Center Stage: Bread Foster
His style is raunchy, brutal, and quite frankly a little weird. However, it is this style that has allowed him to stand out from the rest. Bread Foster has a very scattered past that he often draws from, a past that includes him being homeless, beaten, and even molested. When asked about it bread si... [Read More]
STAGE 72′s ‘Celebrity Autobiography’
Not long before the holidays, I was treated to one of the funniest and most clever shows I had been to in ages. “Celebrity Autobiography” is the brain child of comedy writer and performer Eugene Pack. The tagline, “We couldn’t... [Read More]
Center Stage: Andrew Lisa
Andrew Lisa has an epic beard. Why do we mention this? Well it’s just something else that makes him more manly than us. Lisa walks a button-pushing, cringe humor line. Is it safe for everyone? Probably not. Is it funny? Absolutely. Lisa grew up in suburban New Jersey and attended college at Hofstra ... [Read More]
VIDEO: Comedy Heckler Brings Cocaine with Him on Stage
Well, I don’t think this has ever happened before. At the Hell Yes Comedy Fest in New Orleans on Saturday, comedian Jake Weisman was performing a set when he started being heckled by an attendee. At about the four minute mark in the video below... [Read More]
The Triad Transforms: STAGE 72 and the NYC Comedy Festival
Tomorrow night the Triad Theater in New York City will celebrate its revamping as STAGE 72. The transformation comes during the historic New York City Comedy Festival, which features as many A-list comedians as any other festival in the country.For m... [Read More]
Center Stage: Ray Harrington
Ray Harrington is a fan of marketing and burritos. I know this because we once sat down and ate burritos and talked marketing before he did a set in NYC. The New England native is also a pretty hilarious stand-up comedian an I’m sure he’d much rather you know this characteristic over the... [Read More]
Center Stage: James Adomian
Last summer Janeane Garofalo shot a “What the fuck?” face my way as we walked past each other on Second Avenue in Manhattan’s East Village. It wasn’t anything I was doing. The brilliant comedian James Adomian was shouting into my microphone with an intensity and hilarity reminiscent of a young Robin... [Read More]
Richard Kind on the Set of Nick Kroll's Show
What do Maria Bamford, Tim Heidecker and Richard Kind have in common? If you guessed they'd all be a terrible choice to star in a Jeremy Lin biopic, you're close, but the answer we were looking for is they're all appearing on Nick Krol... [Read More]
Maria Bamford on the Set of Nick Kroll's New Show
Nick Kroll's upcoming Comedy Central sketch show may not yet have an official name, but it does have something even better: Maria Bamford! Here's a behind-the-scenes snapshot from the set of the show featuring Nick and The Bammer. After th... [Read More]
Comedians advice for new stand-up comedians: From the Laugh Factory
A lot of aspiring comedians ask me for advice on getting into the business, and I remember from my own experiences in Seattle, those early days and nights when I would hope for a chance to corner each weekend's headliners at the Comedy Underground an... [Read More]