Stephen Colbert Officially Announces the Art Stephen Up Challenge
For about a day and a half now, you've been toiling away, photoshopping Stephen Colbert's portrait purely for the love of art and without knowing whether you would get something out of it. I don't know about you, but that sounds a lot ... [Read More]
Stephen Colbert proves you can have fun with Steve Martin just talking about art (video)
On last night's edition of The Colbert Report, Stephen Colbert had comic legend Steve Martin on as his guest, and Colbert made darned sure he wasn't going to have to offer a refund to his viewers afterward. Watching his show is free with a cable/internet subscription. But that aside, Colbert poked fun at the 92Y situation at the top of the program. [Read More]
Steve Martin jokes about refunds on Twitter, writes NYT op-ed suggesting 92Y audience missed out
In the wake of last week's misunderstanding at the 92Y here in New York City, Steve Martin has offered several "refund jokes" to his followers on Twitter, and in Sunday's edition of the New York Times, Martin wrote an op-ed.. [Read More]
When a comedy chat goes wrong: Who's to blame? Examining the 92Y's "conversation" with Steve Martin | The Comic's Comic
"They had a comedy idol in front of them, and they were disappointed. I don't blame Steve Martin for this. I don't blame the 92Y for this. I blame Deborah Solomon for this." [Read More]
A Steve Martin Event That Disappointed the 92nd Street Y | NY Times
In the history of intellectual chatter, the events of Nov. 29, 2010, at the 92nd Street Y will be archived under disaster. Or comedy. That night, a conversation between Steve Martin, the writer and actor, and Deborah Solomon, who writes a weekly interview column for The New York Times Magazine, resulted in the Y’s sending out a next-day apology, along with a promise of a refund. Perhaps the audience saw that message coming. Midway through the conversation, a Y representative handed Ms. Solomon a... [Read More]
More than Just a Gala: Steve Martin's Just For Laughs Montreal debut, with a surprise guest
n In its 28th year, the Just For Laughs comedy festival in Montreal has featured just about every big name in comedy. But Steve Martin, having "quit" stand-up comedy before JFL's debut... [Read More]
Best Night Ever Show? Steve Martin to host two shows at Just For Laughs Montreal
When is a gala more than a Gala? How about when it's Steve Martin making his Just For Laughs Montreal debut? That's happening this July, as the festival has tapped Martin to host what it... [Read More]
A Personal Letter From Steve Martin | Letters of Note
Until very recently I'd heard numerous tales of Steve Martin's humorous responses to fan mail, but frustratingly had never seen such a letter; thankfully that situation was remedied the other week when I chanced upon the following note, apparently sent by Martin in the early-80s, post-Jerk (ahem), when he was at the top of his game. Written on his production company's letterhead to a fan named Jerry, this personalised form letter - in particular the post-script - is further confirmation that alm... [Read More]
Tina Fey - Unofficial Oscar Writer? | iVillage
if you were Alec Baldwin, and you were rehearsing your jokes for the Oscars on Sunday, and your super-smart costar Tina Fey was just one dressing room away... what would you do? Naturally, you'd ask the 30 Rock creator to vet your act. And according to Fey, that's exactly what Baldwin did. [Read More]
Steve Martin's banjo debut on Grand Ole Opry
Comedian Steve Martin next month will make his debut on a new type of stage for the well-known television and movie star, plucking his banjo at country music's Grand Ole Opry. [Read More]