Martin Lawrence to Star in New Sitcom on CBS
Comedian Martin Lawrence has had a successful movie and television career over the past two decades. From In Living Color to Bad Boys and Bad Boys II, the talented sharp minded actor knows how to keep audiences entertained. Now CBS has agreed to broa... [Read More]
NBC Picks Up Show Starring Comedian Sarah Silverman
After a grueling bidding war, NBC won and started to create the pilot episode of a half-hour show loosely based on and starring Sarah Silverman as a woman readjusting to the single life after a 10 year live-in relationship. The untitled show, which c... [Read More]
Comedian Ricky Gervais Hopes to Co-Star with Sean Connery in New Sitcom
It’s been almost nine years since we’ve seen actor Sean Connery in any blockbuster movies. He’s my favorite James Bond of all-time, and the last I heard about him he was offered the role of Gandalf in “Lord of the Rings”... [Read More]
New Sitcom, HBO Special for George Lopez
Despite the cancellation of his late-night comedy show, “Lopez Tonight,” comedian George Lopez is keeping himself busy with the development of a new sitcom and an HBO comedy special. According to The Associated Press, Lopez is creating a ... [Read More]
Dane Cook on his new deal with NBC, and spend an hour with him on Google
Dane Cook is among several comedians who have scored pilots and/or development deals with broadcast networks in recent months. Cook, who broke ranks with manager Barry Katz and New Wave a year ago, hasn't decided what his potential sitcom will be jus... [Read More]
Do sitcoms taped before a studio audience have a future? | The A.V. Club
From its earliest days, television has attempted to create the illusion of community. Most of the early broadcasts grew out of the New York theater world, and what stage veterans knew was putting on a show in front of an audience. These shows went out live, and even the dramas were treated like filmed versions of plays, with the audience right there, a part of the action. No one was quite sure if television could survive without those crowd noises. [Read More]
Comedian Judy Gold to debut new theater show, ‘My Life As A Sitcom’
When I was young, I used to hope that someday I’d have a TV show. I never got far enough to actually express what that show would be about, but I figured I’d worry about that after I signed my multimillion dollar contract. Flawless plan, I know. A ne... [Read More]
Multi-Camera Sitcoms Coming Back Strong In The Fall
Over the last few years, single-camera comedies like 30 Rock and Community have soaked up critical praise, while multi-camera sitcoms patiently bided their time over at CBS (and, you know, were watched and beloved by millions of people). However, with the announcement of several multi-camera comedie... [Read More]
Punchline Magazine's list of comedians cast in new pilots
Fall is an underrated season. The leaves change, the weather becomes more tolerable, baseball gives way to football, and – best of all, for some – our favorite TV shows kick back into gear after a long hiatus. And that means we get new episodes of ol... [Read More]
NBC Builds a Sitcom Around Comedian Whitney Cummings | Vulture
Vulture has learned, tart-tongued stand-up (and celebrity roaster) Whitney Cummings has signed a deal to write, produce, and star in an unconventional romantic comedy for the Peacock. Insiders describe the Cummings show as a romantic comedy told through the point of view of a decidedly unromantic person; it's believed Cummings will base some of the pilot on her own material [Read More]