Jason Sudeikis confirms departure from SNL, ‘I’m definitely done’
After months of will he/won’t he speculation Jason Sudeikis confirmed that he is indeed leaving the cast of Saturday Night Live after spending 10 seasons on the show, 2 of them as a writer. In an appearance on Late Show With David Letterman, he was asked how long he planned to stay on the show... [Read More]
Jason Sudeikis Confirms That He's Leaving 'SNL'
by Adam Frucci It's official: Jason Sudeikis is leaving SNL. It's been assumed that he wouldn't be returning to the show — his upcoming movie schedule basically makes it impossible — but he confirmed his exit to Letterman in an interview that will air tonight. Sudeikis was on staff at SN... [Read More]
A Stranger on the Street Yelled at Bill Hader About 'SNL'
by Bradford Evans Here's Bill Hader on Conan last night, telling a story about how a stranger in a cab yelled at him about SNL and addressed him with the name "SNL." Calling an actor by their TV show's name is a great way to get their attention on the street if you don't know their name. Check out ... [Read More]
Bill Hader To Join The ‘South Park’ Writing Crew
Bill Hader will join the writing crew on “South Park” for its new season. Since 2008, Bill has always been involved with the show, whether as a creative consultant, voice [...]Author informationJazmine HillAssociate Editor at Serial OptimistFuture writer director. 22 year old girl with t... [Read More]
Bill Hader Is Writing for 'South Park' Full-Time This Season
by Bradford Evans Bill Hader has joined the South Park writing staff full-time for the show's upcoming 17th season. Trey Parker revealed the news at Comic-Con yesterday evening while speaking at a panel for the upcoming video game South Park: The Stick of Truth with co-creator Matt Stone. Hader, who... [Read More]
Bill Hader Will Never Write an Emmy Speech
by Bradford Evans "I did not write a speech last year. I won’t write a speech [this year]. If I ever did win something, it would be one of those mumbly rambly things that I’ll have to cut myself off. I’ll bring my own music up to cut myself off. I’ll have a little beat box an... [Read More]
Which Movie Has the Most 'SNL' Cast Members In It?
by Bradford Evans "[Saturday Night Live] is the Harvard of Comedy, you know. Everybody passed through it. You bump into people. I saw Randy Quaid the other day; he's like a frat brother. I never met him before, but we're frat brothers. I did a movie one time, it was an extra part, damn nea... [Read More]
'The NY Times' Has an Excellent Jack Handey Profile Today
by Bradford Evans Longtime SNL writer Jack Handey, who's responsible for recurring sketches like "Unfrozen Caveman Lawyer" and "Deep Thoughts," is the subject of an excellent, in-depth profile in The New York Times Magazine today. Titled "Jack Handey Is the Envy of Every Comedy Writer in America," i... [Read More]
Seth Meyers In ‘Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee’
Jerry Seinfeld’s Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee has been so great this season, with David Letterman, Sarah Silverman and the upcoming Chris Rock. But how excited were you for the [...]Author informationJazmine HillAssociate Editor at Serial OptimistFuture writer director. 22 year old girl wi... [Read More]
NBC's New Late Night Succession Problem
by Bradford Evans In February, NBC is set to undergo another major late night transition, transitioning Jay Leno out and installing Jimmy Fallon and Seth Meyers as the new hosts of The Tonight Show and Late Night, respectively. While the late night shift is severely less tumultuous and headline-grab... [Read More]