Seth Meyers reveals his true feelings about Justin Timberlake, his favorite moment from last season and how much he misses Amy Poehler
"I think people have ownership of the show, like it's a part of your family and you're allowed to lay into it. You would never want to trade that for not having passionate fans. My favorite thing is meeting people who say they hate the show, but they "haven't watched it in 30 years." That irrational, tough-love hatred -- that's the greatest thing." [Read More]
Maya Rudolph on joining Bridesmaids, leaving SNL, and being manhandled by Bill Murray
"It's where I feel my heart is the most, the place I feel I gained the most confidence. It's a weekly show, so we had to create all these new characters every week; you really develop yourself there because you're constantly writing, figuring out your voice, producing these pieces. The choice to go was hard. I was raising a family, my daughter was very young at time, and it's an arduous schedule. You're writing constantly, then by the time Monday rolls around you're pitching new ideas, then writ... [Read More]
Inside the Spanish Version of Saturday Night Live That Aired on Thursdays
Spanish production company Globomedia opted to keep the title, naming its version “Saturday Night Live.” Despite preserving the namesake though, the programming department at Cuatro, the channel on which it airs, failed to honor the proper timeslot. Spain’s Saturday Night Live actually airs on Thursday nights and not at 11:30, but rather in primetime. Hmm. [Read More]
‘Saturday Night Live JPN’ Set For Debut
Saturday Night Live JPN, the third local adaptation of NBC's venerable late-night sketch comedy show (Italy and Spain have the others), is set to premiere tomorrow on Fuji, Japan's top network. Broadway Video Enterprises and Japanese indie producer Yoshimoto Kogyo collaborated on the series, on which Fuju producer Isao Kagari serves in the Lorne Michaels role, pulling cast members from his late-night show Pikaru No Teiri to join a weekly host and musical guest -- the same as the American verison... [Read More]
The Rise and Fall and Rise of Jenny Slate
Jenny Slate is perhaps best known for saying the F-word on Saturday Night Live—on her debut episode, no less. The sketch called for Jenny and castmate Kristen Wiig to use the word "freaking" anywhere in the dialogue that allowed for a modifier. At one point, Jenny said "fucking" instead. She recovered quickly, but her career on SNL couldn't be saved. For those who missed the live airing in September 2009, or who wanted to watch it again, multiple clips of the flub quickly made the rounds on YouT... [Read More]
Life After MacGruber and SNL: Catching up with Will Forte
Movieline caught up with Forte for a chat about the year in between, including MacGruber’s aftermath and why he left Saturday Night Live — a show that he obviously still misses. Forte also shared his opinion on the popular theory that Jason Sudeikis suffered this season without his presence, walks us through one of the most bizarre sketches in SNL history and tells the somewhat unbelievable story of how he became the 29th best Donkey Kong player in the world. [Read More]
The Lonely Island | The A.V. Club interview
The A.V. Club spoke to Samberg, Schaffer, and Taccone about their recording process, the definition of a “real” band, and their sexual prowess. [Read More]
Michael O'Donoghue: "Let me close with the sincere hope that you and everyone you love catches rectal cancer and dies screaming."
Michael O'Donoghue, SNL's first head writer, wasn't known for pulling punches or sugarcoating his opinions. That's made especially clear in this letter that he wrote to the Los Angeles Herald-Tribune's Gregg Kilday in 1985 after he mistakenly attributed the lousy sketches of that season's premiere s... [Read More]
Getting Sketchy at Saturday Night Live’s Once-Fabled Bash
The Observer's Nate Freeman got an unnamed SNL writer to bring him to the writer's room during the show, to the after party and then to the after-after party, which he recounts in full detail, with lots of boldfaced names. [Read More]
Watch an unaired Ed Helms musical sketch from Saturday Night Live
Though the Ed Helms-hosted Saturday Night Live episode has come and gone, we just got this sketch that didn’t end up airing last week. The SNL writers took the well-worn vehicle of parodying TV commercials for music collections (Love Songs of the 80s, Power Ballads, Disco Hits, etc…) and instead created an album that would not-so-subtly dissuade teenagers from having sex on prom night. Let’s watch– and listen. [Read More]