Glee’s Jane Lynch will host Saturday Night Live
Jane Lynch will host an upcoming episode of Saturday Night Live. From 40 Year-Old Virgin to a regular on the prematurely dismissed TV show Party Down, the Second City alum has stolen nearly every scene.. [Read More]
Get Famous Friday 2010 - Lorne Michaels Vets Chicago
ust about once a year, Saturday Night Live comes to see what players or writers Chicago has to offer and this week was the week! This year he had Chicago Improv vets Seth Meyers and recent hire Pat O'Brien in tow. I wouldn't regularly write it up as it's an annual event, but this year it was the second year that there was no improvisation... the performers were asked to do a 5 minute piece demonstrating a few characters (very similar to what the standard "callback" auditions have been for severa... [Read More]
What the heck was The Saturday Night Live Movie?
in 1990, there was an attempt to make an actual theatrical release called "The Saturday Night Live Movie," an anthology comedy film a la "Kentucky Fried Movie" that was aimed at satirizing the experience of going to the movies, written by an all-star cast of writers who have been associated with the show over the years. [Read More]
The Ball’s in His Court - Seth Meyers of ‘Saturday Night Live’ Preps for the ESPYs | NY Times
Mr. Meyers spoke recently to ArtsBeat about his ESPYs job, the intersection of sports and comedy on “Saturday Night Live,” and why Tiger Woods is like Senator John F. Kerry. [Read More]
Bobby Moynihan Q&A | Live From New York, It's Saturday Night!
SNL's Bobby Moynihan on the audition process, writing the Single Ladies sketch, and his blinding turn as Snooki. [Read More]
Lorne Michaels being honored with International Emmy for 'SNL'
Lorne Michaels will receive the International Emmy Directorate Award at the 38th annual International Emmy Awards gala on Nov. 22 in New York City. The organizers of the award say they're honoring Michaels for founding "SNL," which "reinvented comedy on television and launched a generation of major film and TV stars." [Read More]
Tom Davis is dying to tell you stories about the first years of Saturday Night Live and more
Tom Davis may be a scholar and a gentleman, or he may be neither of those things, but he was one of the original writers for Saturday Night Live, and he did live a full life, which he shared parts ... [Read More]
Betty White's SNL all-star dress rehearsal cuts: Debbie Downer, Bronx Beat, Joyologist, car bomber | The Comic's Comic
With so many former cast members of Saturday Night Live returning to help out guest host Betty White, we knew we were in for a lot of reunions with old characters. And we were, but a few didn't make the final cut after last night's SNL dress rehearsal, including Rachel Dratch's "Debbie Downer," a new "Bronx Beat" with Amy Poehler and Maya Rudolph, a "Joyologist" session with Ana Gasteyer and Molly Shannon, and a slightly misguided "press conference" for the failed Times Square car bomber Faisal ... [Read More]
Is `SNL' leasing its sketches to advertisers?
Was "MacGruber" a "Saturday Night Live" sketch or Pepsi commercial? Depending on when you were watching television over the weekend, it was hard to tell. [Read More]