The ¡Three Amigos!, Together Again
To commemorate the 25th anniversary of the comedy western ¡Three Amigos! (or just because they could and it was a great idea), Empire brought together Chevy Chase, Steve Martin, Martin Short and their director John Landis for a reunion interview, and apply a liberal coating of lip balm. [Read More]
Steve Martin, Martin Short, Seth Meyers and more added to 2011 Chicago TBS Just For Laughs fest
The 2011 TBS Just For Laughs Chicago comedy festival has added some more names, and big names, too, as Martin Short will return to the festival this June, but with Steve Martin! Other additions include Seth Meyers, Ron White, Rodney Carrington.. [Read More]
Tina Fey and Steve Martin, mano a mano in Los Angeles!
"Not many people know this, but my parents were brutally murdered by Earl Scruggs," Tina deadpanned when Grammy-winner Martin inquired as to her lack of banjo skills. The pair discussed Fey's hysterical pregnancy ("Do the breasts go down?" Steve inquired. "I hope not," Tina replied), working with liberal mascot Alec Baldwin and Fey's experience with sexism at Second City. "I have a question about your gender..." Martin asked. "I did finally settle on one," Fey confirmed. [Read More]
Steve Martin explains the Twitter genius of @SteveMartinToGo to David Letterman
Steve Martin appeared on Late Show with David Letterman last night, and while he had an enjoyable story to share about having Sir Paul McCartney sing on one of his new bluegrass songs, Letterman also wanted to know what Martin gets out of using Twitt... [Read More]
Required Reading: Great Books by Stand-Up Comedians
..every once in a while, a comedian takes the opportunity to write a real book, to use the form as its own specific kind of writing, and produces something unique and memorable. Here’s a quick jaunt through some of our favorites: [Read More]
Stephen Colbert auctioning off painting of himself for
Need some fine art to grace your living room? Or, alternatively, a painting featuring the piercing gaze of America’s greatest American? Stephen Colbert is auctioning off one of his infamous portraits through Phillips de Pury and Company. And Portrait... [Read More]
Time capsule: Before "Late Night," see David Letterman in the morning with Steve Martin in 1980
Last night's Late Show with David Letterman included some remarkable TV, and not just because it felt like it could have been 1994 again -- what with Howard Stern bashing Jay Leno over three segments, and a musical medley from Naughty By Nature ... [Read More]
Stephen Colbert Officially Announces the Art Stephen Up Challenge
For about a day and a half now, you've been toiling away, photoshopping Stephen Colbert's portrait purely for the love of art and without knowing whether you would get something out of it. I don't know about you, but that sounds a lot ... [Read More]
Stephen Colbert proves you can have fun with Steve Martin just talking about art (video)
On last night's edition of The Colbert Report, Stephen Colbert had comic legend Steve Martin on as his guest, and Colbert made darned sure he wasn't going to have to offer a refund to his viewers afterward. Watching his show is free with a cable/internet subscription. But that aside, Colbert poked fun at the 92Y situation at the top of the program. [Read More]
Steve Martin jokes about refunds on Twitter, writes NYT op-ed suggesting 92Y audience missed out
In the wake of last week's misunderstanding at the 92Y here in New York City, Steve Martin has offered several "refund jokes" to his followers on Twitter, and in Sunday's edition of the New York Times, Martin wrote an op-ed.. [Read More]