Cathy Ladman: No Apologies
Cathy Ladman is one of the best comedians of her generation. This explains why I was so shocked when she agreed to do my show. There is like a 99% chance that Dylan bribed her. In this interview Cathy and I discuss comedy, politics, working blue, Rob... [Read More]
George Wallace: The Flamingo Kid
I have always been a huge fan of George Wallace. His comedy is hilarious and his social commentary spot-on. Some time back I found George on Twitter, where he cracks jokes just before going on stage at the Flamingo Hotel in Las Vegas.I’m a fan ... [Read More]
Pauly Shore gets political for a change, in “Pauly-Tics”
Pauly Shore has long since popped "The Weasel." And Shore is not dead, either -- that was merely a ploy to attract viewers to his 2003 mockumentary, Pauly Shore is Dead. No. At 44, Shore has taken his comedy career in a completely different direction... [Read More]
Serious Comedy Central study finds politician’s best bet at reaching Millennials is through humor; Top 5 tips
On the same day that President Barack Obama visited The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, Comedy Central published the results of a comprehensive study it had commissioned to understand how humor impacts the political beliefs of Millennials (also known as... [Read More]
Sarah Silverman Slammed by Rabbi, Papa Silverman Shoots Back
Comedian Sarah Silverman is being attacked publicly by a rabbi who isn’t happy with her lifestyle, choice of words or political views. The rabbi, Yaakov Rosenblatt, author of two books, wrote an open letter to the Jewish Press denouncing her &#... [Read More]
Steve Martin Endorses Senate Candidate in Strange Crafts Video
It’s been a while since Steve Martin has surfaced in the real world. Besides a few chuckle gusher tweets a week it seems as though Martin is much more concerned with his incredibly reputable banjo licks and rolls while he flocks in red-neck arcadia.M... [Read More]
Election Season Is a Comedy Gold Mine for SNL Writer Seth Meyers - The Takeaway (audio interview)
Seth Meyers explains the comedy behind Mitt Romney, and why the sketches of Saturday Night Live continue to succeed in a competitive comedy landscape. [Read More]
Sarah Silverman’s PSA addressing new voter laws
Sarah Silverman recorded a PSA for the website in an effort to raise awareness about the new voter registration laws that were passed in states all across the country and will effect millions of Americans this election season. Silverman goes into more detail about the law... [Read More]