Kim Kardashian lands substantial role in Tyler Perry movie
A few weeks ago we learned that Tyler Perry was the highest paid man in entertainment last year, as he raked in $130 million between May 2010 and May 2011. Whether you love or hate the man’s work, you can’t deny that the dude makes some s... [Read More]
Watch two female comedians pitch a sexy sitcom in response to Fox News report
Remember when Fox News put out an astonishingly valid article about how some female comics are funny, and especially since they’re super hot? And how this new landscape of comedy requires women to be sexy if they want any kind of fame? Yeah, totally ... [Read More]
Julie Klausner welcomes Paul F. Tompkins, Fred Armisen, cats and more to live podcast taping
If you showed up at the Bell House in Brooklyn last night for the live taping of writer and comedienne Julie Klausner’s How Was Your Week? podcast expecting Teddy Leo, cat photos, the JCPenney Facebook page, drunk Maya Angelou, the most hated man on ... [Read More]
New Sitcom, HBO Special for George Lopez
Despite the cancellation of his late-night comedy show, “Lopez Tonight,” comedian George Lopez is keeping himself busy with the development of a new sitcom and an HBO comedy special. According to The Associated Press, Lopez is creating a ... [Read More]
“Search for America’s Newest Comedy Writer” contest launches
Though Modern Family has flourished in its popularity both critically and commercially, apparently, there’s still room for another comedy series dealing with the intricacies of the American family. Many networks have and are continuing to explo... [Read More]
Need Christmas money? A video and a script contest!
Video contests are in the air. We got two emails soliciting emails for contests. And there’s cash prizes if your video is chosen. And contest organizers thought our readers were logical places to go for contestants. The first one is from the fo... [Read More]
Joe Rogan returns to “Fear Factor” Dec. 12
We’ve known for months now that NBC’s former hit reality show Fear Factor would no-longer be former. And we also knew that comedian Joe Rogan would return as host. But today, NBC finally announced when the show would return. It all goes d... [Read More]
Chelsea Lately’s Sarah Colonna strikes a deal to produce new comedy for NBC
Another one of Chelsea Handler’s comedy posse has landed a sweet television deal. Comedian Sarah Colonna, who writes for and appears on Chelsea Lately and co-stars in the show’s companion reality series After Lately, has signed on with NB... [Read More]
Dave Attell’s new Showtime show combines hardcore porn and comedy
Devotees of early aughts Comedy Central programming have fond memories of a loud, crass man drunkenly gallivanting through strange cities and cracking wise at the seediness that takes place when the sun sets. For four seasons, Insomniac with Dave At... [Read More]
Patton Oswalt advises politicians to wrestle porn stars, dive in pudding to get respect
Here’s something you’re not going to believe: Comedy, it’s popular! Know how we know? Big name publications can’t help themselves from putting out special comedy editions of their magazines. And while it’s great to put a spotlight on comedians and th... [Read More]