Lorne Michaels, SNL Studios and the death of hope
For me, the current era of bad feelings began on October 13th, 2000. For that was the day the last film based on a Saturday Night Live sketch opened. I don't need to remind any of you that the film in question was Ladies Man. Has anything good happened since Ladies Man opened? I don't think so. [Read More]
Stars crowd Lonely Island album "Incredibad"
The Lonely Island team of Samberg and "SNL" writers Jorma Taccone and Akiva Schaffer got dumber and dumber, from wrapping your member in a box as a gift for your lady friend to chillin' on a boat. Yet somehow, the shorts are increasingly hilarious. With Island's star rising, it's not surprising the wacky threesome has now made a whole album, "Incredibad." What is surprising is that many of the songs actually work without videos - a tribute to the trio's talent for mixing legit beats with absurd,... [Read More]
The Lonely Island and Albert Brooks, SNL Throwback
The Lonely Island trio, made up of Andy Samberg, Akiva Schaffer, and Jorma Taccone, has gotten a lot of credit for bringing Saturday Night Live into the Internet age with the Digital Shorts segment.. [Read More]
Tom Davis: SNL's Last Survivor
Looking back, Tom Davis doesn't appear to have many lasting regrets. His new memoir, Thirty-Nine Years of Short-Term Memory Loss details his triumphs and defeats, offering one of the more candid looks inside the original SNL. Davis lays it out so honestly that he had Grove Press delay the book's release until Minnesota's Senate race ended, not wanting to give Norm Coleman any ammo against his ex-partner Al Franken. This generosity of spirit permeates Davis' memoir, though he's not lax in the gra... [Read More]
Lorne Michaels to get Museum of the Moving Image tribute
The Museum of the Moving Image is set to honor Lorne Michaels and Stanley S. Hubbard at its May 11 gala, to be held at the St. Regis Hotel. [Read More]
Look Who Stopped By: It's Michaela Watkins! - The Apiary Interview
Hey, it's Michaela Watkins -- one of the new featured players on Saturday Night Live! We were instant fans of Michaela, especially when she debuted her Arianna Huffington impersonation ... you know ... but, really, we've been cheering the native New Yorker pretty much the moment she was hired. She's a hard-working actor who spent years playing scenes on black-box stages, striking her own sets and just pursuing one, solitary goal: getting her comedy seen by others. The work paid off, perhaps most... [Read More]
Norm MacDonald talks tv, politcs and comedy - Charlotte Observer
Norm MacDonald talks to the Charlotte Observer about his new tv show, Saturday Night Live, joking about President Obama and politics in comedy in general. [Read More]
review - Live from "The Line" LIVE
Some of the Saturday Night Live gang used a brief break from putting together this week's show to present the first live screening of 2008 online series "The Line" in front of a packed audience at the UCB Theatre followed by a lively Q&A. [Read More]
"The Line" goes live tonight, plus a new SNL side project
If you enjoyed watching "The Live" online comedy series this summer as much as I did, then you'll be pleased as punchline to know that director Seth Meyers and writers Bill Hader and Simon Rich will talk about the SNL side project with a live screening and Q&A tonight at the New York City branch of the UCB. [Read More]
Coming off a highly heated political season and showing no signs of slowing momentum, NBC's "Saturday Night Live" returns in 2009 with three live shows in January. [Read More]