Last Night’s ‘Late Show’ Featured Jon Stewart and the Glorious Return of “Stephen Colbert”
Stephen Colbert kicked off his week of live RNC shows on CBS last night, and if you’re a Colbert Report fan, these two clips are going to make you really, really happy. Above, Colbert heads to the New Jersey wilderness to find his old pal Jon Stewart for some much needed wisdom on Donald Trump... [Read More]
‘The Onion’ Will Broadcast Live RNC Coverage Online This Week
Between The Daily Show, The Late Show, Full Frontal, and Late Night, there’s already tons of special convention coverage in store for the next two weeks, and now we can count on even more from The Onion. The site announced today that it will broadcast live Republican convention coverage this w... [Read More]
Samantha Bee’s ‘A Very Special Full Frontal Special’ Airs on TBS This Wednesday
The Republican convention takes place in Cleveland, Ohio this week followed by the Democratic convention in Philadelphia next week, and thankfully we can count on Samantha Bee for some extra special coverage. TBS released the first promo today for Bee’s bonus episode A Very Special Full Fronta... [Read More]
Conner O’Malley Heads to a Police Convention in Atlantic City, the “Kingdom of Trump”
Just in time for the Republican convention next week, Conner O’Malley released a new video today as Donald Trump superfan Mark Seevers, who heads to Atlantic City to talk all things Trump, attend (then get kicked out of) a police convention, accidentally reveal some more troubling information ... [Read More]
‘The Late Show’s Live Convention Episodes to Feature Keegan-Michael Key, John Oliver, Eric Andre, and More
Starting next week, Stephen Colbert will cover the Republican and Democratic conventions with live Late Show episodes, and today CBS revealed the initial guest lineup, which includes Keegan-Michael Key, John Oliver, Lewis Black, Eric Andre, Billy Eichner, Bassem Youssef, and more. Here’s the a... [Read More]
Comedy Central Announces ‘The Daily Show’s Convention Coverage Lineup
Back in April, Comedy Central announced that The Daily Show with Trevor Noah will tape special episodes during both the Republican and Democratic conventions, and today the network revealed the full plans for both weeks. In addition to taping episodes in both Cleveland (The Daily Show with Trevor No... [Read More]
‘Late Night with Seth Meyers’ Will Air a Live Episode After the Republican Convention
Late Night with Seth Meyers is the newest late night show to announce special convention coverage this year. According to Variety, the show will broadcast a live episode at 12:35am after the final day of the Republican convention in Cleveland on Thursday, July 21st. Elsewhere in late night, The Late... [Read More]
Trevor Noah on Trump vs. Clinton: “Maybe You Shouldn’t Have an Election”
Here’s a clip from last night’s Daily Show, where Trevor Noah takes a closer look at the presidential candidates — particularly Hillary Clinton’s lies about her emails and Donald Trump associating himself with fascists and mass murderers — and arrives at the only reason... [Read More]
Is the 2016 presidential campaign beyond satire?
All the late-night shows have tried to lampoon a certain Republican nominee, but when real-life TV feels stranger than fiction, does satire fall flat?At its finest, satire can forever define the perception of a politician or a news story – the word “strategery” will forever be (inc... [Read More]
Ayesha Hazarika: 'Labour's best drinker? They're so good at it, I couldn't say'
She advised Ed Miliband and wrote gags for Harriet Harman. Now Ayesha Hazarika is turning her heady Whitehall days into standupAyesha Hazarika is hungover, but it’s nothing to do with drink. “Politics has gone on a mad bender,” says the standup. “One of those benders where, t... [Read More]