First Look at Nick Swardson's Pretend Time
I don't have to tell you that mobility-impaired cats are all the rage these days. There's that cat on crutches who's been opening for Justin Bieber. And who could forget the peg-legged ... [Read More]
Tig Notaro Brings Us the Steamiest Lesbian Softball Conversations
Oh, gays, what would we do without you? You've contributed so much to our society; female boxing, mixed drinks, hair gel, San Francisco, dancing, contact lenses, If These Walls Could Talk 2. Gay ... [Read More]
Chicago Sketch Comedy Festival 2010, weekend one recap | True/Slant
Sketchy people, those Chicago sketch comedians. But for the most part, they sure know how to put on a good time. Watching seven troupes for nearly six hours, I never yawned, but I often chuckled, and on two occasions, literally laughed until I sobbed. [Read More]
SketchFest's creativity puts 'SNL' to shame | chicago tribune
Opening weekend at the Chicago Sketch Comedy Festival saw a man choke (fake), a drunken woman hurl her dinner (real) and an unsuspecting audience member get plowed in the face with a cream pie (real, but fake -- he was planted in the audience). [Read More]
Chicago Sketch Comedy Festival Returns for 9th Year | Chicago Now
Today officially kicks off the beginning of the 9th annual Chicago Sketch Comedy Festival, a ten day celebration of the best sketch comedy around - featuring not just local talent, but troupes from across the nation and even abroad. [Read More]
Laugh Out Loud at Chicago Sketch Comedy Festival
There's nothing funny about the brutal Chicago winter, unless you're inside and watching the Chicago Sketch Comedy Festival. For two weeks, from January 7-17, 100 local comedy troupes will help defrost the weather or at least the stiff attitudes that go with it. [Read More]