DVD Review - Comedy Central Roast of Bob Saget: Uncensored
For once in our lives, we get to see Bob get torn to shreds by friends and other famous comedians. If that doesn't bring a smile to your face, I don't know what will! [Read More]
Preview: Louis C.K.'s "Chewed Up"
Any comic could mine a topic like “boxers versus briefs” for some easy, observational material. For Louis C.K., “boxers versus briefs” is a confession. It’s a chance for him to merrily reveal how his crotch “looks like a pig’s ass when I’m naked.” Which is not the worst of C.K.’s confessions from his brutally funny new special, Chewed Up, which is out on DVD and CD tomorrow. [Read More]
Louis C.K. in Toronto: a non-review from the Back of the Room
It’s hard to pinpoint exactly when Louis C.K. became big in this country. My first time seeing him live was in Montreal at the 2007 edition of Just For Laughs, and I remember being startled by the audience’s (very vocal) devotion to the man during his set. I spoke to a few people at the show in Toronto who were also pleasantly stunned by the demand for tickets and the excitement among the crowd as showtime approached. Louis CK fans up here don’t realize how many of us there ... [Read More]
Review: David Crowe: Crooked Finger (Showtime)
David Crowe's new 75-minute stand-up special, Crooked Finger, debuted late last night on Showtime. If you missed it, don't fret, as the pay channel rebroadcasts Crowe's special again tonight and throughout the month on TV and On Demand. Except the special isn't exactly new?! No, really. Crowe's own site reveals he recorded his set at Seattle's Triple Door Theater way back in 2005, but if takes three years to get it sold to Showtime, at least it got sold, right? And Amazon.com says you cannot ge... [Read More]
Report: At a taping of Demetri Martin’s new Comedy Central show
Important Things has a format somewhat reminiscent of Chappelle’s Show, with the comedian hosting in front of a live audience and showing a series of pre-taped sketches. This show pushes the live aspect a bit further, with about half of the episode’s running time featuring Martin doing stand-up. Each episode focuses on a theme (or important thing). “Brains” and “safety” were the two things covered during this taping. At the end of the first episode it was brou... [Read More]
Cheech & Chong can still fire it up
Driving home from Cheech & Chong’s reunion tour, I got a warm feeling. What a sweet trip down memory lane that was. Then it occurred to me: despite growing up in the ’70s, the duo’s heyday, and being a sponge for all things comedic, I never got into the stoners. Hmm. Must have been all the fumes. From the moment Tommy Chong’s wife Shelby took the stage for a (thankfully) brief standup set, the Queen Elizabeth Theatre was up in smoke, and the thick haze lasted for th... [Read More]
Mock Stars: Indie comedy and the dangerously funny
Standup comedy, like science, is so full of technical terms and necessary context that it really can only be covered correctly by a specialist. It’s a beat, when reported on properly, or else you get questions from hometown papers and even big-time television programs strive for new comedy insights asking things like, “Gosh, don’t you get nervous up there?” They usually, somehow, manage to ask that twice. Then they’ll ask a clean comic if they ever get in trouble ... [Read More]
NYC Comedy Crawl (City Guide Magazine)
New York City is nothing to laugh at, but there are plenty of laughs to be had at the many comedy clubs in the city. From Midtown to Downtown we’ve picked the best comedy clubs to visit during your visit to NYC. And if comedy’s not all you’re looking for, we’ve picked some excellent bars to stop at along the way. [Read More]
Review: Mike Birbiglia’s “Sleepwalk With Me”
It’s been four years in the making, including a debut at this year’s Just For Laughs festival and a recent “Sleeping While Standing” fine-tuning tour, and yet, as previews for Mike Birbiglia’s Off Broadway one-man show come to a close, the self-effacing comic readily admits he’s still working on the stage equivalent of a final cut. Longtime fans of the Comedy Central and Bob and Tom fave have come to expect such perfectionism from his stand-up, a trait now ... [Read More]
Review: David Alan Grier's "Chocolate News"
It doesn't entirely fill the void of Chappelle' Show for Comedy Central, but it's a welcome voice for the channel. [Read More]