Talking to Matt Braunger About ‘Up All Night,’ 15-Minute Podcasting, and Making Standup Personal
by Meera Jagannathan Few things are funnier to Matt Braunger than a good old-fashioned dumb joke. That’s why his favorite six-second Vine video features him tucking his shirt into his underwear, and why he beams with delight as he belts out a made-up Inception theme song (“Girl... [Read More]
Talking to Rory Scovel About Standup, Acting, and His 'Conan' Bits with Jon Dore
by Blair Socci Though comics often make an audience feel as though they’re delivering their jokes for the first time, they're usually well-honed. But Rory Scovel often actually is making things up on the spot. Sure, the improv-heavy comic writes jokes, but every set looks completely different ... [Read More]
Talking to Jim Rash About 'The Writers' Room,' 'The Way, Way Back,' and Why We All Love Dean Pelton
by Jeremy Popkin It’s rare for a sitcom role as a pansexual Dalmatian fetishist to launch an actor to stardom, but ever since taking on the mantle and accompanying Tina Turner wig of Community’s fashionable and frantic Dean Pelton, comedian Jim Rash has won an Oscar for co-writing The De... [Read More]
Talking to Kurt Braunohler About Kill Rock Stars, Hot Tub, and Doing Dumb Things for the Pure Joy of It
by Elise Czajkowski More people are probably fans of Kurt Braunohler than even realize it. With his affinity for absurd pranks, both big and small, he's brought tiny moments of utter stupidity into the lives of people who have never seen him on television, listened to his podcast, or caught his... [Read More]
Talking to Moshe Kasher About Standup, Writing, and Dealing with Jerks on the Internet
by Russ Espinoza There’s a lot of ground to cover with Moshe Kasher. He fancies himself a renaissance man (of sorts): “Comedian. Child Genius. Jew. Jew Comedian. OBGYN. Pleasure Center. Good tipper. Guiding light,” and “Beefcake.” It takes a big cardigan to cloak all th... [Read More]
Talking to David Gordon Green About 'Prince Avalanche,' Getting Dumped, and Doing a Lot of Different Things
by Joel Arnold What exactly a David Gordon Green movie is is a little hard to pin down these days. Before he directed episodes of Eastbound and Down or stoner comedies Pineapple Express and Your Highness, Green was known for his small dramas like George Washington and All the Real Girls. In his late... [Read More]
Talking to 'Borat' and 'Bruno' Co-Writer Dan Mazer About His New Movie 'I Give It a Year'
by Bradford Evans As Sacha Baron Cohen's longtime writing/producing partner, Dan Mazer is responsible for co-scripting Borat, Brüno, and both the US and UK versions of Da Ali G Show, but now he's going out on his own with a new comedy that he wrote and directed solo. Called I Give It ... [Read More]
Talking to Matt Jones about 'Mom,' 'The Farm,' and the Final Season of ‘Breaking Bad’
by Jeremy Popkin Best known for his role as Badger, Jesse Pinkman’s longtime friend and on-again-off-again drug-dealing lackey, Matt Jones brings a welcome dose of comic relief to Breaking Bad’s usual high-wire tension and meth-addled misery. The man of a thousand knit caps is also a lon... [Read More]
Writer/Director Tom Kramer Talks 'Fridays', ABC's Early Attempt to Take on 'SNL'
by Dennis Perrin Fridays writing staff, 1981. (counter-clockwise from lower right) Tom Kramer, Rod Ash, Larry David, Steve Adams, Matt Neuman, Larry Charles, Steve Barker, Mark Curtis, Bruce Kirschbaum, Bruce Mahler, Joe Shulkin, Elaine Pope.  In 2007, a friend in LA connected me with Tom ... [Read More]
Talking to Ron Funches About Standup, LA, and His First Sitcom Acting Gig
by Blair Socci It’s hard to find a more likeable person than comedian Ron Funches. Jolly with a soft-spoken sincerity about him, it is Funches’ optimism that makes him eccentric in the comedy world. He is the guy that other comics are actually happy for each time he gets something. ... [Read More]