Is Taran Killam Headed to SNL?
With the shocking news out today that Will Forte has left the cast of SNL, it begs the question: WHO'S JOINING SNL? I've been sleuthing out a rumor that someone from The Groundlings got cast as a featured player. And one name that's floated past The Apiary's news desk is Taran Killam.. [Read More]
SNL writer Michael Patrick O'Brien Interview
"My officemate Jason Sudeikis and I were shown the 14-minute 2009 infomercial for the Gathering of the Juggalos. We showed it to Colin and were all just fascinated by it on several levels. I grew up in southeast Michigan so I was familiar with ICP and some of the ideas of the fan base (I'm no stranger to Faygo soda). So, Colin and I decided to write a parody." [Read More]
SNL writer Simon Rich is the laughing boy | London Evening Standard
“Young literary sensation” is a phrase whose meaning has suffered through overuse. But is there any other way to describe New York writer Simon Rich? At the age of 26, Rich has had two comic anthologies published, sold three film scripts to Hollywood and is a writer for NBC's revered comedy sketch show Saturday Night Live. He is a regular contributor to the New Yorker and his first novel, Elliot Allagash, is published in the UK this week. [Read More]
Chris Parnell on BIg Lake, live audiences and teaching | The A.V. Club
Prior to Big Lake’s première, The A.V. Club spoke to Parnell about his trepidation performing for a live audience, and his own experience as a teacher. [Read More]
Adam McKay: SNL’s Digital Shorts were my foray into directing
You may know that Will Ferrell’s new movie The Other Guys, premieres tonight nationwide. You may also know that Adam McKay, Ferrell’s partner in Funny Or Die, is the director and co-writer... [Read More]
Second City star Shelly Gossman hired to write for SNL
Congratulations to Second City star Shelly Gossman who, according to TimeOut Chicago, has been hired as a writer for the upcoming season of SNL. Gossman has been performing in the Second City revue, "Spoiler Alert - Eveybody Dies" and will play her last show August 18 before heading to New York. [Read More]
Get Famous Friday 2010 - Lorne Michaels Vets Chicago
ust about once a year, Saturday Night Live comes to see what players or writers Chicago has to offer and this week was the week! This year he had Chicago Improv vets Seth Meyers and recent hire Pat O'Brien in tow. I wouldn't regularly write it up as it's an annual event, but this year it was the second year that there was no improvisation... the performers were asked to do a 5 minute piece demonstrating a few characters (very similar to what the standard "callback" auditions have been for severa... [Read More]
SNL 'Best of '09 - '10 DVD details
A few weeks ago, NBC Universal announced that a best of '09-'10 DVD would be released featuring some of the best sketches of the season and some extras. Now we have a studio description of what the content will look like - [Read More]
Do you have any questions for SNL writer Michael Patrick O'Brien?
SNL writer Michael Patrick O'Brien has kindly agreed to answer a few questions about his first season writing for SNL.. do you have any questions you'd like to ask him? [Read More]