DVD Review - Andy Richter Controls The Universe: The Complete Series
Andy Richter Controls the Universe used to be the funniest non-mid-'90s-MTV-sketch-comedy show that never got a DVD release. Those days are finally over. As objective as I try to be about writing reviews, I'm an unabashed fan of this brilliant cult comedy. I loved it when it was on, and honestly never thought I'd see it again. I was thrilled to hear it was being released, and I'm excited to report that it's still awesome. [Read More]
DVD Review - Dennis Miller: The HBO Specials
You may not like his politics (liberals during the recent stuff, conservatives during the early years), but Dennis Miller is an undeniably talented comic who has had some very high points over the course of his career. This 3-disc set offers an affordable opportunity to see a step-by-step of Miller's career and comedy style, and stand-up fans should consider giving it a shot. [Read More]
DVD Review - Craig Ferguson's A Wee Bit O' Revolution
Late Late Show host Craig Ferguson has been taking the opening monologue to new heights on his show, with a mix of confessional and observational styles that draw on his own life experiences and his view of pop culture. His new stand-up comedy album, A Wee Bit O' Revolution, follows the same path, spiced with a bit more cussing, and like the monologues, the stand-up comedy works best when Ferguson gets confessional. [Read More]
Tom Davis: The invisible man of SNL
Al Franken's former writing partner, Tom Davis, has written a connect-the-tokes history of the drugs, silliness and genius of "SNL's" early years. [Read More]
Dana Gould's "Let Me Put My Thoughts In You" - the comic's comic review
In case comedy nerds didn't get the message, Bob Odenkirk directed Dana Gould's new stand-up comedy special and filmed it as a throwback to the documentary style comedians often employed a generation ago. [Read More]
Are you ready for TWO "Hilarious" CDs from Louis CK?
Louis CK just recorded enough material Saturday night in Boston from his ongoing "Hilarious" tour to fill two CDs. [Read More]
LA Comedy Shorts Film Fest - Buzzine wrap-up
Started by funny people, for funny people, The L.A. Comedy Shorts Film Festival, a four-day, non-stop celebration of comedic short films, came to hilarious conclusion Sunday evening. [Read More]
'Bruno' sneak peek at SXSW - review
In the line outside the Alamo Drafthouse theater in Austin, Tex., everyone wondered if the 22-minute sneak peek at Sacha Baron Cohen's new film Bruno would be worth it. Could the Borat provocateur get away with fleecing new crowds? Would his ultra-gay character Bruno, "the most important cable TV fashion reporter in any German-speaking country besides Germany," feel fresh and valuable and hilarious? People, I howled. [Read More]
Will Ferrell's President Bush Is Spot On Comedy - The Improper review
See You're Welcome America. A Final Night With George W. Bush as a way to lament all of the former president's most entertaining moments: his reading about ducks to young students as his country was attacked by terrorists; his reaction to having shoes thrown at him and his multiple problems with the "complexity" of the English language. [Read More]
Dana Gould: Let Me Put My Thoughts In You - dvd review
Looking decidedly middle-aged in a brown suit and tie, Gould starts slowly but quickly warms to the crowd and delivers a truly funny set. Once he builds a head of steam, Gould proves a consummate professional. Though clearly working from a set of carefully written and precisely performed jokes, he comes off so loose and conversational that it almost seems like he's making it up as he goes. [Read More]