swim to create original programming. Remember when FoD was just that site you watched to see tha... [Read More]