Ricky Gervais to reprise role as The Office boss David Brent
Ricky Gervais is set to bring back his David Brent character in the US version of The Office. It will be the meeting of the two wackiest minds in the paper supplies business when David Brent UK comes face-to-face with his US counterpart. [Read More]
Will Ferrell's President Bush Is Spot On Comedy - The Improper review
See You're Welcome America. A Final Night With George W. Bush as a way to lament all of the former president's most entertaining moments: his reading about ducks to young students as his country was attacked by terrorists; his reaction to having shoes thrown at him and his multiple problems with the "complexity" of the English language. [Read More]
Steve Carell To Star & Produce Testosterone Comedy
Steve Carell is undertaking another inevitable comedy gold mine project. Since he's already tackled virginity, (The 40 Year Old Virgin), and mental retardation (Anchorman), he's now set to play a man with testosterone problems in Hi-T for Warner Bros. Pictures. Carell is set to star and produce the comedy through his production company Carousel Productions. [Read More]
Christian Comedy Act Brings Hilarious and Inspiring Entertainment to the Church
The "Apostles of Comedy 2009 Spring Tour" features Jeff Allen, Brad Stine, Anthony Griffith and Ron Pearson, all comedians who have honed their craft in secular entertainment venues, yet have kept their comedy clean (like Bill Cosby), free of crude themes, yet still faith-based and meaningful. The show features not only world-class comedy, but personal discussions of the comedians' personal lives and their faith. [Read More]
Will Ferrell's Broadway Bush Show Generates Budget Surplus
Will Ferrell's You're Welcome America is raking in the bucks. There's also considerable Tony and Emmy buzz, because unlike the Oscars, Broadway and the music industry have fewer pretensions about rewarding financial success. [Read More]
BET's Comic View Goes Gospel?
The Humor Mill is reporting that BET Comic View is changing it's format once again and will be renamed "BET Gospel Comic View - A Time to Laugh" hosted by Gospel singer Vickie Winans. [Read More]
You're Welcome, America: A Final Night with George W. Bush @ Cort Theatre - 2.17.9 - The Apiary review
One could, if one chooses, see the play as simply a rehashed smorgasboard of Ferrell's old Saturday Night Live bits -- many reviewers settled on that route. But I think that's too simple a characterization of a show that deserves credit for taking risks. The show went beyond just making me laugh -- it actually made me reflect on where we've come from as a nation, where we're at, and where we're going. [Read More]
Comedy Relationships - The Comedy Nerds podcast
The Comedy Nerds look at how the struggle to become a successful performer effects the relationships of comedians with other comedians. How do they deal with competing for the same job? Do they all secretly hate each other? Is a level of competition a good thing? We welcome back comedian and satellite radio personality Ken Zimlinghaus to help us figure it all out. [Read More]
Cheney and the Goat Devil - Will Ferrell on Broadway
The audience for the Sunday matinee of "You're Welcome America. A Final Night with George W Bush" howled in delight. [Read More]
Bill Maher: "I hope Obama doesn't believe in God"
With his wildly popular documentary Religulous in stores this week and a new season of Real Time just days away (not to mention Obama in the White House) you'd think stand-up comedy vet Bill Maher would relax a bit. Lucky for us, you'd be wrong. [Read More]