It’s official, Fred Armisen is done with ‘SNL’
The writing seemed to be less on the wall and more on the stage about whether Fred Armisen would be returning to Saturday Night Live for a 12th season. The final sketch of Season 38 found Armisen onstage with many of his musical idols (J. Mascis, Kim Gordon, Aimee Mann and Steve Jones) as well [...]... [Read More]
Nate Bargatze shares his worst bomb ever
Nate Bargatze, who has a tremendous amount of talent, seems to be headed towards stardom. With all the awesome things happening for him, its easy to think nothing ever went wrong for him. That’s where you’re wrong. Just like every other comic ever, Nate has bombed before and in this vide... [Read More]
‘New Girl’ on Netflix starting… now
Netflix has pacted with Fox to get the exclusive rights to stream New Girl episodes.The deal is effective immediately, with the first season now available to stream online. “We know our members love comedies and that they’ll enjoy watching all the current and future episodes of New Girl,... [Read More]
John Mulaney’s Pilot Still Might Happen! (Fingers Crossed)
Oh man! Nothing makes me more excited than this! We all know that NBC, for some crazy reason, decided to pass on John Mulaney’s comedy pilot loosely based on his [...]Author informationJazmine HillAssociate Editor at Serial OptimistFuture writer director. 22 year old girl with the sensibilitie... [Read More]
Bob Saget, ‘That’s What I’m Talkin’ About’ to be released on July 16th
Bob Saget has a new stand-up comedy special, That’s What I’m Talkin’ About that will be released on CD/DVD/Download on July 16th by New Wave Dynamics. Saget will show his dark side that has been present in his 30+ years of stand-up, but never in his most famous television char... [Read More]
NBC passes on new John Mulaney’s comedy pilot, FOX picks it up
It makes no sense to me why anyone would pass on a John Mulaney and Martin Short combo but lucky for comedy lovers FOX snagged it up. Yes, believe it or not, NBC decided to pass on, SNL writer, John Mulaney’s new untitled comedy pilot staring both Mulaney and Short, while Fox on the other [...... [Read More]
Inside Look into Upright Citizens Brigade Featuring Amy Poehler
Watching an improvised show is like viewing something unique and off the wall because there is likely never another time you will see the same exact thing again. For the past 15 years, Asssscat, has been the epitome of just that. Asssscat is an improvisational show created by Matt Besser, Amy Poehle... [Read More]
“The Business of Comedy”
The Halves of the Staff are featured in the new documentary by Scott Sobel and Gary Licker called “The Business of Comedy,” available now on Ever wondered how the business (the standup comedy business) became what it is today? ... [Read More]
Kurt Metzger talks about rape jokes and bloggers (video)
I’ve always appreciated Kurt Metzger’s stance on current events. Every time one of his status updates/rants surface on Facebook he usually has a solid point or idea about whatever the subject may be. Currently, a hotly debated topic in comedy is the rape joke. While many words have been ... [Read More]
Bad News for YouTube Sensation Bo Burnham’s ‘Zach Stone is Gonna be Famous’
After only one season on MTV young rising musical act comedian Bo Burnham’s first ever television show “Zach Stone is Gonna Be Famous” will not be returning for a second season. This is what MTV had to say in a statement, “We are huge fans of Bo Burnham and the entire cr... [Read More]