HBO to air Will Ferrell's 'Bush' Broadway show
HBO will air a live telecast in the spring of Will Ferrell's Broadway show "You're Welcome America. A Final Night With George W. Bush." [Read More]
"Last Comic" vet Rob Cantrell's offbeat humor in tune with rock venue -
"I didn't have a good, clean pair of pants," he said. "I was wearing jeans every day, and they were ratty. I need something fit for national television. It was a huge transition going from local clubs to prime-time television. I did get very hot very fast, and I was approached by a lot of different people. But it wasn't the route I wanted. I wanted to put more emphasis on the writing and become a higher-level comic." Cantrell passed on offers - including one from Dane Cook's manager - to inst... [Read More]
Peter Farrelly to Produce Kentucky Fried Mimic
Overture Films and A Bigger Boat are going short, developing an untitled feature produced by Peter Farrelly and Charles Wessler consisting of two dozen short comedy films in the vein of "The Groove Tube" and "Kentucky Fried Movie." Directors already in talks include Brett Ratner, Todd Phillips, Mike Judge, Josh Gordon and Will Speck. Farrelly also will direct two of the shorts. [Read More]
Interview w/ Patrick Borelli ("Holy Headshot")
Patrick Borelli started his career in stand-up at The Comedy Studio a decade ago before moving to New York, where he works for a book publisher by day and works the stand-up clubs by night. Today, he’s back in Boston at PA’s Lounge for a “reading” of his new book, Holy Headshot: A Celebration of America’s Undiscovered Talent, which he co-wrote with Douglas Gorenstein. Essentially a collection of headshots from aspiring actors, the book provokes a lot of laughter ... [Read More]