Rachel Feinstein’s “Thug Tears” Drops Today
You may have heard about comedian Rachel Feinstein from a variety of different places. Formerly she was writer for the humorous fake news site The Onion, as well as Heeb Magazine, a hub for all things Jewish and funny. More recently she was a finalis... [Read More]
The Top 10 Hottest Female Comedians
This list comprises women who are real stand-up comics, or at least have stand-up comedy experience before moving on to bigger and better things. It’s a run-down that strives to stay true to the medium at hand. We’re not cherry picking Ho... [Read More]
Rachel Feinstein’s “Thug Tears” Drops November 29th
Rachel Feinstein is a comedian you may have heard about from a variety of different places. Once upon a time she was a writer for the humorous fake news site The Onion, as well as Heeb Magazine, a hub for all things Jewish and funny. More recently sh... [Read More]
Watch Louis C.K. and friends contemplate busboy’s life in “Louie” extra scene
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Comedy Central Digital Showcase Causes Outbreak of Uproarious Laughter at SketchfestNYC 2011
No audience member was spared from the wrath of Matt McCarthy and his arsenal of laughter-inducing videos let loose at the UCB Theatre as part of Comedy Central’s Digital Showcase at SketchfestNYC 2011. [Read More]
Watch Amy Schumer try to sell her eggs; then buy her album, “Cutting”
Your next Grand Slam With Ham or Spam (America’s scam ham since 1937) breakfast may be made with Amy Schumer’s spare eggs, judging from the premise of the comedian’s video (also starring comedians Nikki Glaser and Rachel Feinstein) to promote her new... [Read More]
Rachel Feinstein stars as "Ice Cold Rhoda," with her first guest, Ginuwine
You've seen Rachel Feinstein impersonate her mother and her grandmother, but until now, you haven't ever seen her as Ice Cold Rhoda. That's because this is a new online talk-show series Feinstein stars in for Comedy Central's Joke... [Read More]
Rachel Feinstein Takes the Internet on a Video Tour of a Stand-Up's Life
Asylum has a series of videos called Hot Girl, Cool Job, and in the latest episode, they followed Rachel Feinstein, complimenting both her looks and her job in the process. As The Comic's Comic points out, it seems to take place over the course ... [Read More]
Video: a night in the life of comedian Rachel Feinstein
With her run on this past season of Last Comic Standing, New York comedian Rachel Feinstein proved she has what it takes to get big laughs out of a big, big, big audience. But with a larger fan-base comes a dramatic increase in the number of people w... [Read More]
Last Comic Standing 7: The Final 6, Just For Men
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