Will Ferrell's President Bush Is Spot On Comedy - The Improper review
See You're Welcome America. A Final Night With George W. Bush as a way to lament all of the former president's most entertaining moments: his reading about ducks to young students as his country was attacked by terrorists; his reaction to having shoes thrown at him and his multiple problems with the "complexity" of the English language. [Read More]
Dana Gould: Let Me Put My Thoughts In You - dvd review
Looking decidedly middle-aged in a brown suit and tie, Gould starts slowly but quickly warms to the crowd and delivers a truly funny set. Once he builds a head of steam, Gould proves a consummate professional. Though clearly working from a set of carefully written and precisely performed jokes, he comes off so loose and conversational that it almost seems like he's making it up as he goes. [Read More]
Inside the funny "Mystery Team" movie
Donald Glover, DC Pierson and Dominic Dierkes play three high-schoolers who are still living off of their childhood "fame" as boy detectives who solved neighborhood mysteries a la Encyclopedia Brown. Glover's Jason is as animated as a Looney Tunes character with a propensity for disguises that rely on fake mustaches. Pierson's Duncan has memorized trivial trivia and thinks that makes him a boy genius when it just makes him a nerd. Dierkes' Charlie is a dumb jock without being a jock. They're 17,... [Read More]
Ron White in Columbus, Ohio - The Columbus Dispatch review
He was slurring his words, but that didn't stop Ron White from being utterly hilarious in the first of two sold-out shows in the Ohio Theatre last night. Veteran stand-up comic White talked about "the UFO tour" (he meant USO), "the Specific Ocean" (Pacific), and "peaches" (pizzas). And each time, White made fun of his malapropisms. [Read More]
Late Night With Jimmy Fallon's first show - The Comedy Nerds Review
In case you missed it last night, Jimmy Fallon made his Late Night debut and it was i am going to go with okay (remember I said it was going to suck, so that's an upgrade). [Read More]
Chad Daniels: "Busy Being Awesome" - STAGE TIME Magazine review
He does observational comedy about the family, relationships, society, grammatical punctuation, but guess what — It's hilarious. His jokes are crafted razor sharp, but he's got charisma to burn. Chad Daniels is a heavyweight, and I can't think of anything he can do to improve. [Read More]
Joe Rogan at Comedy Works South, Denver - review
Near the end of his hour-long set at Comedy Works South last night, Joe Rogan's previously polished routine devolved into a call-and-response act, with audience members yelling out keywords off of which Rogan could riff. They yelled DPT, he did five minutes on Dipropyltryptamine, a gnarly psychedelic and dear friend of his. They shouted Fear Factor, he did three minutes on the life-sucking qualities of reality TV. They yelled Carlos Mencia, and there went Joe, on another rant about his joke-stea... [Read More]
Ann Carr: Use It - The Comic's Comic Review
Ann Carr doesn't simply create characters, she jumps into them so fully that you wonder where Carr went. I often want to tell anyone who likes Showtime's new comedy United States of Tara that if they really want to see how one person can inhabit so many different personalities and leap from one to another at will, then they should take a closer look at Ann Carr. She is truly captivating. [Read More]
review - The Whitest Kids U'Know, 2/24 by Paul Triggiani and Bryce Remsburg
Let us say foremost that The Whitest Kids U Know have a much larger fan base then we had assumed. Their fans are young, overwhelmingly suburban and-- more than anything-- loud. "Screaming girls annoy the shit out of me," screams a girl behind us, while other folks yell catchphrases across the sold-out theater. It didn't take long for us to question our pledge of sobriety for the night. [Read More]
Tom Davis: SNL's Last Survivor
Looking back, Tom Davis doesn't appear to have many lasting regrets. His new memoir, Thirty-Nine Years of Short-Term Memory Loss details his triumphs and defeats, offering one of the more candid looks inside the original SNL. Davis lays it out so honestly that he had Grove Press delay the book's release until Minnesota's Senate race ended, not wanting to give Norm Coleman any ammo against his ex-partner Al Franken. This generosity of spirit permeates Davis' memoir, though he's not lax in the gra... [Read More]