The sketch so nice they cut it twice from SNL: Tina Fey salutes great women writers in history
Saturday Night Live writer John Mulaney clued us in today that a sketch he'd written with Simon Rich and Marika Sawyer got "cut for time" last weekend with host Tina Fey. But I recall being in the audience for the dress rehearsal of la... [Read More]
Watch Andy Samberg and the Lonely Island talk about new album ‘Turtleneck & Chain’
You probably know by now that Saturday Night Live dude Andy Samberg and his boys boyz Akiva Schaffer and Jorma Taccone, (aka The Lonely Island) are set to release a new album Turtleneck & Chain on May 10. But did you know that the album was almos... [Read More]
The Last Supper painting reimagined with Lorne Michaels as Jesus, SNL actors as his disciples
The Hollywood Reporter makes Lorne Michaels its cover story this week, and since it's Easter, they also asked illustrator Edel Rodriguez to depict Lorne and the SNL gang as the Last Supper. [Read More]
Tina Fey defends Olivia Munn, talks “Bossypants” and more on NPR’s “Fresh Air”
Fey grew up to become Saturday Night Live's first female head writer as well as the star and executive producer of NBC's sitcom 30 Rock. Now, she's also a published author. Her new memoir Bossypants contains her thoughts on juggling her roles as actor, daughter, mother, writer and boss on the sets of both SNL and 30 Rock. [Read More]
Ed Helms, Rob Riggle, more star in new UCB movie "High Road"; watch the trailer
The Upright Citizens Brigade, aka the UCB, are now releasing a movie! Created and Directed by one of the founding members of the UCB, Matt Walsh, High Road, the heavily improvised action-road-stoner comedy really is, as one YouTube user commented, " a UCB fan’s wet dream." [Read More]
Upcoming SNL hosts: Miley Cyrus, Zach Galifianakis, Elton John
In a press release this morning, NBC confirmed that Zach Galifianakis would return to host Saturday Night Live on March 12, with musical guest Jessie J. Galifianakis hosted last season, performing stand-up for his monologue and also shaving his beard... [Read More]
Fred Armisen and Kenan Thompson were on MSNBC today: Tuesday Noon Live is not quite SNL
There's so much news going on in the world, you guys, and a cable news network that's on 24/7 can only cover so much of it. Especially when you carve out three minutes at midday for an awkward live interview from MSNBC anchor Contessa Brewe... [Read More]
SNL Digital Short: "The Creep," new music video from The Lonely Island, with Nicki Minaj, John Waters
The Lonely Island unveiled their latest music video and song for their upcoming second album, with the creeptastic "The Creep," featuring the boys -- Andy Samberg, Akiva Schaffer and Jorma Taccone -- in suits and pencil-thin mustaches. They... [Read More]
Jim Carrey’s SNL Skit Backfires
Help Change The World - One Laugh At A Time! More »Jim Carrey’s appearance on Saturday Night Live earlier this month has created quite a havoc in Hindu community, and enough sparks to light up the Mojave desert. Carrey perform... [Read More]