Steve Martin funds banned high school play
After a La Grande, Oregon high school was forced to scuttle its planned production of Steve Martin's 1993 play Picasso At The Lapin Agile, Martin himself has stepped in and offered to help pay for an off-campus production. [Read More]
How Steve Martin found a gift for writing - and banjos
He made his name as America's first rock star comedian and starred in numerous Hollywood hits before switching to writing and becoming an acclaimed author. Now Steve Martin has recorded a bestselling album of banjo music. [Read More]
Steve Martin laughs off criticism of 'Pink Panther 2'
U.S. actor Steve Martin dismissed negative reviews of the latest installment of the Pink Panther movie franchise, saying comedies always had to overcome critical snobbery and that the genre was "not a critics' medium." [Read More]
Steve Martin - Teen Ink (!?) Interview (I know.. but read it anyway)
"I think probably the most difficult challenge was just the climb and rise in show business because I went through my entire twenties with some success as a comedy writer but not much as a performer. And you have to be kind of informed and naive at the same time. You have to be naive about how badly you are doing because if you were smart about it, you would quit. So the most difficult thing was to have perseverance." [Read More]
What happened? Steve Martin isn't funny
Steve Martin's got a banjo album coming out, his first all-music recording. This isn't a joke. Anyone old enough to remember Martin's stand-up days, anyone who bought his "Let's Get Small" comedy record, knows that he's pretty accomplished on that instrument. Dolly Parton is on the new album. Now, I don't buy lots of banjo-based recordings. But if forced to choose between music featuring Steve Martin and any recent movie starring the man, I'll bet on the banjo. Because, really, have you seen an... [Read More]
Steve Martin to release bluegrass album
It ends up Steve Martin lost the arrow but hung on to the banjo. On Jan. 27, the actor/writer/comedian will release an album of bluegrass music. [Read More]