Getting Sketchy at Saturday Night Live’s Once-Fabled Bash
The Observer's Nate Freeman got an unnamed SNL writer to bring him to the writer's room during the show, to the after party and then to the after-after party, which he recounts in full detail, with lots of boldfaced names. [Read More]
Laugh Factory will open Chicago venue this summer
In February, we reported that the Los Angeles-based comedy club, Laugh Factory would open a new location in Chicago, taking over the now abandoned space that once was the Lakeshore Theater. Today, we hear the new space will be ready for business in the summer. [Read More]
Behind the Scenes of Ugly Americans Season 2
There's a new season of Ugly Americans premiering June 30. Of course, I don't expect you to believe me after I convinced you hoverboards were finally coming out last week (you should have seen your face!), so I've got some photographic... [Read More]
This Month at Comedy Central Stage: Paul Provenza, Greg Proops and More!
With all the snowpocalypses and snowmageddons we've been getting this year, the idea of never leaving the house again is becoming more and more enticing. Even after I run out of food, I bet I could feast off my couch for years. Or maybe I shoul... [Read More]
Comedy Central Presents Season 15 Preview: Part III
Sometimes life can be unfair (see: death, sadness and Jersey Shore). And sometimes life can be so fair that you can't believe the quality is staying at such a high level (see: Mad Men, ice cream and season 15 of Comedy Central Presents). I was ... [Read More]
Second City troupe hits the streets to find out what makes Baltimore funny | Baltimore Sun
After spending half of a week trying to grasp the essence of Baltimore, T.J. Shanoff and Megan Grano, two writers for the Second City comedy troupe, were decidedly dazed. They were there at the behest of Center Stage, which has commissioned Second City to write a two-act, 90-minute show of topical humor. [Read More]
Countdown to Futurama: Time Travel
To quote Europe's legendary rock anthem, "it's the final Countdown to Futurama blog post" (that lyric never really made sense until now.)  The sixth season premieres tomorrow nigh... [Read More]
Countdown to Futurama: Civil War Bender
nDuring the Civil War, if you were a Union soldier, your diet often consisted solely of water and hard tack. Hard tack was bread made from flour, water, and if you were lucky, salt, and you would alw... [Read More]
Comedians navigate the Bay Area comedy scene in "Welcome to the Stage" | The Comic's Comic
If you're nowhere near the San Francisco Bay Area, then this video may not make any sense to you, unless, of course, you're an aspiring stand-up comedian, in which case, you'll recognize some of the crazy things that you have to deal with in the shows you get initially to showcase your humor. Let's hear it for homeless drunks. Then again, let's don't. This is Pamela Ames and friends in the first installment of "Welcome to the Stage." Enjoy! [Read More]