Norm Macdonald: “Me Doing Standup”
Norm Macdonald has gone on record saying that he tries to write jokes as short as possible. And on the record, Me Doing Standup (available in CD or DVD versions), Macdonald proceeds to do just that. He cuts to the chase in such a startling way that t... [Read More]
Amy Schumer’s “Brazilian Waxes and Sex!”
Amy Schumer was a local favorite on the New York City scene before she got onto Last Comic Standing in 2007. Though she placed fourth in the competition, Schumer hasn’t let losing stop her.  She has appeared on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, John Oliv... [Read More]
DVD review: Patrice Oneal, “Elephant in the Room”
Patrice O'Neal embodied and espoused brutal honesty. And in his first, and regrettably only full special released during his lifetime, Oneal addressed the "Elephant in the Room" as one of the best comedy CD/DVDs of 2011. Oneal had been tagged with to... [Read More]
Rachel Feinstein’s “Thug Tears” Drops Today
You may have heard about comedian Rachel Feinstein from a variety of different places. Formerly she was writer for the humorous fake news site The Onion, as well as Heeb Magazine, a hub for all things Jewish and funny. More recently she was a finalis... [Read More]
Rachel Feinstein’s “Thug Tears” Drops November 29th
Rachel Feinstein is a comedian you may have heard about from a variety of different places. Once upon a time she was a writer for the humorous fake news site The Onion, as well as Heeb Magazine, a hub for all things Jewish and funny. More recently sh... [Read More]
Review: The Muppets movie is everything you want it to be
Maybe it was the wine (thanks, Alamo Drafthouse in Austin, for your always wonderful food service!), but as I watched The Muppets, I could not stop smiling. I admit it: I was nervous before the film began. The Muppets hold so much cultural cache: wou... [Read More]
Jamie Kilstein’s “Libel, Slander & Sedition”
Jamie Kilstein is not for everybody. His often times politically fueled rants will most likely infuriate you if you’re a conservative Christian. That said, his target audience isn’t conservative Christians, and  hence he probably isn̵... [Read More]
Jason Segel, the Muppets and more lead to a satisfying episode of SNL
This week, Saturday Night Live followed up last week’s success with an equally strong episode that found Jason Segel as host– with a little help from his Muppet friends, of course. The movie comes out on Wednesday, after all. I feel like ... [Read More]
Pete Holmes: “Impregnated With Wonder” (Review)
Though I try to avoid making claims as to what is the most “this” or “that” in terms of comedy albums — especially before the year is through — Pete Holmes’ just-released Impregnated With Wonder has me re-exa... [Read More]
Patton Oswalt: Finest Hour
Patton Oswalt knows exactly what you are thinking but unlike most people, he’s not afraid to say it. Each track on his new comedy album, Finest Hour, is full of ideas that are in the back of everyone’s mind, but the only soul brave enough... [Read More]