Norm MacDonald talks tv, politcs and comedy - Charlotte Observer
Norm MacDonald talks to the Charlotte Observer about his new tv show, Saturday Night Live, joking about President Obama and politics in comedy in general. [Read More]
review - Live from "The Line" LIVE
Some of the Saturday Night Live gang used a brief break from putting together this week's show to present the first live screening of 2008 online series "The Line" in front of a packed audience at the UCB Theatre followed by a lively Q&A. [Read More]
"The Line" goes live tonight, plus a new SNL side project
If you enjoyed watching "The Live" online comedy series this summer as much as I did, then you'll be pleased as punchline to know that director Seth Meyers and writers Bill Hader and Simon Rich will talk about the SNL side project with a live screening and Q&A tonight at the New York City branch of the UCB. [Read More]
Coming off a highly heated political season and showing no signs of slowing momentum, NBC's "Saturday Night Live" returns in 2009 with three live shows in January. [Read More]
Kristen Wiig, Now the Veteran Woman in the SNL Cast - NYTimes Interview
With the departure of Amy Poehler last month, Ms. Wiig has become, during only her fourth season, the most veteran female cast member on the show. [Read More]
Newest Faces on "Saturday Night Live" - Casey Wilson, Michaela Watkins and Abby Elliott
Inevitably there's an adjustment for any newcomer to a late-night television institution like "SNL." "It's certainly strange to do sketch comedy with cue cards at midnight in a skyscraper, as opposed to in a basement with your friends," Casey Wilson said. This winter two new cast members, Michaela Watkins and Abby Elliott, will have to suffer through a similar learning curve. [Read More]
dvd review - SNL's Classic Coke Year (4th Season)
"SNL: The Complete Fourth Season." It was the original SNL's most famous year, 1978-79, a season where comedy was rock and roll, drug humor at its peak, cocaine the main engine. I don't know if another American comedy show ever referenced coke use the way SNL did that year. You certainly wouldn't see that now, which dates these episodes in a weird nostalgic way. [Read More]
Andy Samberg's the Lonely Island Tell All!
"Saturday Night Live"'s Andy Samberg, Akiva Schaffer, and Jorma Taccone announce their debut album, reveal their deepest secrets "In a Box" or "In My Pants", the Lonely Island-- the comedy team of "Saturday Night Live" cast member Andy Samberg and "SNL" writers Akiva Schaffer and Jorma Taccone-- have got dick joke music videos on lock. [Read More]
SNL's Seth Meyers: The Power of Fun
This fall, Saturday Night Live earned critical acclaim and millions more viewers for its election coverageâ€"and even had a real impact on voters. So where in the world can head writer Seth Meyers go from there? [Read More]
The Strokes' frontman to appear on new comedy album
The Strokes' frontman Julian Casablancas is set to appear on a comedy album, scheduled to be released on February 10. The singer has teamed up with 'Saturday Night Live' trio The Lonely Island, aka writers Akiva Schaffer and Jorma Taccone and cast-member Andy Samberg, to record 'Boombox' for the album entitled 'Incredibad'. [Read More]