Sarah Silverman Slammed by Rabbi, Papa Silverman Shoots Back
Comedian Sarah Silverman is being attacked publicly by a rabbi who isn’t happy with her lifestyle, choice of words or political views. The rabbi, Yaakov Rosenblatt, author of two books, wrote an open letter to the Jewish Press denouncing her &#... [Read More]
Stephen Colbert Weighs in (Seriously) about Presidential Candidates on ‘Meet The Press’
News has been spreading that comedian Stephen Colbert, of Comedy Central’s esteemed Colbert Report, can’t tell the difference between presidential candidates Mitt Romney or Barack Obama. He also thinks Romney has a “good chance of w... [Read More]
Comedian Jeff Dunham Marries Fitness Model Audrey Murdick
Over the weekend ventriloquist comedian Jeff Dunham married fitness model Audrey Murdick. Dunham popped the question last December. Fans were waiting for the big news, and now the marriage is official.According to one report, “The 50-year-old v... [Read More]
NBC pulls the plug on Dane Cook’s sitcom before it airs
Dane Cook’s new sitcom is no more. NBC pulled the plug on Cook’s series, Next Caller before it even premiered. The network ordered the show to series for 6 episodes to premiere midseason. The show was four episodes into filming when the the axe came down. Next Caller starred Cook as a ra... [Read More]
ABC’s “What Would You Do?”: The stand-up crowd work edition
ABC News has its own version of Candid Camera called What Would You Do?, hosted by John Quiñones. The series asks: "How would you respond when you're thrust into real-life ethical scenarios?" It asks this question literally on the show's online home ... [Read More]
Jim Jefferies special will premiere on Epix this month
Aussie comic Jim Jefferies has slowly made a name for himself here in the states the last few years. Gaining loyal fans of his brand of deviant behavior comedy that’s allowed him to pull in new fans with every performance and every podcast appearance along the way. At the end of the month Jeff... [Read More]
Kyle Kinane will have a new stand-up special on November 24th
How psyched are we that Kyle Kinane will have a new special before the year ends? So excited that we’re taking a vow to not shave until November 24th beginning now! Kyle’s new stand-up special Whiskey Icarus will premiere on the Saturday before Thanksgiving on Comedy Central. Just in tim... [Read More]
Comedy Central to preview new programming at NY Comic-Con
New Yorkers! What are you doing this Friday? If the answer was putting on your favorite Rorschach mask, picking up your friend dressed as Power Girl and head to NY Comic-Con well you are in luck. Comedy Central is hosting an evening of sneak peeks at some of their new programming including Key &... [Read More]
Tig Notaro sold 55,000 downloads of her album via Louis C.K.’s website
This past Friday Tig Notaro released the audio from her set at the Largo comedy club in LA through Louis C.K.’s website. It’s the set many know as the “I have cancer” set in which Notaro revealed to the world that she had been diagnosed with breast cancer, ended a long-term r... [Read More]
Louie will go on hiatus until the spring of 2014
It will be over a year until Louis C.K.’s Emmy-award winning TV show Louie will return to the airwaves. Yesterday on a reporter conference call, the comedian stated that he needed to recharge his batteries and and that the show will not return until May 2014 because he wanted more time to prep... [Read More]