Adam Sandler Just Debuted “Chanukah Song, Part 4”
Sure, Thanksgiving is tomorrow, but that doesn’t mean it’s too early to look forward to the imminent festival of lights. Last week in San Diego, Adam Sandler and some of his comedian pals put on a show. As part of that, Sandler played a new version of his classic “Chanukah Song&rdq... [Read More]
The Blue Jean Committee’s ‘Catalina Breeze’ EP Is Out Next Week
Fred Armisen kept all of his fake bands from SNL alive last year by releasing a handful of 7″ singles, but now he’s celebrating arguably the best one — The Blue Jean Committee — with a full EP. Entertainment Weekly reports that Drag City is releasing the EP next Friday f... [Read More]
Stephen Colbert and Jack Black Present the Newest Political Anthem “My Kind of America”
Over the years there’s been a lot of drama surrounding presidential hopefuls who use popular songs as their political anthems, only for the artists of said songs to come after said politicians for misusing their work for political ideas they don’t support. To that end, Stephen Colbert re... [Read More]
Kristen Wiig’s “Booze and Pills” Song from ‘The Spoils Before Dying’ Is an Absolute Delight
The Spoils Before Dying kicked off its six-episode run on IFC last night, and while it might not be the biggest surprise in the world, it turns out that Kristen Wiig’s talents even extend to delivering perfectly executed jazz ditties, like the above song “Booze and Pills.” Here&rsq... [Read More]
Danny Elfman Calls the ‘Simpsons’ Theme “the Easiest Thing I’ve Ever Done”
Did you know that the melody of the Simpsons theme song was conceived by composer Danny Elfman while he was driving home from a meeting with Matt Groening? Elfman reveals the story behind the iconic song and some of his other popular musical work in a new interview with Vulture, where he calls the S... [Read More]
Drennon Davis & Karen Kilgariff perform “The High Song” on Conan
If you've never gotten high on marijuana before, then perhaps don't. But if you ever plan on doing so, then cue up "The High Song" by comedians Drennon Davis and Karen Kilgariff, and then decide. Here they are, performing that song off of their new EP, on Thursday night's episode of Conan. Roll the ... [Read More]
Jessica Delfino’s NY Funny Songs Fest kicks off tonight and The Unicorn is open for business
NY Funny Songs Fest is a fast growing indie festival created by the comedy musicians of NYC for the comedy musicians of the world. It starts tonight and runs through May 30. Their mission is to seek out fun, funny people who pair comedy with music, seek out an audience of fun, funny people who [&hel... [Read More]
Adam Sandler’s musical tribute to David Letterman
Take a few minutes today to appreciate not only David Letterman, but also Adam Sandler. But aside whatever you might think of Sandler's current movie in production, and remember his overall contributions to comedy, as he steps back and writes and performs a song to celebrate Letterman's overall cont... [Read More]
Stephen Hawking covers Monty Python’s Galaxy Song
A grand meeting of the minds have come together in Stephen Hawking and legendary comedy troupe Monty Python. Who better to cover the “Galaxy Song” from the Python’s than Hawking himself. Stephen Hawking covers Monty Python’s Galaxy Song appeared first on The Laugh Button.... [Read More]
SXSW 2015: Will Forte sings his “Gold Man” theme from The Groundlings that helped him land SNL
During Monday's SXSW panel on "Creating the Shows That We Like," Will Forte -- co-creator and showrunner on the new FOX series he stars in, The Last Man on Earth -- recounted an old, very NSFW bit he used to run with while a member of Los Angeles sketch group, The Groundlings. Forte called it his "G... [Read More]